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Chapter 19



The talk with Kikyo had been unproductive. He had guessed right she wanted to know what was going on with Kagome and he put it to rest and informed her that she had more important things to be worrying about and that Kagome was not her problem. Of course that didn't make Kikyo happy one bit but he fixed that.


She glowered at him, hands ball into a fist at her side at his response. He was wrong, Kagome was her problem and she had every right to know what were his plans for her and then to imply that she didn't take her job seriously was the final straw.

"I would watch what I said if I were you." She hissed at him.

He leaned back casually against a tree, arms crossed as he studied her. She truly had no idea who she was dealing with, did she? Pity for her because now he was going to have to put her in her place.

She hated that stupid smirk on his face. Oh, she was going to teach him who she was and started to pull on her reiki. Not many knew she had miko powers, which worked to her advantage.

He couldn't help it and let out a chuckle and her brazenness. This was going to be fun after all and here he thought he was wasting his time. Her power hit him then and bounced right off, startling her. He let his grin grow at this. "Why what's wrong, Kikyo?"

She couldn't believe it her reiki never failed her! What was going on? She stumbled back and into a tree as Bankotsu walked over to her, his eyes gleaming with glee at her failure.

"Tsk. Tsk." He said waving a finger at her predicament and then tapping said finger on his chin in thought. "What shall we do with you?" he cooed. Trapping her against the tree.

There were so many things he wanted to do to her but knew that the boss wouldn't be happy with him since her job wasn't done yet. Taking an appendage was out of the question or was it? She didn't really need that toe but then how were people going to see her disgrace?

Then it occurred to him and a grin appeared across his face as he pulled out his knife; Kikyo eyes went wide, the stink of fear flowing off of her. "I'm sorry." she begged.

"To late." He answered back. She definitely was nothing like his Kagome. She would have fought back and to the last breath.


He so did enjoy her fear although if he had to admit it he would have hope that she would put up some kind of fight, coward. Had she really thought that her weak power would do anything to him? He shook his head shaking all thoughts of Kikyo from it. He needed to focus on Kagome and there was only a week left till Christmas.

He was extremely jubilant he knew what he was going to get Kagome. He had put a lot of thought into the gift and knew just what to do now. He just wish there was a way to see her reaction but he knew he would find a way. The wheels were still turning in his head and his plan was still growing and spanning.


She couldn't believe it Christmas was almost here, and she still hadn't figured out what to get for Inuyasha. She quickly got dressed, throwing her shoes on as she ran out the door and into Miroku SUV, Sango sitting in the passenger seat next to him waiting.

"Late are we?' Sango asked chuckling as her friend struggle to buckle her belt, hair still tousled from sleep. She handed Kagome a brush from her bag. "Here you need this."

Kagome looked up mortified at Miroku and Sango, "Sorry!" She quickly dragged the brush through her hair tidying it up and making herself presentable. She should not have hit the snooze button so many times. She mentally sighed to herself; she really needed to stop doing that.

Miroku dropped them off at the front of the mall with the promise to pick them up when they called him.

Where to start was the biggest question. Kagome had no idea what Inuyasha would want or like. "What are you getting Miroku?" that was a safe place to start while she figured out what she was going to do.

Sango grinned in response, "Follow me." She led them through the mall to a store called Spencer.

'Oh good grief.' She mentally rolled her eyes, why was she even surprised about anymore. Since the beginning of this year Sango had turned a leaf and was even more brazen since meeting Miroku and dating him.

Sango saw that her friend had stopped dead in her tracks; grabbing her, she dragged her right into the store. She had come up with the idea a while back before they started dating as a joke for him. She quickly grabbed what she came for and checked out; she was pretty sure that he was going to like it and if not oh well.

"I'm done. Do you know what you're getting?" Sango asked.

"Nope not a clue." She groaned in dismay. "Ugh!" They had only been dating for about three weeks now, not really long enough to know someone's likes and dislikes. This was going to be a long day and she felt a migraine already starting.

