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"Kate, no. I'm not leaving you." Rick's eyes filled with tears as he moved closer to her. His hand reached out to take hers, but she pulled away quickly, letting out a hiss of pain.


"No!" He reached out and took her hand before she could pull back. "Please, Kate. What's going on? We were fine. You're fine. Okay? I love you so, so much. And you love me too. I know you do. Why are you doing this?"

"It's for the best. You aren't safe, and neither is Alexis. I… I need you to go. Get out of here."

She pulled her hand from his and turned her head away from him. Kate couldn't bring herself to look at him anymore. He needed to go, before she told him everything about her kidnapping. She could have the boys cover for her and all would be well. She would personally take Meredith down, and they could be a family again.

"Kate… Please." The pain showed through in his eyes. He knew something was wrong, but she couldn't tell him.

She sucked in a deep breath and stopped the tears from falling. Pulling herself together for a quick moment, she looked directly into his eyes, and spoke the words she never wanted to say.

"Goodbye, Rick."

His entire body shuddered as he looked at her. He knew something was wrong, but couldn't get a word out of her. It hurt him more to think that this could actually be the last time they saw one another, but he'd be damned if he didn't get her back. He loved her. She was family.

Castle stood from his chair and leaned over, pressing his lips to her forehead in a brief kiss. "I love you" he whispered, before walking out of the room and toward the exit of the hospital.

The moment the door clicked shut, the tears started flowing freely down her cheeks. Kate fell back into the hospital bed, clutching her arm to her chest as she slowly began to sob. It wasn't fair, though she knew it was what had to be done. Her and the boys would put an end to Meredith's craziness once and for all. Especially before anyone else got hurt.

She took a deep breath and willed herself to stop crying when she head the door open back up. Ryan and Esposito walked in and took one look at her. She knew they heard her crying through the door. And she knew them well enough to realize they had come in to make her feel better. Kate hated crying. It made her feel weak.

Ryan was the first to speak in the room. "Hey boss. You alright?"

"Yeah" she nodded, wiping her eyes.

"Well on that note, what is going on between you and writer boy? He stormed out of here with more anger in his eyes than I've ever seen."

She sighed heavily. "We broke up."

Espo's eyes widened. "You… what? What do you mean you broke up?"

"I broke up with him. I… Look, I need to talk to you guys about something important. But, you both need to make me a promise. Castle cannot know anything about this, or what will happen, or me. Not until this is all over. Understand?"

Ryan spoke up first, then Esposito, confirming not to tell Castle.

"Okay" Beckett started. "It's Meredith. She had me kidnapped. Whatever is going on in that crazy head of hers has gotten worse, and fast. I had to leave Castle, or she'd kill him and take Alexis. She's crazy guys. We cannot let her get to them."

Espo's hands tightened into fists. "Crazy bitch isn't getting that kid. Not if we have any say in it. What do we need to do?"

"We need to find her, and put her away. You know the investigation we closed a little while back?"

"The Verallis case?"

She nodded. "I'm pretty sure Meredith was behind that, somehow. And if she wasn't, she got in with the wrong group of people as soon as it was over. The Castle's were fighting, but it never seemed this bad. Either way, they're in danger. You boys need to get a protective detail on them, ASAP."

"Beckett, what about you?" Espo asked. "You're in this too. You know the Captain isn't going to let you investigate your own kidnapping."

"I know" she sighed. "But, I'm telling you the truth guys. Meredith is coming back, and with a vengeance. She want's Castle and I gone so that she can have Alexis. You need to protect them. Please."

"We will boss, we promise."

The boys left to go back to the precinct, finally leaving Kate. She took a deep breath, trying to control her emotions, but she couldn't. Seconds went by, and finally the tears began to flow down her face once again. She missed him already. It made her feel weak. She didn't need a man, but she loved him more than she'd ever loved someone before. But she let him go.

Kate pressed her palms to her eyes and pulled herself together. She needed to put a stop to Meredith and get him back.

He couldn't believe it.

She left him.

He was a zombie in his taxi ride home. Alexis was curled up in his lap, sound asleep. The driver of the car had pulled up to his loft minutes before, but he didn't notice until the driver turned and yelled in his thick accent. After dropping a twenty to the man, Castle scooped Alexis up and walked himself slowly up to the loft.

He couldn't believe she was gone.

He laid Alexis in her bed and pressed a kiss to her forehead. His sweet girl knew nothing of what had happened that afternoon. He didn't have the heart to tell her. He knew she would be just as devastated as he was.

Castle made it to his room and fell back into his bed, his eyes focusing on the ceiling.

He knew something wasn't right.

Meredith took a sip of her martini as she watched the security tapes from where Kate had been held captive. She was started to feel bad for what her partner had done to the poor woman. But, alas, it needed to be done. Kate was just in the way of her plans to get Alexis back.

Everything was almost complete. Getting Kate out of the way was the easy part. Threatening Rick and Alexis lives was a perfect way to hurt the detective and make her leave them.

Now onto the next part of the plan: proving Castle an unfit father to Alexis.

Or, take him out permanently.

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