So this story I'm going to try something different. I'm going to try third person instead of my usual first person. Mostly it will be based around Eli and Clare, Gray, Scarlett and Lucas. I hope you guys enjoy. Like Always I'm going to jump right into the action.

Scarlett climbed out the window, slid down the fire escape and got into the shiny black BMW that was illegally parallel parked in front of her building. She looked around making sure no other members of her pack, or her family, were out or lurking and she got in. Lucas was waiting inside. His already pale skin glowed eerily as the streetlight shone through the window. His eyes, an illuminated blue, met hers and she felt like she'd melt into a puddle of nothing.

"Hi. What took you so long?" He asked.

"I was deciding what to wear." She replied.

"We are just going to the cabin."

"But it's our first time… I just want things to be perfect."

"And they will be because I'm with you and you are with me. Nothing can go wrong when we are together."

He leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. The love affair had been going on since they were six. He was her best friend and now he was about to be her lover. The only roadblock standing in their way was their families. They said he was dangerous and unpredictable but she didn't think he would hurt her.

The drive to the cabin was a long one. Her stomach twisted from nervousness. Every so often she found her other side trying to peep out. She had a hard time controlling it any time she got too nervous. Tonight was especially no exception. She was about to give herself to him in a way that she never had before… nervous was an understatement for what she was feeling.

They arrived at the cabin and she barely noticed because the apprehension was setting in. She'd wrapped her arms around herself, closing herself off to the world. She didn't realize they'd even stopped moving until he opened the door and the cold wind hit her in the face.

"Ready?" He asked, smiling with dazzling white teeth and plump red lips.

"Yeah." She said, her voice slightly trembling.

He grabbed her hand and helped her out of the car. They linked fingers and walked to the front door. He unlocked it and they walked into the cabin. It was more glass than wood and it had a spectacular view of the mountains, which were covered with snow.

He led her upstairs to the bedroom where she was to become a woman. She wasn't cold but her teeth were chattering and she couldn't stop shaking. He smiled at her before brushing the wavy auburn hair from her face. His icy touch added to her shivering.

"Don't be scared. I won't hurt you." He said.

"I know that."

"Then why are you nervous?"

"Can't I just be emotional right now?"


The only light shining into the room came from the moon. It shined on them both, causing them to glow. It also made Lucas' already glowing eyes shine even more, they looked nearly liquid. He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. She reciprocated the kiss and the trembling stopped but the nervousness didn't. She felt her other nature rumbling around inside her.

"Your eyes." He said.

"What?" She asked.

"They are glowing yellow. I've never seen them glow that color before."

"I'm just… it happens when… this is awkward."

"No its not. It's not like we're human."

She laughed at herself and she continued to kiss him. He swept her off her feet and placed her gently on the bed and he started to remove her shirt, placing a kiss on every newly exposed piece of flesh. She ran her fingers through his messy bronze and henna red hair as he made a soft trail of kisses down to her belly button. She giggled as he rubbed his nose against her stomach, tickling her. He took off his shirt too and she admired his carved body. She'd seen it before but this time was different.

He took care in taking off her bra. Once it was removed he marveled at her breasts. She started to blush because of him staring. He kissed her again and the feeling of them being skin to skin shocked her. He was cold but his embrace was warm. She thought the moment had finally come until everything went horribly wrong.

Elijah tried to go into the cabin calmly. He transported in while Declan took the door. He had decided not to yell, or shout but once he saw them about to have sex he blew his lid.

"Scarlett!" Yelled Eli at the top of his lungs.

"Dad! I…what are you doing here?" Scarlett asked shocked and confused.

"We came to find you thinking that maybe Lucas had snapped and was killing you but now I see that you two were just out tempting fate!"

"Dad! I can explain."

"Lucas!" Yelled Declan.

"Dad." Said Lucas calmly.

"You disobeyed me."

"I'm sorry dad."

"Drive straight home. Don't stop…not even for gas."
"Yes sir."