They meander through the mall stopping here and there but nothing was really jumping out at her. Maybe she should just keep it really simple. Maybe just a picture of her in a frame, but she felt stupid for even thinking that.


He watched his quarry, discreetly following her and keeping to the shadows as not to be seen. She truly had no idea how lucky she was to have someone as dedicated as he was to see her squirm in fear.

She was a feisty thing, he was positive if he had had a bit more time with her on the dance floor she would have tried to fight him again. Oh, well there was still plenty of time and he did leave her with a parting gift. He wondered if she really believed his words about her not being able to hide from him.

At first it did seem that she did hold him to his words; always with people or staying with someone; never alone. But the past two weeks she was slipping and starting to do things by herself. She had even gone back to sleeping alone at night, which gave him a thrill.

Her little half-demon friend had been quite annoying for him. He had to take extra precaution to not be caught by the hanyo. With that in thought he almost wonder if he should go through with his gift. Would she lock herself away for good, always with somebody . . . Well, if she did decide that path then she really wasn't worth the trouble of keeping around in the end. Was she?

He had a feeling she wouldn't disappoint him in this but if she did her life would be cut short, which wouldn't interrupt anything. But he did so hope that she would continue being the feisty spit fire. He was going to truly love every minute it took to break her and make her submit to his will; sending a shiver of thrill through him.

He refocused on his quarry watching her and reveled in the knowledge that she was so blissfully on aware of his presence. Yes, he would give her, her gift and let the cards fall where they may.


Inuyasha was livid the spy they had sent to keep an eye on Kikyo had come back empty handed. How could they not find anything, they should have. His gut was telling him she was in the middle of this. Letting his anger get the better of him, he slammed his fist through his brother's office wall.

"Control your self." Sesshōmaru snarled and closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose in consternation. He had long since lost track of how many holes he had to patch because of Inuyasha. Maybe it was time to change that particular wall, that seemed to always get pummeled, to something more forgiving. Sheet rock couldn't hold up. Perhaps stone or better yet metal?

Just the thought of the expression of shock on his little brothers face when the wall didn't give way almost had him chuckling out loud. Mentally shaking off such thoughts he refocused on their current dilemma. Kikyo.

Inuyasha was adamant in his convictions that she was involved but Izumo had found nothing to prove this and he had said as much to Inuyasha and he wasn't taking it well if the hole in the wall was any indication. He was ready to pull Izumo off but his brother vehemently argued his reasoning and he had to agree with him.

An Inu was rarely wrong but in this day in age they had to have proof before they could bring her in, thus was the way of the laws of the land now. To just bring her in could blow all their hard work to find the boss behind the new gang in town, The Red Kumo Gang.

They had a name for the gang now, but were currently unable to get the other gang's in the area to talk. A lot of them had disappeared or joined the Red Kumo Gang, which was just as troubling considering some of these gangs were very independent and didn't take kindly to a take over, which spoke volumes to just what they were up against.

This leader of the Red Kumo Gang, was powerful and very dangerous. It ire him that he was unable to find an image or even a name in regard to this new leader.

"Izumo will stay. For now." He calmly told his brother; it couldn't hurt after all. He felt Inuyasha's relief, his aura calming down around him. "Lets hope little brother that you are not wrong about this." He finished. "Now leave and take the back door." It wouldn't do to have anyone see him here now. No one was aware of Inuyasha's assignment and he hoped to keep it that way.

"Keh." And with that Inuyasha left feeling relief that his brother believed him.

Sesshōmaru was left alone with his thoughts. Something wasn't adding up. There was no deceit or doubt in Inuyasha scent to his conviction that Kikyo was the killer. He buzzed for Izumo to come to his office as he flared his reiki removing all traces of Inuyasha's presence.

