Title: Called A Kate
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up to 3x01 | Teen
Summary: Ari thinks about Kate, if only fate were different. Happy Holidays Mercury_Marbles

Called a Kate

Ari Hazwari was not a man to lust over things he could not have. Nor was he a man that women tended to reject. He had a motorcycle, a foreign accent, and a tortured look in his eyes. All of which provided a charm that the ladies seemed to swoon over. He had more than his fair share of beautiful women. He had even exploited a few of them for his own gain. Memories of Marta echoed in his mind. Oh, how easily she was corrupted.

But Caitlin Todd was different. She was feisty yet naïve. She was a nice side to the main course of his vendetta against Gibbs. She had plagued his thoughts since their meeting in autopsy. It was not just her physical beauty but her guts. Hell, she'd even called him a bastard. She was so unlike any woman Ari had ever met. She was not easily wooed by his charm. And definitely sexually attractive. Ari admired her beauty.

But as Ziva relayed her newly discovered information about Caitlin and her colleagues, Ari could not help but to think about fate. They were doomed. Caitlin was doomed. It was never going to end like those fairy tales Ziva used to tell Tali.

Gibbs had to die. Caitlin's death was going to lead to that. Sweet Caitlin had to die.

Still Ari read about her, her family, and the fact she had once taken part in a wet t-shirt contest. He smiled at the knowledge at the image of the not so perfect Catholic girl he was presented with. He could not help but hope fate was just a little different.

"I'm sorry Caitlin," he whispered to her photo.

He loaded the bullet into his sniper. It was no coincidence that the Marines called it a Kate.