Slightly AU, because I'm putting Dalton and Dobry campuses together, and also transferring Tabitha from St. Patrick's to Dobry to make the story settings easier to keep track of.

Special thanks to Lo and Adrienne for beta-ing!

It was a typical day at Dalton-Dobry Academy. While the schools had begun taking steps against total segregation, there were still only certain spaces that the students were able to mingle during the day. Such as the library, the courtyard, and the cafeteria. All classes and living spaces were still separate, though there was certain visiting hours in the evenings where the opposite sex was allowed into the common areas of the houses. There were still strict rules about letting the opposite sex into bedrooms but the students were smart enough to work around it and not get caught, though there certainly was enough same-sex couples on campus to warrant a rule change to make things fair.

Tabitha Adams, the head cheerleader, was leading her squad through a complicated routine just outside the cafeteria doors in the courtyard. Her dark hair streamed through the air as she was tossed towards the sky. Her eyes scanned the area for one particular spectator, whose dark eyes followed her flexible movements with interest, Derek Seigerson.

Casey Lambert, the good girl with a bit of a temper and well-known Prima and top student, rolled her eyes at the ceiling and turned away from the cheerleading display, looking over her music sheets for the Terpsichores which was the all-female choir at Dobry. She pushed a strand of hair away from her face and her breath caught in her throat. She caught sight of someone passing by her with a sexy smirk, directed at her, from one Derek Seigerson.

Sitting down at a table to pick at her lunch and trying not to gag at the cheerleaders' perky routine, was Nadia Cohen. One of the most talented dancers, she had already secured her place in the school's hierarchy as one of the most feisty and opinionated Royals. She pushed aside her lunch tray after a moment, much to the dismay of her concerned friends, and rolled her eyes at them. "I'm fine, I'm just watching my weight." At that moment, her gaze became locked on one guy in particular as he glanced back at her, checking her out, Derek Seigerson.

To most students, he needed no explanation. Derek Seigerson was a Dalton God, at least to those of the Dobry population. He was handsome, intelligent, athletic, confident, and (if all the rumors were to believed) he was also very well endowed. Though one of his best friend's, Logan Wright, held the position of Stuart prefect Derek was looked up to as both captain of his school's soccer and crew teams as well as one of Dalton's top students. It also didn't hurt his reputation to be friends with one of the most famous current teen actors, Julian Larson-Armstrong, who was a fellow Stuart.

Derek was never without a date since every girl (and some guys) in the school wanted him. His main problem was that he was just too busy to break up with any of them when he tired of them; he often tried to hand that job off to Logan or Julian, though they usually denied him.

Currently, his attention was being split equally between three girls: Tabitha, Casey, and Nadia. Tabitha, for her appearance and because of the "head cheerleader/team captain" persona, Casey for her brains, beauty, and sassy attitude; and Nadia, for her mysterious air, good looks, and fantastic body. It was easy enough for him to juggle the three girls because they were from different social circles and hardly ever associated with each other if they could help it.

Derek's reputation often preceded him but there was still no shortage of girls vying for his attention. No matter how many broken-hearted stories spread around school there were always more willing participants in his game: even some of those who were dumped went back for a second or third round. But young Mr. Seigerson had finally reached a new low by juggling three girlfriends at once. Now if only the girls being played could see it…

On Friday night, Raven York sighed as she gathered up empty plates and glasses from the table. She had only recently started working at Breadsticks Restaurant, to help raise money for her college fund, since her parents were now paying for her to attend the prestigious Dalton-Dobry Academy rather than sending her to a public school after their most recent move.

After setting down the dishes on the counter she turned around just in time to see Derek Seigerson sitting down with none other than Casey Lambert. The two were completely immersed in each other, oblivious to the shy waitress trying to take their drink order. They flirted quietly, Casey giggled softly when Derek pushed a strand of her dark hair behind her ear and leaned in to kiss her. They locked lips much to the other brunette's discomfort. She cleared her throat, but the couple ignored her for a few minutes. When they finally broke apart, Raven's cheeks were bright pink; she hurriedly took their order and scampered back into the kitchen to recover some semblance of dignity.

The very next night, Raven was at work again. This time she was waiting on Derek and Tabitha Adams. The cheerleader flipped her long ponytail over her shoulder as she continued to babble on about the cheers being used at his next game. Derek seemed a little bored by the conversation but he suddenly grinned and whispered something to Tabitha. The normally confident girl seemed speechless for a moment which Derek quickly took advantage of with his lips. Yet again, Raven was left standing beside the kissing couple, looking like a fool.

The brunette had switched shifts with another waiter; so she was also working Sunday night. Low and behold, Derek had just walked in with Nadia Cohen on his arm. Raven gritted her teeth.

"You have got to be kidding me!" she hissed at her co-worker, Sebastian Smythe. The brunet boy shrugged, a smirk evident on his face. He was also a recent transfer to Dalton-Dobry, his good looks already having made an impression on the student body.

"It's just how Seigerson works…he dates girls from different cliques so they never find out. He eventually figures out that he doesn't like any of them, has someone break up with them for him, and starts over. He covers his tracks well," Sebastian confided in his friend. Raven's horrified expression prompted the boy to finish his explanation quickly. "He tells every girl the same story…his parents don't want him getting distracted from his schoolwork during the season. It's hard enough for him to juggle all his responsibilities, so they 'don't allow him to date'. Therefore, each girl has to keep their relationship with him on the down-low so he doesn't get into trouble. It works every time." Sebastian added in an amused voice, looking over at the player, with an impressed expression. The dark-haired girl turned in the same direction and saw exactly what she expected: Derek and Nadia making out at the table.

Raven shook her head in disgust. "I wonder what would happen if any of them found out…"

"Never gonna happen," Sebastian called over his shoulder as he went to clear another table. The girl crossed her arms and sighed, eyes still narrowed in Derek's direction.

Thanks to the Dalton future!RP and Raven herself for the character of Raven York! (littlemissraven. tumblr. com)