A few minutes later there was a knocked on the door, promptly followed by Izumo walking in. He informed him of his continued mission and dismissed him. Calling Shippō in shortly after.

"You will follow him." Sesshōmaru supplied tossing a file at the kitsune.

Shippō cocked his head as he caught the file and opened it. "Hm. Do I want to know why?" he asked meeting the daiyōkai eyes.

"No." he answered. "It may prove futile but incase it doesn't be careful and do not allow yourself to be seen or caught." The kitsune smirked at him.

"I won't be," he answered nonchalantly, "but is there anything I should keep an eye out for?" He asked Sesshōmaru.

"You'll know it when you see it." He responded. "You're dismissed." He watched the kitsune get up with file in hand. "Leave that here."

The kitsune nodded his head as he took one more glance at the photo memorizing the individual that he was to now follow. Whatever Sesshōmaru had figured out was quite serious. He was never requested unless it was so. He would be very vigilant and leave nothing to chance. Something was going on and Sesshōmaru had a hunch that he would see come to fruition, for rarely was the daiyōkai wrong.

Sesshōmaru watched as the kit left his office. Things were getting complicated and he feared that there were more deaths to come and now the possibility of a mole. . .

What were they after? 'The one.' Was not a lot to go on and they them self were no closer to figuring it out. All they had to show so far were three deaths. The girls had no enemies, the first victim didn't even know the other two and there was nothing to connect them but he had the feeling he was overlooking something very important and felt that he should know what it is.

He let out a sigh as he leaned back in his chair, laying his head back on the chair, his silver hair cascading down the back. The kitsune would find what he was looking for and luckily Izumo had been out of the DCIA for quite a while so did not know Inuyasha a part of the organization, which would work to his benefit.


Kagome threw up her hands in disgust with herself. What girlfriend did not know what to get the boy she was dating. She headed for the food court to grab lunch to-go and told Sango to call Miroku to come and get them. Maybe she should talk to Miroku and asked him for idea. He would know Inuyasha better then her right? Or maybe not, it would be kind of embarrassing to be asking help when she was supposed to be his girlfriend and all. Why couldn't have been as easy for her as it was for Sango?

The girls both grabbed their food and headed to the main entrance of the mall , where Miroku waited for them. She glanced at her watch and noticed that she had about three hours before Inuyasha came to pick her up.

They were going on their first official date, dinner and a movie. It was cliché but she agreed with it and was hoping to have some fun. Everything in her life had finally calm down and she prayed it would continue so. She had had enough drama to last her a while.

She thanked Miroku and Sango for the ride and headed up the stairs, after she greeted her mother. As she entered her room she dropped her purse and fell on her bed. It felt great to be in her bed again but if she truly admitted it to herself she so did miss his smell. While she had stayed over at Inuyasha's house he had given her his bed, which smelled like him giving her comfort and helping her feel safe; not that she didn't feel safe in her own home. It just she felt a bit more secure with him around.

She looked over at her clock realizing that a whole hour had already passed, it was time to get ready for her date with Inuyasha. She was actually rather excited about tonight and couldn't wait. She laid out a pair of khakis, a black blouse and headed to the bathrooms to take a shower.

She enjoyed the warmth of the water washing over her body. During the winter months it felt great, more so then any other time of the year. She let the heat of the water warm up the small bathroom before turning it off and stepping out to dry off.

She quickly wrapped a towel around her body and began drying her hair with the hair dryer follow by applying a little bit of blush and eyeliner. Afterwards she quickly got dress knowing that he was close and would be here any moment and as she slid her feet into her black flats the doorbell rang.

'He was here!' she squealed inside. Oh Kami since when did she squeal like that and for a guy? But she couldn't deny the fluttering in her chest at the thought that he was waiting for her on the other-side of the door. She quickly hurried over and let him in. He was dressed in dark khakis with a white dress shirt a black dress coat covering him from the weather; he looked divine and she had to pry her eyes off him of him to get the jacket he let her keep and purse.

