/Chapter Two:

Samantha Morgan loved the early morning. It was the only time she felt it was quiet enough to think. Standing on the balcony terrace of the penthouse she shared with her husband, she looked over the sleeping town below. A shiver ran down her spine. Not from the chilly air, but from the negative thoughts she expected to wash over her.

Right on cue, she thought of how many women, men or children were being stalked, battered, raped or murdered in the seemingly charming city below. How many people were lying face down in the gutter while someone stood looking down with malice and contempt? How many people were being ignored... when they needed help the most?

Pulling the blanket tighter around her body, her hands fell to her growing belly. Sardonic tears threatened to fall from her eyes. She'd always wanted a baby. Not that she ever cared to admit it to herself before, but...secretly, she had. Growing up the way she had, living the life of a con-woman...everyone would understand why she lied and said she never wanted kids. They were a hassle, they'd slow you down... her life was meant to be lived on the run. She'd told that lie so many times before that she started to believe it herself.

Until she came to this town. Until she met Jax and Sonny and... Jason.

Her husband's face came to mind then and Sam couldn't guard herself against the anger she felt towards him. It wasn't long ago that the thought of him evoked such very different emotions within her. She had loved him very much once upon a time. Jason Morgan had been her entire world and she was never happier than when she married him. Despite his dangerous job, and the constant threat from his enemies, she loved him...and Jason swore he'd always protect her.

But then Franco raped her and things had taken a very drastic turn. Her protector. Liar. She hadn't seen her protector in days. He was out of town on business, he said; something important that needed to be handled. She didn't believe it when he said it, and believed it even less now. He just wanted to be away from her.

Sure, he called the days he was gone and made sure she was alright, but...she deserved more than that. He told her he would protect her and be there for anything she needed. Funny how Sam never believed those words again. Not after Franco.

Fucking Franco... Had she not already killed him, she'd wish she could.

The sudden wave of anger crashed over her violently.

Lainey told her that the anger and rage would always be present. Even when the pain subsided, the anger would still be there in the back of her mind. It never really went away. Sam felt it would. She felt that, if she handled the anger in her own way, one day she would heal.

One day was not today.

The anger and rage that she felt threatened to suffocate her. She wanted to scream. And actually felt one rising up her throat like a lump, threatening to make her sick. She would have screamed had she not been afraid her neighbors would call the cops. She didn't want to end up in the mental ward again.

She gripped the balcony ledge and peered over, feeling sick. She looked down at the distance between her and the ground, she'd be dead before she hit the ground, and wondered (again) what it would be like to die. She'd come close so many times before. Her eyes flickered to her wrists...the marks there would never fade either. A constant reminder that she'd almost let Franco win.

"You're dead and I'm still alive, you bastard," she whispered bitterly. "I win."

"Sam?" she heard a voice coming from inside the penthouse and the slamming of the front door.

Straightening, she rolled her eyes and went inside. "Don't you knock anymore, Carly?" she asked, disdain dripping from every word.

The tall blonde raised an eyebrow, but otherwise ignored the comment. She eyed Sam curiously before saying, "Jason asked me to stop in and check on you."

Sam didn't bother to hide rolling her eyes. "Of course, he did," she said. "He'll be back later today," she continued. "I don't need a babysitter."

A derisive smile crossed Carly's lips. She would love nothing more than to see her best friend away from Sam. But Jason was adamant that he loved her. She couldn't wait for the day he wised up and dumped her.

"He just wanted to make sure you were taken care of while he's out of town," Carly explained.

"And you just volunteered?" Sam countered smoothly. "Let me guess, you just wanted to get a look at 'Crazy Sam' so you could give Jason another reason to divorce me and claim him for yourself."

"No," Carly stopped herself before she said anything else. As much as she disliked Sam, hated her really, she didn't want to upset her. Too much was at stake. Jason and her son's life and freedom to be exact.

"You've done his bidding, Carly. You can go."

"His bidding," Carly said before she could catch herself. "Jason's risking his future to protect you, Sam. You should be grateful..."

"Grateful? For what? I had to deal with Franco." the short brunette questioned lithely. Carly caught a glimmer of something in her eyes before it passed quickly. "Because of him, I..." her hands fell to her abdomen. She rubbed it soothingly.

The action was not lost on Carly and it sent a shiver down her spine. "Look, Sam," she began softly, trying for a different approach. "I know you've been through a lot. Losing the baby..."

"Don't you dare," Sam threatened quietly. "I think you should leave," she said, before walking to the door and holding it open.

"Sam..." Carly began.

"Get out of my house," Sam said menacingly. "Now."

Sighing, Carly walked out of the door, turned to speak again but Sam slammed it forcefully.

This was bad. This was very bad and had the potential to destroy everything Jason was working to fix. Heading for the elevator, Carly pulled out her cellphone to inform her best friend his wife was in the midst of another breakdown. One that could very well destroy them all.