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Normal POV

Lancelot had been spending much of his time with Guinevere. Whenever he wasn't training or meeting with the King, he would make regular visits to the Deep Woods. He was especially looking forward to visiting her today. The last time he was there, she promised him a nice picnic by her favorite spot in the woods the next time he came by. His excitement was only doubled by the fact that he had not been able to see her for a while now, as his duties to the King and Camelot had nearly tripled in size.

"Lancelot, I'm afraid your lover can wait. The King has request our presence at the Round Table," said Gareth, walking up to Lancelot as he prepared to leave the castle.

"What for?" Lancelot asked impatiently, eager to leave for Deep Woods.

"He did not say, only that we were to gather at the Round Table immediately," answered Gareth. Lancelot turned and stared at the path to Deep Woods out in the distance longingly. He wanted to go and see Guinevere; he had been looking forward to it for days. But his duty to the King came first and foremost. Hopefully Guinevere would understand if he was a little late…

He followed Gareth back into the castle and joined the other knights at the Round Table as they awaited the arrival of their King. When he entered, the Knights each stood from their seat and bowed, greeting him, before they sat down again.

"My King, if I may ask, why have you called us here so urgently?" asked Lamorak.

"What, Sir Lamorak? Have the King's orders interrupted your time with Wisteria?" remarked Gawain.

Lamorak nearly jumped in his seat before a blush of deep red crept along his beak. "Th-that's not what I meant! Or did the King's orders just so happen to provide you with an easy escape from Lady Julianna and Vivien feuding over you?"

The other Knights burst into a jovial laughter as Gawain growled at Lamorak before bringing down the visor of his helmet to hide the growing blush on his face that was as bright as his own fur. Their laughter was quickly cut off when the King slammed his fist into the table.

"SILENCE!" he bellowed out in a menacing tone. "There will be no juvenile bickering at my Round Table! I have called you all here to inform you that I have chosen my Queen," he said, causing airs of whispers to fill the room, but they were easily silenced by another slam of the table.

"You have chosen a Queen, my lord?" asked Gaheris.

"Yes, I have. Enter!" he shouted at the door. Every Knights' head was turned to the door, save for Lancelot, who's thoughts were elsewhere, as the King's chosen Queen entered. "Allow me to introduce your new Queen, Lady Guinevere."

Lancelot's head instantly snapped at the door. His first thought was that it was merely a coincidence… that the Queen would just also happen to share the name of his own love. It became less of a thought and more of a plea as he stared into the familiar bright green eyes of the woman standing in the doorway. His eyes never left her as she strolled into the room, past the rest of the Knights across from him and stood next to the King. Her dress was different, far more elaborate like something one would find in the Castle Town markets as opposed to out in the Deep Woods; her hair was tidier but still in a braid as her green eyes avoided Lancelot's gaze.

The other Knights stood from their seats to greet the Queen. Lancelot, so lost in his own thoughts, nearly forgot himself and quickly greeted her as the other Knights sat down. He could not bring himself to look at her now. After all the time they've spent together, she was now to be married to the King? Did the time he spent with her mean much more to him than he thought it meant for her?

"That is all, Knights. This meeting is concluded. Lancelot, show Lady Guinevere to her quarters." Lancelot's head snapped up again. He had been so lost in his own thoughts that he did not hear the King's words until he heard his own name being called. By the time he looked up, the rest of the Knights had gathered their swords and began leaving the room.

Lancelot quickly stood up and said, "Yes, my King," as he bowed and strapped his Arondight on the back of his waist. "This way, my Queen," he said, motioning her towards the door. They were silent the entire walk to the inner halls of the castle.

Guinevere would occasionally open her mouth to speak, to say anything to break this awkward and chilling silence that surrounded them, but found no words, especially now that this sudden change had just as easily caught him off guard as it did her. She desperately wanted to say something to him, but she couldn't find the words nor the courage to speak. She simply remained in silence behind the black knight as she marched up a final flight of stairs before stopping at a pair of large, elaborate doors.

"Here is your room, my Queen. The King's are just further down the hall," Lancelot said, pointing to another pair of doors just down the hallway from where they stood.

"We have separate quarters?" she asked, confused.

"The King likes his privacy," Lancelot told her with no emotion. Guinevere slowly reached up with her hand to move the visor of his helmet so she could see his brilliant red eyes, but his hand swiftly wrapped around her wrist tightly and stopped her. She jumped slightly at his quick reflexes and stared into the openings of his visor, unable to read his expression from outside.

"Lancelot, I…" she started.

"I must return to my duties. There is much for me to do now that my schedule has opened up," he nearly spat those words at her with anger and resentment. But he avoided looking at her, fearing the reaction he would get from her and instead turned to leave, leaving her standing outside her room, alone.

That was all he felt now. Up until that point, he had been consumed by a mixture of rage, confusion and heartbreak. But now, all he felt was loneliness.

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