Hello. Yes I know I should be working on my other story "Boy Borg" but I'm stuck. So while talking to my friend today she said I should try one shots. So here I am. Random little one shots are a go! Enjoy.


It didn't matter what crazy, wild invention he and his brother came up with, Phineas wouldn't want Isabella anywhere near it unless he was one hundred percent sure it was safe. He couldn't bare the idea of something bad happening to her.


Somewhere in the middle of Isabella's daydream, she wondered if Phineas ever fantasized about her.


While Ferb was busy collecting some tools he noticed Phineas dazing off. He nudged his stepbrother in the side causing him to give a little yelp and fall. Ferb gave a sly smirk.

"Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt your little vacation to Isabella land." He snickered

"Hey, you promised you wouldn't mention that ever again!"


Fifteen now, the boys traveled back to The City of Love with their parents. While the others enjoyed it, one of the group kept remembering a failed romance happening years ago. Just then a pretty brown haired girl tapped him the shoulder.

"Hey. How's it goin'?"


Isabella looked down at the little baby in her arms. It had her eyes, her skin tone, her nose but the one thing she was grateful for was that the baby had gotten his father's bright crop of red hair.


It was true that Candace had an obsession with busting her brothers. Not hobby or something to eat up her time, obsession. She often left Jeremy on their dates just so she could try and fail to bust them. But he didn't mind. Her obsession was what made her unique…and strange beyond comparison, but mostly unique.


Most who visit Danville would say that it's a pretty average place. Tall buildings, nice shops, giant robots and roller-coasters, and inators. A red headed girl screaming up and down the streets for her mom. A platypus with a fedora. A pharmacist that wanted to rule the tri state area. A triangle headed boy and his square headed brother defying the laws of physics. Just your average everyday kind of place.


It was later at night when the boy's project was finished and everyone started to leave. Instead of just saying good bye, Isabella hugged Phineas and in a flirty way told him she'd see him tomorrow.

"You know Ferb, don't hold me to this but I'm starting to get the implication that Isabella might like me." It took an enormous amount of self-control for Ferb not to burst out laughing at his brother's obliviousness.


This was a huge risk. He wasn't good with girls. It had been a while since he last asked a girl out. A very long while. Taking in a deep breath he walked up to her and stuttered out a sentence in his British accent.

"H-hello there. M-my-my name is umm ahh Laurence. Laurence Fletcher." The red headed woman smiled at him

"Linda. Linda Flynn." Looking back, he was glad he took that risk.


He wasn't going to run away. He couldn't. Not when his home needed him the most. The Normbots were terrorizing all of Danville and he couldn't let that happen. Agent P had a job to do and running was not an option.


One thing you learn from living with two annoying brothers and their little friends is that anything is possible. Candace doubted they even knew that there was such a thing as impossible.


'Stupid Panda. Stupid, stupid Panda.' That was the base of many of Agent P's thoughts when it came to Peter. Doofenshmirtz was his goofy, clumsy, psychotic nemesis. Not that stupid Panda's. Whenever he saw Peter near him nemesis he got very protective. Doofenshmirtz was his claim.


He had to hand it to him. Doofenshmirtz might have stunk at being evil but he was a fairly good dancer. At least that's what Perry thought.


"Tremble in fear Perry the Platypus as I turn the Grand Canyon into a giant hole!" Did Doofenshmirtz even listen to his own "evil" schemes?





"…Isabella you ever get that weird feeling that you just ripped off another T.V show that's on the same channel as you?"


He stood in her doorway listening to the soft, angelic notes emitted by the fragile instrument. A smile started to play on Ferb's lips. Who knew big, bad, tough Vanessa liked playing violin?


"Give it back Candace!"

"Aww but that's no fun."

"Come on sis! Ferb help me out here!" Ferb just sat back and watched as his older sister hung a little book just above Phineas' head.

"Who knew widdle Phineas had a diary."

"It's not a diary. It's just a journal."

"Oh really. Well let's just read it and see." Phineas' face paled as his sister started reading his first entry, an embarrassing little reflection on the girl across the street.


"Oh Isabella, how beautiful your hair is in the sun, and how pretty you look in your dress. I could go swimming in your beautiful eyes! AHAHAha!"

"Of all the people you could tell about that, it had to be Buford didn't it Ferb? Man of few words my chasse."


As they all got older they began to change. Ferb was considerably taller and more muscular, Buford was the spitting image of a football player, even Baljeet had a bit of a build. Phineas however, though taller, was as skinny and lean as ever. Girls usually liked the more muscled guys in school excluding Isabella who though Phineas' gangly frame was kind of cute.


Jeremy often debated on whether his girlfriend was high spirited and a go getter, or if she was just completely crazy. After much consideration he decided she was somewhere in the middle. But if a matter of life or death, he'd probably say she was crazy. The good kind of crazy.


He knew it would happen eventually, he just thought it would be him first. He was the older of the two after all. One last longing look at the tombstone and he got up and went away. Life would be strange without him. The nerve of him, leaving him here. Didn't he know how much he needed him?

"Curse you Perry the Platypus."


It was just a bit of sibling rivalry. Every family has it even with two boys who get along so well. Ferb ran through the hallway carrying something in his hands. He tumbled down on the rug as Phineas grabbed his shirt. Plucking the object from his brother's hands, he put his foot down triumphantly on his brother's chest in mocking victory.

"Aha. I, Phineas Flynn, have successfully retrieved the sacred last slice of pizza from the evil clutches of Ferb!" Ferb laughed at his brother and slightly rolled his eyes when Candace walked past them.

"Oh pizza! Thanks for saving me a slice guys." Grabbing the slice she race away. "Candace is now the guardian of the sacred slice of pizza! Haha you unworthy peasants!"


Candace and her brothers were low on cash. They were planning on going to the mall today and each had things they wanted to buy like shoes, new tools, jewelry, some new parts, shoes, new sneakers, shoes. The boys were content with just going window shopping but their sister was not. So against better judgment, she came up with a plan. Going to her dad she gave him a bunch of papers that she said needed to be signed. One of these papers just so happened to be a check. Nothing big just enough money for some new skirts and stuff like that. Her father, being busy at the moment, didn't really pay attention to what he was signing. Coming out to the back yard to meet her brothers she was very happy.

"So what happened in there?" Candace held up the check and kissed it.

"WE'RE RICH!" She exclaimed in a happy, musical tone.

"I'll be taking that." Her mother plucked if from her daughters hands with ease.

"WE'RE POOR!" Candace cried out in the same tone as before.

Yay. I'm done. I hope you liked these and found them somewhat funny. I'll be posting the new chapter of Boy Borg hopefully tomorrow 'cause in the mist of writing this I had a massive brain storm. And the pizza thing really happened to me and my sib and friend. The last one Rich I got from on old cartoon and I could see Candace trying that. 10 points to whoever can guess what that cartoon was. Remember to REVIEW!