Eli tossed Scarlett her clothes and left as she got changed back into them. The job of a father never seems to be done. He was fuming mad. He kicked in the air and tried not to completely let his anger take control of him but it was hard. If only Scarlett knew how worried he'd been when he found her bed empty with only an open window left as proof that she'd even been there at all. He wasn't particularly fond of the fact that she'd chosen a vampire to be her boyfriend but it was something he'd deal with. He just wanted to keep her safe while the bloodsucker was going through this phase where he randomly had bloodlusts and blacked out. If than meant playing the bad guy then so be it.

Once redressed Scarlett came out of the room. They transported back to their home where Clare was waiting on him.

"Scarlett what is the meaning of this?" Asked Clare sternly.

"Just leave me alone!" Yelled Scarlett as she went in her room and slammed the door.

Gray's two babies started to cry and Eli smacked his head. They'd just gotten to sleep when he left. Great!

"Eli what's going on?" Asked Clare, worry filling her face.

"Well she wasn't kidnapped or hurt. They were just sneaking off to have sex. Clare sometimes I think there's no sense in her head! Suppose he'd had one of those random thirst fits then! She would have been fucking dead meat and nobody would have been there to hear her scream or help her! How the hell am I supposed to keep her safe and alive if she's constantly fighting against me?"

"Eli calm down… I know you are upset. We all are just… calm down. She's only sixteen."

"Only sixteen! Does that mean she's too young to understand that she will die?"

"Eli… don't be so harsh."

"Well Clare that's what will happen! If he drains her he can't just turn her like Declan did Holly J. She's not human so she will DIE!" Eli yelled, letting out a growl that knocked the pictures off of the walls.

"Calm down! You'll wake Todd! I know you are upset but you are going about this the wrong way."

"I know what I have to do now."

"No! Eli you can't do that to her! It will only make things worse."

Eli went to Scarlett's room and opened the door. She was tearing up the place, ripping things off the walls and breaking anything made of glass.

"You've forced me to do this. You've disobeyed me countless times. I told you to stay away from him… he's deadly and you didn't listen so I'm doing this for your own good."

"Dad… no!" Screamed Scarlett. "You can't!"

"I command you not to see Lucas until… until further notice."

"Then I hate you until then…" she said in calmly with an even voice.

Eli felt bad, he'd never been so strict with any of his children before but what was he supposed to do? She left him no choice but to make it a command. He sat at the breakfast island the in kitchen while he had a glass of whiskey to calm his nerves. If it weren't for the amulet stopping the aging process he'd probably look a hundred years old. After all of the battles and the moments of impending death, he found himself feeling a lot older than forty one. Though he knew he'd always look twenty six he felt centuries old. He'd seen enough death for dozens of lifetimes.

Clare wrapped her arms around him reassuringly. She always knew when he was upset.

"Fiona said Lucas fell into an episode on the way back from the cabin. He only killed one person this time and they have him contained now. I understand why you commanded her I just hope you know that it won't stop her from seeing him."

"That's what scares me most."

Clare couldn't lie down and sleep when Eli went. The events of the night were bothering her. So she decided to try and talk to her daughter. She knocked on Scarlett's door hoping to be invited in but the only thing she heard was soft sobbing. She opened the door anyway and went in to see Scarlett balled up crying her heart out.

"Your dad isn't so bad Scarlett. He loves you." Clare said softly.

"He doesn't care. He just wants control."

"No Scarlett… that's not it. Fiona said that on the way home from the cabin an episode hit Lucas. He killed somebody tonight… If your dad and Declan hadn't gotten there when they did, you would have been that person Scarlett. I know you love Lucas, and when he's in his right mind I'm sure he loves you but honey, he's dangerous right now."

"You're just trying to scare me."

"With the true. Would you like the read the text message? I wouldn't lie to you about this Scarlett."

"It was probably the stress that made him snap."

