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Yuki awoke, dreading what was to come. Surprisingly, a bucket of water did not wake her this morning, which was an improvement. When she made it to the main room, only Akiko was left. She was eating a bowl of miso soup and on the table, was two bowls of rice. Yuki took one, unhappily. The two ate together in silence, until Fluff came in, wolfing down the other rice bowl in an instant. He then lay down to wait for Yuki.

"Where's Kaede?" Yuki asked as she ate. "Is he training me today?"

Akiko groaned. "Sadly, no, that's my job this time. Kaede's busy on a mission." She sighed. "Ugh, I so should have killed you when I had the chance."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you're so annoying. You have to learn everything and you do it so slowly."

"Is that what Kaede meant yesterday, when he said it was a 'big day' today?"

"In part, yes, but there's one other thing he forgot to mention." Akiko made a particularly frightening smile. "You'll be fighting me, today."

Yuki gulped down the last of her rice. "You? That shouldn't be too hard."

Akiko snorted. "It's not like you can fight me at full strength anyways. Your leg is still hurt isn't it? Did you get a scrape?"

"Actually its been a lot better recently, thank you for asking. And I can take you any day."

Akiko slammed down her bowl. "Then let's get started, shall we?"

Yuki slammed her bowl as well. "Let's!"

Fluff glanced back and forth between the two girls, worriedly. They had moved to a clearing outside, so that the hideout wouldn't be damaged. The clearing was large and filled with grass to give them plenty of space to move around.

"The fight is over when one of us can no longer fight," Akiko stated, "that will be you, of course."

"Yeah, right," Yuki tossed her hair, "you're going down."

And the fight began. Akiko pulled out her knife. "This is all I need to take you down." She screamed as she ran towards Yuki. The shorter girl dodged and took out her ice kunai. "We'll see about that." The two parried back and forth with their blades, seemingly evenly matched. Suddenly, as Akiko prepared to strike, Yuki's foot got caught in the meadow and her block missed as she fell to the ground. She felt pain in her left shoulder as Akiko's knife pierced her skin. She also felt pain in her leg where she had injured it a few days ago.

"Still think this will be easy, princess?" Akiko asked holding her blood-splattered blade. "You're left handed aren't you? That will make this especially easy."

"I can manage," Yuki said, trying to ignore her wounds as she stood back up. However, her foot got caught again, and she fell back down.

"Foolish girl, did you even try to guess what powers I could use before we started the fight? Oh, that's right, you can't read my mind." Akiko laughed maniacally. "Like you ever had a chance of winning." She lunged towards Yuki, knife going for her left hand.

Yuki cried out in agony as the blade stabbed her hand. "You won't be using that arm for kunai any time soon," Akiko said as she sprung away. Yuki looked at her kunai, once beautiful, but now covered in blood. She felt her anger building up inside her. I will not lose to this maniac, she thought defiantly. I. Will. Not. Lose. She whipped her head around to her leg that had tripped twice now. There was a blade of grass coiled around her ankle. That was what had made her trip. She blasted the grass with cold, freezing and killing it in an instant. She stood up.

"Realized my trick?" Akiko laughed. "It's too late now, Yuki. We're in a field of grass! This is my realm! The place where I hold all the power!" The grass waved together, without the wind to move it. "You will lose."

"I WILL NOT!" Yuki cried. She unleashed the power she had been storing in herself while Akiko had been talking, freezing the entire field. Akiko gasped in surprise. "What? How did you..?" She took a step back, slipping on the ice. "But, you don't have any powers…" She looked around in confusion. "You never did anything to defend yourself before!"

Yuki took a step closer. "Well, I did now, b***h." She put her hands together, unleashing a blast of snow, freezing Akiko with its coldness. Suddenly, she felt faint. The world began to spin around her and then it all went black.

She woke in her bed with Fluff and Kaede looking down on her. "So, you're alive, ice princess." Kaede smiled. It was a real smile this time. Yuki looked around.

"How did I get here?" She asked weakly.

"Flufff carried you back to base. Akiko, too."

Yuki smiled with pleasure, remembering her battle with Akiko.

"Was what I did to her really right?" Yuki wondered. "I mean, did she really deserve that?"

"Oh yeah, she did." Kaede laughed. "She was a spy, working for some other organization that wants to keep the world at war."

"Did everyone know?"

"Yes. The reason they were so quiet was so that she didn't hear any oh our secrets. Your initiation test was to beat her up so that we could expose her for who she really was."

"Why didn't you all just beat her up yourselves? You seem plenty strong."

"Cause we needed someone to test how far you had progressed."

Yuki thought about this for a moment. "I still have so many questions to ask."

"They'll have to wait. For now, rest. You've done a good job." The last thing Yuki saw before she closed her eyes was Kaede's smile.

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