So, this is the last chapter. I's sudden but I feel like I'm at a good place to stop.

Gray nuzzled Maria's neck as they lay on the picnic blanket in the middle of Coyne manor's huge field. The Goldsworthies, Coynes and other supernatural parties were having a cookout. Gray had made himself seem bad at the grill so that he could sucker his way out of having to cook. He was just lucky his father had bought it.

"Where are the kids?" Asked Maria.

"Probably around here somewhere..."

"You're probably right. Man, we can hardly keep up with three. I wonder how we are going to handle four?"

"Huh? Oh! Another baby?"

"Yes...Are you happy?"

"Of course I am. Who knows besides me?"

"Well besides Alli, your mom, Lulu and Scarlett...nobody. At least they haven't let me know they know."

He kissed her and rubbed her tummy. He looked around and he finally spotted the kids. They were playing with Conny and Jr. Seeing them made Gray realize how quickly life movies. It's always being changed, put together and taken apart but it's never still.

His train of thought was interrupted when Todd and Dorian blasted the back of his head with water guns. He got up and chased after them, in the background he heard Maria's laughing. It was still a sweet sound.

"Todd and Dorian I'm going to kill you!"

"Gotta catch up first fat head!" Said Todd was moving.

Lucas watched Jr attack Scarlett with the water gun. Things were going well and their family felt complete. Jr had started calling Scarlett mommy and he was opening up to the other children and the rest of the family. Even Jay…

Lucas looked around at all the happy, dancing, eating people and he couldn't help but remember all the death that took place right where everyone stood in the hybrid war. He felt like this was good…having something so fun and full of unity in a place once associated with death and fallen men and women.

"Daddy!" Said Jr, running over to Lucas.

"What son?"

"You should do it now! Today!"

"Do what?" He asked, prodding Jr."

"You know! Ask her the question. Everybody is here so your might get lots of monies and presents."

"You think so?"

"I do!"

He was planning to propose to Scarlett. He'd only let Jr in on the secret but he had a feeling that if he didn't hurry up and spill the beans himself then Jr would. He didn't want to do it in front of everyone. He wanted it to be private and quiet. Tonight was the night he'd ask Scarlett to be his wife. He just hoped Mr. Goldsworthy gave them his blessing.

Eli manned the grill and he even had an apron. The only real issue was that Declan wanted to man the grill too and two cooks in the kitchen was never a good idea. Especially when it was a werewolf and a vampire.

"Don't just slap the patties over like that; place them down gently on the grill." Said Declan.

"Look Coyne, this is cow meat. No amount of finesse will help these bovine now."

"Well don't press them. All the juice will come out."

"I don't like juicy burgers. I like mine blood."

"Werewolves. You eat like dogs."

"Woof woof." Said Eli

Clare walked over and kissed Eli's cheek. She leaned against him as he flipped patties, sausages, steaks and hotdogs.

"Eli this is such a normal thing. We are having a cookout on a sunny day. Our grandkids and daughter are all getting along...for now at least and Maria's pregnant again."

"Wow, four kids. Gray is going to surpass me if he keeps this up but I'm happy. Another Goldsworthy is always a good thing."

"How about two new Goldsworthies?"

"What? Clare, you're not!"

"I am...but hear this Goldsworthy. After this baby the baby machine is going into storage. Lulu found a birth control that works for us."

"Well five is kind of a small number but it will work."

"A small number. You're nuts Chef Eli. Oh and please don't burn my steak. You know you always do."

"No I don't. You just imagine it."

"Don't burn it."

She walked away and Eli watched her with his eyes pasted onto her ass. He was glad that it hadn't changed in years. It was perfect just like she was.

Scarlett and Lucas stood behind the tree. He was whispering in her ear. Mostly it was jokes but the sensation of his breath hitting her ear made her ticklish. He suddenly kissed her and she kissed him back but the kissing stopped when they found they were not alone.

"Mom and Daddy, what are ya doing behind that tree?"

"Just talking Jr." said Lucas

"Well Come on! Grandpa Declan and Grandpa Eli are in the pie eating contest! you're gonna miss it!"

"Now this I gotta see." Said Scarlett as she followed Jr.

The contest was funny and there were no real winners but Scarlett didn't focus so much on that. She watched Jr's smile the entire time as he sat on her hip pointing and laughing. She'd been a fool to ever let him go but now that he was back she was never letting him slip away again. Lucas either. She wished she could say she couldn't imagine life without them but she'd seen life without them and it was hell. She hoped to never revisit.

Clare sat with Alli and Fiona and she watched as the perfect day happened. Everybody was safe and everybody was happy. Sure, they might be in danger again someday but she'd come to realize that life was the culprit for that and not so much the supernatural-ness of her existence.

She watched as Eli burned her steak. She figured he would, especially when she put emphasis on him not burning it. She was expecting it. Though she hated the charred taste of burned meat she did love Eli's little habits. Even after all this time he didn't get old and nothing he did got old. They still had sex like newlyweds and she was surprised when she realized she never got tired of it. Every time he paid her a compliment it still sent her into a blushing frenzy and whenever he told her he loved her, her heart always beat right out of her chest. She knew that eternity would be okay with him. In fact even that time might seem too short.

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