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Dick and Wally and Artemis were hanging out one day. It was extremely weird for Wally, not only had Dick and him been dared by Superman (SUPERMAN!) to hang out with Artemis and do whatever she said, but Superboy was supposed to come too. Wally knew he was going to ditch them, he told her he was going to run to the store and pick up some stuff. Dick was just as excited as Wally, don't get him wrong, he likes talking to Artemis... but she wanted to paint their toenails. That was a little over the top for him. But a deal is a deal, and at least they were his toenails, not fingernails.

"So, you have any crushes Artemis?" asked Dick. Just a little conversation could go a long way. It was horrible when they first got there, Artemis (ARTEMIS!) was sobbing her eyes out. It would be a lot freakier if it was Batman. Thought Dick.

"Well, there is a kid named Derek-" Artemis said before she was suddenly interrupted. She felt very comfortable with these two. She would normally feel really insecure talking about her feelings with boys. But right now, she felt more insecure about her acne problem.

"Wait, Derek Cupper? He has the biggest feet I've ever seen! Plus, he pulls his pants all the way down when he uses the urinal!" Dick said, flipping off the bed and pretended to use a urinal. "I don't mean to be rude, but..." Dick said this like he had this conversation a million times, but didn't mind talking about it. Wally was impressed, Dick was a pro at this. Wally was the one who had a crush on her!

"Ew, you're right," Artemis stated. She always allowed herself to be wrong in front of Dick. "Do you know how to do a french braid?" She asked him.

"Oh, yeah. They're really easy. Hey Wally, how's you're school?" Dick asked. Artemis immediately smiled and clapped her hands.

"Well..." Wally said as Superboy walked into her bedroom. Dick finished the braid and held out his hand for the bag. Superboy gave the bag to Dick then sat down.

"Okay, I got green, hot pink, and black. I also got the clear kind if anyone wants to use-" Superboy said before being interrupted by Dick.

"I call clear!" He almost screamed.

"I call green." Said Artemis.

"I call black?" Questioned Superboy.

"Well, I guess you get pink then Wally. I always knew it was your favorite color so I decided to not go with it." Said Dick. And after he said that, both him and Artemis were rolling on the floor laughing. Wally sat there, he was Wally, he couldn't loose a dare!

Everyone but Wally talked as they painted their toenails, wether they were making fun of their mentors to crushes to toys. Artemis talked about her acne and why her mask covered almost her whole face. She wore that because of acne.

"But, acne shouldn't control your life Art. When I had acne problems-promise not to make fun of me- but I would put tooth paste on my face and sit for twenty minutes til it dried. It actually worked. Not joking!" Wally said. Artemis had finished her nails and was blow drying them with a hair dryer. She took him seriously, for probably... the first time ever.

"I might just try that Wally, I might." Artemis said. She touched one of her toenails gently to make sure it was dry. She set down the hair dryer and looked around her. Everyone finished painting their toenails. "Hot pink looks good on you, Wally." Artemis said, Dick had to pinch himself to keep from laughing because the nail polish got all over Wally's toes.

"Than-" Wally couldn't finish because Artemis' mom burst through the door holding a plate of pine apples.

" There once was a barnacle under the sea! Spongebob Squarepants!He was really yellow and liked horses! SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! And he really loved pine apples!" (She was singing that)She set down the tray and said before walking out, "NO kissing my daughter without my permission, okay boys?"

"Yes, ma'am!" Everyone (but Artemis) said as they saluted her. Then they ate some pine apple.

"Who wants to play a game?" Artemis asked.

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