Authors Note: This is completely AU. I am really not sure how I came up with this either, it just popped in my head one day.

Please lemme know if you think I should continue!

Kate Beckett walked up to the scene, breaking through the cameramen, news reporters and uniforms to get into her crime scene.

"Lanie, what do we got?" she asked quickly. Kate couldn't see the body; it was being blocked by uniforms and CSU.

Lanie Parish turned to Kate and sighed, a look of pain on her face. "Maria Verallis, age 2… S… Strangled" Lanie said, having trouble finished her sentence.

"Lanie, did you say age 2?" Kate asked quietly. Children cases were, in her mind, the worst. Lanie nodded, and Kate walked up, moving CSU out of the way to look at the child.

The young girl was small, with blue eyes and long red hair. Kate composed herself before turning to Esposito and Ryan. "What do we know so far?"

"She was kidnapped two days ago from the family's home at 3am. Parent's called it in immediately, and a search went out, but there was no luck. From Dr. Parish's initial TOD, she was killed sometime within the last 4 hours."

"I want a full run on the case, and get me the lead investigator on the phone this instant. This son of a bitch needs to get caught, now. I'm going to go talk to the parents. You two get everything about this case on my desk, ASAP." Kate walked away from her partners and got into her car, leaning forward to catch her breath. She hated working on child cases, but the level of drive she had to solve the cases tripled. Kate drove to her Crown Vic to the home of the parents of the two year old, knocking on their door.

A young, distraught woman opened the door, and Kate flashed her badge. This part of the job was the worst.

"Mrs. Verallis, I'm Detective Kate Beckett with the NYPD. Could I come inside ma'am?"

"Of course Detective, let my get my husband. Is, is this about Maria. Oh god. Anthony! Anthony come in here. The NYPD is here." The man rushed in, instantly drawing an arm around his wife. The young couple was no more than a year older than 25 year old Kate.

"Mr. and Mrs. Verallis, I'm so sorry to…" Kate began, but the woman screamed.

"No!" She yelled, burying her face into her husband's shoulder. "Detective is she…?" the man started, and Kate nodded.

"I'm so sorry for your loss" Kate said quietly as they both cried.

When Kate got back to the precinct two hours later, she personally didn't have much on the case. In the 12th, Ryan and Esposito were working tirelessly at their desks.

"What did you boys find?"

"Nothing really, but we aren't going to stop. Your investigator is in the break room with some news for you. Might want to go check it out" Ryan said, tilting his head toward the break room. Kate nodded and walked in, nodding her head at the man standing before her.

"Detective Beckett, I'm Detective Will Sorenson, lead investigator on the Verallis case. It's nice to meet you, but under bad circumstances, of course."

"Likewise Detective Sorenson. What do you have for me on the case?"

"There was another kidnapping today, two hours after your murder. It's the same M.O, so we're connecting it with this case as well. This is the little girl" he said, opening the file he held in his hands. He held out the photo and Kate took it, staring down into the eyes of a gorgeous redheaded 3 year old with bright blue eyes.

"I have my boys working with yours to run any connections between the two families. Financials are different between both, as well as areas of residence and background of the family, but there may be some form of connection when we look more into it" Sorenson said, handing Kate the case file. She opened it up and read the name of the little girl who had recently been kidnapped.

Alexis Castle.