"No. It wasn't the stress. It was going to happen because that's what happens with young vampires. Declan, Holly J and Fiona all went through it. You can't honestly think Lucas is an exception."

"He's different."

"Just know that your father and I love you."

Clare never imagined that a simple argument between her husband and her daughter could leave her so shaken. She wasn't even this disturbed when Gray announced that he was expecting his second child or when she'd found out five years ago, during a battle, that she was pregnant with her third child Todd. The fact that Scarlett was so close to death tonight left her unsettled. Sure, Scarlett is two natured but she wouldn't be particularly dangerous to a vampire in her other form because for some reason, she was not designed to fight or kill. Clare went into her closet and sat at her vanity. She hadn't worn her cross necklace in years but she picked it up and said a silent prayer for her family because she felt like they were falling apart.

After saying a prayer she lay next to Eli, who reeked of whiskey. He was drunk but she knew that was the only way he would get any sleep. She cuddled up next to him and he instinctively wrapped his arms around her and he kissed her forehead.

"I wish we were human and getting old." Mumbled Eli…

Clare didn't say anything back but she thought about her years of life as a human. Sometimes, especially times like this, she would trade the immortality in a heartbeat to be normal again. She was finally starting to see this supernatural life for what it was… a curse.

Lucas tossed and turned trying to break free from the ankle straps. His teeth were gritted together in an angered and pained expression as he growled, screamed and bared his fangs.

"Let me out! I'm in pain! Dad… your son is in paaaaiiiinnnn! Fucking let me out!" Screamed Lucas loudly while Declan stood at his bedside.

"It will pass shortly." Said Declan calmly.

Lucas let out one more room rattling yell before he passed out. When he awoke nothing came to his immediate memory but the vision of Scarlett, bare-chested with the moonlight on her skin. At first he thought maybe she was just a figment of his imagination until he remembered that she was real. He looked around expecting to see her but the only ones there were his father, mother and aunt.

"What happened to me Dad? Why am I tied up like this? Mom? Why am I bloody?" Asked Lucas trying to make sense of the confusing scenario.

"Son, you had another blood lust." Answered Declan.

"Who did I hurt?"

"A drunk driver. He's dead." Said Fiona.

"What about Scarlett?"

"She's fine."

"Can I go see her?"

"No." Said my dad sternly.


"Because next time it might not be a drunk driver or a homeless person. It might be her and like I've told you a million times before. She's not human so if you drain her, you can't change her. She will die! If she dies then Eli will come to kill you! It's part of our treaty and if I don't hand you over there will be a war. Dammit Lucas! Don't you understand? If you lose control with her we'll all die!" Yelled my dad.

They released Lucas from the restraints and he left the room fuming and wishing once, only once, to be normal. There's nothing super about being supernatural. It is a curse and nearly a fate worse than death.

Gray sat up with his two children Sarah and Sterling while they drank formula and kicked around. This whole teen dad thing is overrated, not that he tried to end up in that category. Things just sort of happened and he ended up with two babies. The good part, there's not baby mama drama because he got custody. The bad part, he's got custody so he's playing mom and dad. He gets no sleep and no rest but when he looks down into his children's fat, round little faces he figures sleep isn't so important.

He went to put the bottles in the sink for washing when the babies were done drinking and back to sleep. When he walked in he saw his sister at the breakfast island eating ice cream from the carton. His didn't want to bring up what happened earlier but he couldn't resist.

"So…what were you thinking?" He asked.

"Not you too…" Said Scarlett.

"Not to be preachy but…dad's right you know?"

"No. I don't know."

She brushed past him and she disappeared down the hallway. He washed out the bottles and went back into his room. The babies were still fast asleep in their crib. He lay in his bed and drifted off into a peaceful slumber. Its times like this when he's grateful for home school.

So, I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. I would really like some feedback on your feelings about the new POV I'm trying. I was just trying to find a way to get everybody's view in there. Thanks for reading.