Twisted Steel
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Summary- THIS IS A STAND-ALONE SERIES! Magenta is badly injured in an accident. Who will find her? Brad? You got it, y'all. Will be a few chapters long, the discovery, Brad's reaction and eventually rehab. And in this one, Magenta kind of hates Brad at first but eventually warms up to him like in IWMTFF. Oh, and BTW, I would like to thank the people who actually read my stuff; Anne Oying, mysticaljazzy, opheliafrump, RHPSluvver13 and QueenCynder. And other people, but for now I'm just listing the regulars. If you would like to become one, read and review y'all!

Magenta's POV.

Everything that I can feel just hurts so much. There's so much blood everywhere. And broken glass. I'm dying. Dying would be much better than just being here.

Third Person.

Magenta was laying in a pile of twisted steel and broken glass. She had been in the elevator. The cable had snapped and the lift had dropped a few floors from the lab. She was lying on top of a bed of glass, nails and what-the-fuck else and underneath a heap of shattered metal. Tears burned at her eyes, she whispered words of forced encouragement to herself as she attempted to weakly sit up under the pile of debris.

Magenta's POV.

I can't feel anything past my waist and how the hell am I supposed to know if my leg is still securely attached. Everyone else is in the lab. I came down the get something and the elevator cable gave out on the top floor. I can hear people shouting and running around upstairs. But there's blood in my ears so I can't really be that sure. Why was it me? Did it have to? Have I done something wrong? I don't know what I did...

Brad's POV.

I pull up outside the castle. I can't help it. The place has an absolutely astounding amount of windows! I like to look out windows...

Third Person.

When Brad got into the foyer, he saw a smoking mass of elevator shaft and twisted steel. He walked over and began to dig through the rubble out of curiosity until he found something he didn't expect to find in a pile of metal and glass. A human hand with red nails.

"Good God, that Frank's a nutbar..." Brad began to dig deeper until he saw a white face covered in ashes and blood. The face was almost unrecognizable under it's covering of what looked like a horrible infection waiting to happen. The eyes opened, a pale green colour that stuck out from under the black and red.

"Please... don't judge me right now." the person whispered. It was a woman's voice with an accent that made Brad get hornier than the wind section of an orchestra. Brad dug deeper until he could drag the person out by her arm, revealing a killer body and a maid's outfit.

"Magenta? What happened?"

"I don't really think it's your problem, Don't you have someplace you have to be?"

"No, not really." Brad began to pull Magenta further out of the pile but she yanked her arm away,

"Vill you get the fuck off of me?"

"I was trying to help."

"No you veren't. You vere trying to molest me."

"I'm sorry if you just happen to be super-hot and like, totally available."

"I'll have you know I'm taken."

"By your brother?"

"Maybe. He vas my first love."

"'Cause were you come from, nobody wants to tap- mmm- that..."

"Incest vorks."

"Inbred children? Isolation from your family?"

"You shut your mouth." Brad carried Magenta to the stairs and up to her room.

"Vhy the hell do you know vhere my room is?"

"I stayed in here for a few hours while you were sleeping last night."


"Columbia lets me in, provided I clean out the fridge."

"Is that vhy almost everything I buy mysteriously disappears vithin two veeks at this damn shitbox."

"You're really sexy when you're pissed- WHOAH MY GOD, OKAY, DON'T MOVE!"

"Vhat is it?"

"Just-" Brad moved down Magenta's leg, she felt an obnoxious feeling in her back,

"Vhat's wrong?"

"You had a piece of glass."


"There was a piece of glass in a cut you had on your back. Your dress is all ripped up."

"It's not like it vas expensive..."

"You're cute."

"I don't care." Magenta began to stand up but fell back, Brad caught her,

"You broke a bunch of stuff. Don't move."

"Don't try to force your opinions down my throat."

Brad pulled a deep fried cookie out of his pocket and bit into it, Magenta shuddered and covered her eyes,

"Get that nasty shit out of your mouth."

"Bu' i' fo gud!" Brad said with his mouth full,

"It's good if you vant a heart attack vithin the next year."

"You're, like, sufficiently turning me on right now."

"Suck a dick."

"But you don't have-"

"GOOD GOD! STOP RIGHT THERE!" Magenta smacked her hands over her ears, "You know vhat, you're disgusting."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

Brad stayed overnight. At about midnight, he woke Magenta up and sat on her bed,

"Vhat is it? The iPad vas playing basketball..."

"I can't sleep..."

"You're like a little baby..."


"Vhat am I supposed to do about it?" The room was silent until Brad finally said,

"Truth or Dare."

"I haven't played that game since I vas in middle school."

"I'll start, Truth or Dare."


"Okay, truth, um, are you a virgin?"

"Shut up."

"Okay, your turn!"

"Truth. Do I turn you on?"

"...uh...yes...OKAY PICK ONE!"

"Truth again."

"Why do you talk like that?"


"Like you just did, say watermelon."


"LIKE THAT!" Brad screeched, pointing and rustling the sheets, "Why do you have that weird accent, does everyone talk like that where you're from?"

"No, but-"

"Then why do you?"

"I'm not answering that q-vestion." Brad slapped a hand over his mouth,


"You can go now."

"Not until you answer."

"It's none of your business."

"Just out of curiosity." Magenta was quiet before finally saying,

"Fine. I have a speech impediment."

"A what?"

"I'm not repeating anything."

"Did you say speech impediment."


"That's another word for yes."

"No it isn't!"

"Is too."

"Am I really getting into this with you?"

"Getting into what?"

"Kiss my ass."

"My pleasure. Do you really have a speech impediment." Brad noticed the tears that were starting to form and slid off the bed, "I'm sorry. I'm a jack-ass." Magenta covered her head and turned the light off. After a few minutes of hushed sobbing, Brad heard her say,

"Brad, truth or dare."


"Do you vant to sleep with me tonight?"