Legend of Babylon

Chapter 1

Sight of Hate

A black figure stood atop a cliff, looking at the sickening sight of the city below him, Going about their business like nothing was wrong.

"How could they be so calm" he said with hate in is orange eyes, "it's like they don't even care!" He turned away from the sight sickened, and then turned back. He removed his hood to let the wind blow through his black feathers. "If only they knew…."

"Dad!" The little swallow dashed to his burning house. At this point, the entire town was set ablaze. Braking down the door, he ran up the stairs, jumping over a few burning steps, and into his adopted fathers bedroom. He picked him up and got out of the house, just before it collapsed.

"Dad! Dad! Wake up!" Tears streamed his eyes. Emotion began to hit him like a car on a train track. Sadness, anger, hate, and every other negative feeling under the sun.

"Avian….." a week voice said. The black swallow looked up, eyes stained with tears. "Oh god! I thought I lost you! I thought….."

The red hedgehog lifted up his hand. "Please, Please, enough blubbering. It has to happen sooner or later."

Avian looked confused. "Wait….. What do you mean?" The hedgehog looked up at his sons face and said "You can't hide from death, and it appears to be my time." "What! No! It's not happing!" the furious swallow said. "Enough! Ack! My breath is short….."

"Who did it!" he shouted. The hedgehogs body went limp. His eye closed, and he whispered his last words. "Blue Blur….."

A single tear streamed down Avian's eyes. Everyone died that day. Friends, family, people he did not know, to people close to him. But most importantly, his father. He had been twelve at the time. Seven years had passed and finally, he found him.

"You're going to pay." he said with rage in his heart. "You're going to pay Sonic the Hedgehog!"