Note: Here we go with Infinite Wolverine, my fifth series. It'll be different and similar to the comic's origin. This'll start right after WWII and hopefully tie into – or he'll at least appear in – Captain America. So let's begin…


Blood and Steel

"I'm the best there is at what I do…"

Two men stood facing each other, both gasping for air. The shorter pounced, three silver claws popping out from his knuckles on each hand. His claws ripped through the entire right shoulder of the taller one.

"…but what I do isn't very nice."

The taller threw the short away from him.

"Wolveriiine!" The taller roared as his shoulder began to heal.

"Sabretooth…" The shorter growled, his black bangs falling over one of his eyes.

" You're probably wondering how I got here…so, where should I start? I guess I'll start from the beginning…or at least the beginning of my memories…"

Wolverine and Sabretooth charged at each other, looking for the one thing they both lived for…blood.

"My name is Logan…codenamed Wolverine. This is my story."

June 12, 1945, Canada

It was a hot-ass summer, especially for Canada. James Howlett trudged his way through the seemingly everlasting forests.

"Must…get…back…" James growled. The war had ended but that didn't stop Nazi terrorists from suicide bombing a Canadian Military flight. James Howlett, Lucky Jim, was the lone survivor of the plane crash. And now he wanted to go home…

…But for Jim, it was never that easy.

"RROOAARR!" James quickly turned around; three bone claws popped from his knuckles as a cougar pounced on him.

They wrestled for just a few seconds before James' claws had managed to cut deep into the mountain cat's neck. James stood up, away from the beast.

His hands and claws were bloody. He was a good killer. That's what wars do to you; turn you into a killer.

He let the claws slide back into his hand as he felt his body for any wounds. He had a rather deep cut on his head…it was nothing. It had healed in a matter of seconds.

"Now, where the hell is that town?" Wolverine let in the scent of the forest. He recognized the scent of the trail he had been following before he was attacked.

He'd been traveling for days, with no food, and little water. He could survive in the wilderness for weeks without food or water, but it sucked. And he sure as hell was not going to wait that long for food. No, he as going to the nearest town he could find and if he had to he would steal food.

After all, it's not like anyone could fight him. The short, pale skinned man was different…and he knew it. He could heal from any wound, claws made of bone slid out from his knuckles on mental command. His senses were extraordinarily good.

He was a freak of nature but…he was an unbeatable and unkillable freak. He'd lived a long time and he still looked thirty. Actually, more like twenty-five.

James began to track the scent again, following the trail and waiting to see the most wonderful, holy thing since the war: peaceful civilization.

He wasn't attacked anymore and in just a few hours he found the town. Or what was left of it.

"What the hell?" James was standing on a small mountain staring down at what is…what was Cornberry Falls. It was a peaceful town in southern Canada where James had once visited. Now it was in ruin. The houses were burned and there was no sign of life. Logan smelled the air. It smelled like death.

"Yes, it is a piece of art, don't you think?" James spun around. A tall, thin man stood there wearing a white lab coat. The man was bald.

"You did this?" James growled.

"No, they did," The man pointed to a large number of soldiers who were slowly appearing on all sides of Wolverine, except his back, which was where the cliff was.

The bone claws slid out of James' knuckles with a SNIKT!

"What the hell are you doing?" James began to back up.

"Well, that's obvious. The real question is 'who the hell are we?' I am simply known as The Professor. Now, come with me James or do I have to take you by force," The man stated.

James looked around him; the soldiers were coming closer.

"Damnit, I don't know what you want with me but you're sure as hell not getting it easy!" James flipped the Professor off with his middle claw and jumped off the cliff.

"'The hell? Did he just kill himself?" One of the shoulders shouted.

"Of course not. Did you now listen to the debriefing? He has a healing factor!" The Professor said, shaking his head.

"What's a healing factor?" The soldier said dumbly.

"Just go you dumbass! Get him!"

"Yessir," The soldier said as all the other began to climb down the mountain.

Down the Hill/Mountain

"Damnit!" James said as he ripped his broken arm out of the ground. He looked up to see the soldiers climbing down the mountain, "Shit."

He stood up, his broken legs already healed, and he began to run. He ran until he thought he'd lost them, which happened to be for ten hours. It was the middle of the night and James climbed a tree and began to try to sleep.

Suddenly, a large hand grabbed James' throat and ripped him from the tree.

"'Thought you could get away that easy?" An extremely large and hairy man was grabbing Logan's throat, choking the life out of him.

Logan was beginning to slip into unconsciousness. The same soldiers as earlier were quickly gathering around him.

"I'm not that easy, bub." Wolverine kicked the man in the stomach, pushing off of him. His claws ripped out of his knuckles.

"Ya know, I just wanted a fuckin' vacation. But I can see with you people I'm gonna hav'ta fight for it," James charged at the large man. The soldiers all around him began to fire at Wolverine but he just shrugged off the bullets while he stabbed the man in the chest with both of his claws.

"You bitch!" The man said, puling James' claws out of his chest. He picked up and threw James at one of the soldiers, his chest healing.

