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It was a frigid and gloomy morning, and the young child stood bravely in solitude, with nothing but a thin, battered jacket to shield her delicate body from the bitter cold.

Her tiny heart was beating rapidly like a drum, and her quick, coarse breaths steadily crescendoed amid the foggy air.

Maneuvering her dark, bleary eyes toward the tattered house, she felt her entrails convulse in fear.

Though the structure appeared relatively normal, apart from the occasional disheveled shingle, Melody Pond was certainly not fooled. After all, she had been imprisoned there for days, which meant she had a strong sense of the inner workings of the house.

Watching the blackened silhouettes shift in the dirty window, the small girl with the black hair grew ghastly pale.

Within mere seconds, the blurred shapes had vanished, as if they had ceased to exist. This was how it always had been, and Melody supposed it always would be.

Her parents—well, actually she called them her pretend parents, were very unusual, in the least. In fact, she rarely ever encountered them. It was as if they were just fleeting mirages, only appearing when a neighbor passed by or when the world needed to believe that Melody Pond lived a perfectly ordinary life. Occasionally, her pretend parents would give her instructions, which she was always compelled to accept without question.

Though, they never technically coerced her into doing anything, there was an occult, unspoken sense of persuasion in their dark, mysterious eyes that Melody Pond was not willing to tamper with.

Even then, as she had finally convinced herself to quick her pace towards her destination, she felt the dreams of the previous night reverberate through her mind continuously.

With every aching fiber of her being, Melody Pond desperately hoped that she could discover the whereabouts of her real parents.

Though, as the high walls of the brick building began to overwhelm her view, she nearly submitted to the ravenous doubts that sought to devour her soul.

The sweat trickling from her brown palms was only further confirmation of the inevitable.

The silly looking woman with the frizzy hair and outdated glasses motioned for the bashful girl with the short, dark hair to come forward.

Taking careful notice of the skeptical faces surrounding her, Melody Pond cautiously inched her way towards the front of the room.

"Class, this is our new student, Melody Zucker. Now we're all going to greet her properly, yeah?" The teacher declared unconvincingly, while a shivering Melody stood nestling uncomfortably in the crook of her arm.

The response came as a low chorus of snickers and grumbles.

Melody flinched, her dark skin growing lurid.

"Okay, Melody, take a seat, now," the disheveled woman remarked to the trembling girl, ushering her to an isolated desk in the corner.

Feeling the cold, menacing stares of her new classmates, Melody tried to move rather inconspicuously, wanting to avoid further embarrassment.

In doing this, she managed to overlook the face of the empathetic red haired girl who was perched nearby.

After enduring only three painful hours of school, Melody Pond realized that it must have been one of the most boring, yet terrifying experiences of her life.

It made no difference that she had never even been educated in such a matter, since it was obvious that she possessed far more foreknowledge than any of her classmates.

Whenever the teacher asked any sort of question, she automatically knew the answer, though she dared not speak, in fear of what the others would think of her. For some odd reason, it seemed as if wheels were turning about in her head, linking together to form the answer that was invisible to everyone else.

Despite being rather clueless as to why her brain functioned in this way, she was well aware that regardless of what the reason was, it would only confirm the facts—she was definitely not an ordinary girl.

Pondering her present predicament, Melody Pond wondered how she could possibly be so intelligent, even though she had never attended school before in her life. The truth, however, lay in her mind—a brilliant, complicated mind filled with impossible things that had been secretly planted for one, specific purpose.

The dazed girl was standing alone in a cafeteria filled with dozens of swarming children.

She felt despairingly transparent, as the unfamiliar faces seemed to look right through her, their eyes darkening in was rather paralyzing, having all of those people reading her like she was just some sort of discarded book.

Having been overcome with the tantalizing knowledge of the truth, Melody Pond urged herself not to cry.

But this was nothing new. In fact, the timid, black haired girl had felt utterly neglected by nearly everyone, for as long as she could remember.

The threatening stares had always been there, too. At the present moment, they may have been especially apparent, but she could not deny than she had endured the same sort of scrutiny numerous times before.

Even when she was on her own, the sensation of a pair of beady eyes scanning her still form was ever prevalent in her matter how much she desired to escape from it all, her past experiences revealed that any recoiled effort to change her circumstances would only be fruitless.

The troubling thoughts of the dark skinned girl were suddenly interrupted, as a harsh tap on the shoulder startled her.

Melody's tiny body jerked in fear.

A little boy's frantic voice sounded from close by.

" Amy! You really should be more careful!"

At this remark, Melody realized the presence of the ginger haired girl who was rolling her eyes at the boy. The girl's gaze quickly shifted back towards her, and her eyes seemed surprisingly welcoming.

"Oh, I'm really sorry 'bout that! I was just tryin' to get your attention. I'm Amy Pond, by the way, and this idiot, here, is Rory Williams." The girl said nonchalantly, her smooth finger pointing towards the small boy with the sandy brown hair.

For a second, Melody could do nothing but stand silently staring in shock. Though the delicate faces were much younger than she had remembered, they were undoubtedly the same.

All of a sudden, everything was completely surreal, and Melody wondered when she would wake up from the uncanny dream.

However, her mum's Scottish cadence immediately shattered her doubts.

" What's wrong? It's okay, really…me and Rory don't bite or anythin'…"The little red haired girl wrongly assumed that her counterpart was intimidated by the conversation.

But she could not have possibly known that Melody's astronomic heartbeat was primarily caused by an intense excitement, welling up from deep within. The desperately lonely child had finally found those who she had searched for her entire life.

Perhaps that was the reason that she was eager to follow her mother to the table in the corner.

"So, your name's Melody, right?" The girl with the flowing red hair inquired of her new friend, who nodded quickly in response.

" You know, that's a rather lovely name. If I ever get married and have a daughter, I reckon I just might name her Melody." Amy's comment strangely caused Rory's pale cheeks to redden, though she appeared to be completely oblivious to it.

" Thanks…you know…for being nice to me and all…" The dark haired child declared in a somewhat wavering voice.

"No problem," the eventual kissogram and future Roman said in perfect unison.

" That's what friend's are for, right? Anyway, don't worry about the other kids…they're just jerks…how would you say you're likin' school, otherwise?" Amy continued in conversation.

" It's well…rubbish," the dark haired girl exclaimed more confidently.

"Good, now you're catchin' on! So, Mels…I hope you don't mind me callin' you that…it's almost recess time…watcha think about playing the Doctor game with me and Rory, eh?" her mother's suggestion was received by a tender smile.

For the first time she could remember, Melody Pond felt like she truly belonged.

Maybe her new school wouldn't be so bad, after all.

As young Mels approached the menacing house, she felt her bubbly grin disintegrate.

Here she was, yet again, utterly alone.

But, at least she had discovered something simple that she could look forward to every day. For once, she truly possessed a flicker of hope in her lonesome heart.

Cracking the tattered door open, ever so slightly, the black haired girl, her pulse rapidly increasing, cautiously ventured into the pitch-black abyss of death. Before she could even feel for the light switch, the startling echo of a terribly haunting voice tainted the air.

Mels felt her limbs freeze in a moment of weakness, as she was powerless to speak.

The low, serpent-like cadence that resounded throughout the interior of the house was most certainly the same one that bombarded her nightmares, only this time, she was sure it was no dream.

"Well, well, well…little Melody Pond…so I see you've met your parents today, now, have you…good…and so, it all begins…"

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