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Rose pushed a three-year-old Tony Tyler on a swing in a park while Jackie spread a picnic blanket on the grass. The little boy giggled as Rose pushed him higher, and her hair, now quite long, whipped around her face in the wind.

"Wosie, push higher!" Tony squealed, and Rose laughed, giving him a great push. Tony Tyler was blond and cheerful looking. He had the same pinkness to his skin as his older, other-dimensional sister, and had the same brown eyes. They were definitely siblings. He even had a streak for getting into trouble, though he had yet to begin nursery school.

Jackie was laying out the picnic for their first picnic of the year, Tony's first as an active participant. For the past three years, Rose had become complacent with her home in this universe. She would not necessarily describe herself as particularly happy, though she was content, if only because she had to be for her family.

After the Doctor had left her on the beach of Bad Wolf Bay, she'd flung herself into work, trying to discover a way, any way, to get herself back to him. The fervency of her work bordered on obsession, but she reasoned that it was because she had promised him forever, and she was not one to break promises. He was her best friend, and she wasn't about to let him get away that easily. What was a sealed universe between mates?

But today she was taking a break, one that Jackie had insisted upon. She was concerned for Rose. She knew she was getting close to figuring out how to get back, and she'd been working increasingly long hours at Torchwood. So Jackie insisted that Rose take a day off for the sake of her health, and Rose, tired to her bones, agreed.

"Rose, Tony! Picnic's ready!" Jackie shouted from the grass. Rose halted the swing and lugged Tony out of the seat, spinning him around before setting him on the ground.

"Let's eat, eh?" she said, wiggling her eyebrows up down. Tony took off towards his mother, and Rose followed.

"You should play with your brother more, Rose. He always smiles so much when you play together."

"I love Wosie," said Tony, biting into a sandwich.

Rose grinned crookedly, looking at her adorable little brother.

"I love you too, Tony."

It was a particularly windy day for April, but the sky was a breathtaking shade of blue, and the temperature was perfect. The wind had picked up considerably, causing Rose to twist her hair up into a bun so that it stayed out of her face, even though little wisps escaped and danced around her cheeks.

She daydreamed. Jackie was talking about something, but she wasn't sure what. Perhaps drapes? This universe's version of EastEnders? For a moment, Rose was back on the TARDIS. The Doctor had said something funny, she wasn't sure what, but they were doubled over in laughter, their bodies close, and she could feel his body shake against hers. Neither of them moved away. Neither of them flinched as they turned towards each other, when his hand came up to her cheek and stroked it with his thumb. Was this in her mind or was this a memory? She heard the distant screech of the TARDIS, and the daydream collapsed on itself. She shook her head, trying to root herself back into reality, but the sound of the TARDIS would not cease.

"Rose," she heard Jackie say, and she refocused her eyes. Jackie was looking over Rose's shoulder behind her, her eyes as big as plates. "Rose, love," she repeated. "Turn around."

Rose braced the ground through the blanket below her and twisted around.

Surely she was still daydreaming. But a short distance away, by the park's small pond, sat a blue box, and out of it, coming closer and closer, was a tall, thin man in a brown pinstriped suit and a long brown coat.

"Wosie's Doctuh," Tony said. And he couldn't have said it any better.

Rose stood up and turned towards him, wondering if this could actually be real, knowing that it was. The Doctor walked through the grass with purpose, taking long strides with his equally long legs. His face looked serious and determined and he had his hands jammed in his pockets.

She took off and ran to him, leaving the picnic blanket askew. Wisps of hair whipped around her face, stinging. And then they stood in front of each other. Ten feet at most. He looked at her up and down, waiting, it seemed, for her to do something. To yell at him. To smile. To cry. Or just to say something.

"Doctor?" she whispered, hope and disbelief battling in her eyes.

"Rose," he responded.

She didn't need any other confirmation. He was here, in the flesh, somehow. Impossibly. The could get to that later. She rushed towards him, closing the space between them. She jumped onto him, wrapping her legs around his midsection and her arms around his back.

Finally. Finally she could touch him. His arms, long and strong, wrapped themselves around her body and held her close, because nothing, nothing was going to separate him from her now. He inhaled deeply and took in her scent, one that to his great pleasure, had not changed since he bade farewell to her years ago.

"You cam back," she whispered into his ear. He shivered and he set her down so that she was standing and looking up at him.

"Of course I did, Rose Tyler," he loved being able to say her name again. "I never stopped looking."

"Neither did I," she returned. They looked at each other, the air whipping around them and filling their ears. He held both of her hands in his and squeezed them tightly.

"So…" he began.


"I believe you once told me something about staying with me forever. Is that…is that offer still on the table?"

She smiled, her heart welling up.

"You daft man, of course it is."

"If you don't kiss her right now, then I'll beat the life out of you!" she heard Jackie yell from a distance.

"Rose, I should probably kiss you, shouldn't I?"

"You might be in mortal peril if you don't."

"I'm not really in the mood to regenerate, so I probably shouldn't take any chances."

"Too right."

He cupped her head in his hands, letting his thumb stroke her cheek as he leaned in and caught her lips with his own. He kissed her reverently, as if she were the only relevant thing in the universe in that moment. Their lips were not clumsy but fierce and relentless. She brought her own hands up into his hair, pulling gently and he moaned softly into her mouth. His hands trailed down her back, and his right hand sneaked up under her shirt and over her ribcage, making her shiver and cling against him.

"I said kiss her, not give us a show!" Jackie yelled again.

They broke for air and leaned their foreheads against each other.

"I probably should have had done that much more often."

She smiled and pecked his lips once more. Hands weaved tightly together, they made their way over to Jackie and Tony.

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