Waving goodbye to her mother, they quickly got into his Jeep and headed to dinner; it was nothing fancy, having chosen a steakhouse for dinner before heading to a movie but it was wonderful. It felt special, there was no one else but them two in a booth. Nothing had happen to bring them together, alone. This. Was. Planned.

He smiled at Kagome's happiness exuding off of her. He hadn't scene her this happy since . . . he honestly couldn't think of the last time he seen her this happy, truly deep down happy.

Dinner went smoothly and Kagome didn't seemed bothered by the fact he liked his meat rare, which was a plus. But the bonus for him was when Kagome leaned against him and snuggled into his arm draped over her shoulder, resting her head against him as they watched their movie. His demon was content as well to have Kagome close.

He still couldn't believe that Kagome was finally his. Well, as much his as she could be without the mark on her, which would connect them intimately. His demon was still giving him shit about it and he had to once again put it in its place before picking her up for tonight.

His demon had growl and snapped at him but in the end he won out. He truly did not want to scare Kagome. How would she take it if he just told her, what three weeks into the relationship that, 'by the way did you know that you're my mate for life?' Yea, that would go down real well. He most likely would never see her again.

No, he had to take it nice and slow. He would know when the time came to tell her. He told his demon just as much and that for now to just enjoy having her close in due time she would be told. His demon, was still adamant that her soul was okay with it and wanted to be mated just as much as he did. Which was good to know but Kagome was not a yōkai and thus didn't speak with her inner self as yōkai's did; it would take time.

Kagome sighed softly as she leaned against Inuyasha, she loved how safe and at peace she felt deep down inside with him by her side. She had never felt that way around any guy and to think that when she first saw him she had written him off. She mentally chuckled to herself and her naïveté.

Lucky for her he didn't give up as easily and was willing to just be there for her till she realized that she wanted to be with him too. This night was turning out good and the only downside to it would be him dropping her off at home. She always felt so empty inside with him not near her and not that she needed to be in his arm but he needed to be in her general area. It was quite weird that the further he was from her the less at ease she was but the closer he was to her she felt at ease. She didn't know how but she knew when he would reach her. Something to think about later but for now she cleared her thoughts just enjoying being near him.


Bankotsu watched as Kagome was dropped off and entered her home. He waited patiently for her to reach her room and flick the light on; giving him a better view of what she was doing. He watched her flick on her radio as she started to take off her clothes. Silly girl just cause you're surrounded by woods does not mean there wouldn't be anyone out there, she should have closed her curtains but he wasn't complaining either. He was enjoying the view, her creamy skin was flawless.

He originally hadn't thought of her as anything more then another victim, another job, but now that he had decided to keep her alive as his servant, well, his thoughts started going to what she could do for him and the thoughts sent a thrill through him, making his member hard. He shook his head clearing his thoughts. He could think about such things later. Right now he had a job to do.

The lights flicked off and now he just had to wait for sleep to claim her. He crept silently closer to her window, listening to her breathing. Soon it calmed and she was out. He waited a few more minutes and then quietly slid her window open and entered her room. He looked over at her, the moonlight falling across her face in her sleep. She was so peaceful and he wondered how she would look as he took her.

Would she enjoy it? The sadistic side of him hoped not, he wanted to hear her cry out in fear, pain and pleasure; he knew he could make her; he had done it before she wouldn't be the first. Just the first to be kept alive. Shaking his head for the second time the night, he quickly pulled his knife out and walked towards her.

Being careful not to wake her he gently took what he came for. It would not do to have her wake up with him in her room hovering over her. This would be her gift to him and although she wasn't aware of it as of yet, when she got his gift she would know then.

He looked down at her one more time a finger running down the side of her face and ghosting over her lips softly as to not wake her. "Soon." He whispered his promise to her. He quietly left making sure to cleanse her room of his scent leaving no trace he had ever been there.



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