Lost (requested by NattyMc)

It was getting late. Phineas and Ferb were probably almost done with their daily activities. Perry should be heading back right now but seeing the sleeping doctor under him with one of his skinny hands absentmindedly stroking Perry's fur, he figured it wouldn't be that bad to be lost for just a little while longer.

Guitar (Stinkfly3)

First thing he noticed about her; she never smiled. The second dimension Isabella was tough, hard, it was like nothing was ever good enough for her. Maybe that's why alternate Ferb wanted to please the Mexican-Jewish girl so much. And although she ignored all of his advances and small talk her face lit up like a Christmas tree when he sat down and played classical guitar just for her.

Ring (BroadwayFanGirl91)

"I don't know Gretchen. We've been dating for years now, I'm almost five years out of college and we're still in the same place. He's just so much like a kid…I don't know if he can commit to a serious relationship." Isabella was talking to her lifelong friend over the phone about her standstill love life. She was about to continue when she heard her door bell ring. When she went to answer it all doubts she ever had vanished at the sight of a scrawny boy in a tacky tux holding a bunch of lilies and a little velvet box.


It happens to all of us. We get older, more fragile. But no matter how old they got Phineas still thought that Isabella was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.


They'd shared an apartment, lived with his sister, and even stayed with his parents at one point. This was a big step in there relations ship. Buying their first house.

"Phineas I don't care how much you want to we are not going to put a rocket launcher in the living room!"


Dr. Doofenshmirtz learned the hard way never to taunt Perry the Platypus. Apparently the whole panda thing was still a sore subject.


Ferb was a calm person, hardly ever speaking. But as Phineas learned, mention the name Jonny and you'd hear the usually quiet Brit curse like a sailor. Phineas just mentioned that it sounded like a nice name.


Vanessa was going away to college. Ferb had become a close friend of hers over the years. Of course he was there to see her off. He wanted to steal on last look at her before she left for good. Sadly that last look was of her kissing her boyfriend.


Phineas didn't know what to make of Ferb. He was strange. He didn't even say hi to him but once his father mention that Ferb liked building he knew they were going to be good friends.

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