The man got knocked unconsciousness from the force the small man was thrown. James hopped up and quickly wiped out all the soldiers around him.

"They were getting' annoying." James turned to the large man who was charging at him.

James dodge rolled to the side and jumped onto the man's back, "Who the hell are you?"

"Just call me Sabretooth," The man said, ripping James off his back.

"So, Lucky Jim, still feeling lucky?" The man said, while cutting through James' chest with his large nails. The nails were covered in silver.

"AARRGGHH!" James said while jumping away from Sabretooth, "What the hell did you do to yer nails?"

"Adamantium. A metal you're about to get extremely familiar with," Sabretooth ran up to James' and punched him in the face, blood gushed from his nose. James nose had already healed when he hit the ground, but that didn't stop James from slipping into unconsciousness.

The last thing James saw was Sabretooth's beast-like teeth in a large grin, "Welcome to Weapon X."

Sometime Later, Somewhere in Canada

James was woken by a splash of water…no, saliva, hitting his face.

"What the hell?" He opened his eyes. Sabretooth stood over him grinning widely, drool sliding down his face.

"You're awake. Good. I'll go get the Professor." The large man trudged out of the room.

James flexed, realizing metal strapped his arms and legs to the table. He struggled to get up.


Suddenly, the man, known as The Professor, James had seen the previous day entered the room.

"I'm glad that you're awake, James." The thin man said, "That means we can begin the procedure." The Professor grinned evilly.

He began to stalk around the table James was lying on, his hand tracing the side.

"James Howlett, Private in the Canadian Armed Forces. Fought with Captain America and helped defeat the organization known as HYDRA." He stopped and looked at James, "You have a very special gift, James."

And on cue, James let his bone claws slip from his forearms through to his knuckles.

"Yes, those wonderful claws. And let's not forget about that healing factor of yours," The Professor pulled a knife from his coat and cut deep into James' right hand. The wound healed immediately without James even flinching.

"You probably believe I'm here to kill you, or I am trying to take over the world. Well, none of that's true. I'm working with the CIA and the Canadian Secret Government Group, Department H. I believe you've heard of both of them. Now…"

"Cut to the chase! What the hell do ya need me for?" James interrupted the man.

"Well, to put it bluntly, the World's changing. I've been hired to help adapt the two countries, Canada and the U.S., to the change. I'm here to make super soldiers."

"Why do you need me?"

"I've already told you that…you're powers. The super soldier serum was lost. We can't give someone super powers anymore. Instead, I'm going to advance your powers. First by grafting adamantium to your bones and making you invincible…"

James growled, "What the hell is this adamantium I keep hearing about?"

"Adamantium is the most strong, dense, and tough metal alloy on the planet. I plan to make you an unstoppable killing machine with it."

James looked the Professor right in the eyes, "So that's what you did with Sabretooth?"

The Professor began to laugh, "No, he's not important enough for that! We did add an adamantium coating to his nails, but the full skeleton treatment, of course not! No, there's a limited amount of adamantium and we were going to use it on the best we could get. You."

"Me…" James hated this. Just when he thought he was done with the military he's forced back into it, "Let me out of here! Don't I have rights?"

"Oh, don't pull that shit!" The Professor laughed again.

"I have a wife and a child!"

The Professor stopped laughing, "James, we know all about you're past. We know how you abandoned the woman as soon as you found out she was pregnant. And even if you still care for her, you won't be able to remember any of that soon…" The man grinned maliciously.

"What do you mean?" James had to go back to her. The war had made him realize just how important family was…he had to go back. He'd planned on it. But now…

"Goodbye, James. Sleep for now, you're going to need it. Tomorrow's going to be a big day. Tomorrow you get turned into the best weapon in the world," The Professor laughed maniacally on his way out of the room.

"Come back and tell me what you're going to do! You bastard! Come back! Come back!" A single tear glimmered in James' eye, "Come back…"

The Next Day

James had been up for the last two hours, trying to get out of his metal clasps. They wouldn't budge.

Two soldiers entered the room with Sabretooth.

"Let me out of here!" James screamed.

"Ooh, somebody's mad…" Sabretooth smiled, "I guess I have to use anesthesia anyway," Sabretooth punched James in the face, knocking him out.

James awoke sometimes later in a large cylindrical glass tube, a strange thick liquid suspending him from the ground.

He tried to speak but his mouth was covered by a breathing apparatus. He tried to move, but he realized immediately he was under the influence of a strong sedative.

Damn…He thought.

James heard The Professor state, "He's awake. Start the adamantium bone grafting process."

James then noticed multiple tubes sticking into his body. Silver liquid began to run through the tubes and…

His bones burned like fire.

He tried screaming but nothing came out. He lashed out, the sedative suddenly seeming to wear off.

James began to fade into unconsciousness…

And then his heart stopped.

"Weapon X…He's dead!"

Note: Ooh, yeah! Cliffhanger! I've decided this is going to be a miniseries…for now! I hope you enjoyed reading this! There's not much to explain, but I do have plans to really change up Wolvie's story! Please review!

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