This is my first story so please, keep an open mind if my writing is not that well. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Meg sighed as she hung up another pair of pants, Merry and Pippin had gotten her into trouble again and now she was stuck at home doing some much hated laundry. It had been a perfectly peaceful Saturday when the two troublemakers she called best friends roped her into stealing from Farmer Maggots crops again.

"we are going to get caught and you know it! Our lucky streak has to run out sometime!" Meg exclaimed as she was dragged closer and closer to Farmer maggots crops. "Nonsense, we are professionals, we won't get caught I promise Meg" Meriadoc Brandybuck, Her best friend normally called Merry said while grinning, "right that makes me feel so much better, to know I'm best friends with a pair of thieves" Meg said rolling her eyes at him

"hey we are not thieves we are simply showing Farmer Maggot that his crop is well admired and delicious" Peregrin Took, Meg's other best friend said, "right, whatever, but if we get caught I'm blaming it all on you" she said sticking her tongue out at Pippin childishly. He stuck his out back at her before running at a sprint towards the fields, his favourite part of the raids were the mushrooms. Farmer Maggot had the best mushrooms in all the shire. Merry took off after him, pulling Meg alone with him, who gave a shriek as she nearly stumbled and got a grass stain on her dress, something her mother would have never approved of and would have scolded her for tremendously.

"hurry up you two! Farmer Maggot might have already picked all the good mushrooms" Pippin yelled back at him. "we're coming! Miss clumsy here is slowing us down!" Merry called back pointing to Meg who blushed and glared at Merry.

When they got to the field they quickly split up, Pippin going straight for the mushrooms and Merry towards the cabbages and carrots. Meg however went for the big, juicy strawberries, Farmer Maggot had the best and most succulent strawberries in all of the shire.

"If I get in trouble I will never forgive those two" Meg muttered to herself quietly as she picked strawberries, eating a few as she filled the small sack attached to her side. Once her bag was full she made her way back towards the fence. That was when she heard the dogs and farmer maggots yells from very close behind her. She took off in a run but the dogs were fast and soon had her skirt in their teeth, Farmer Maggot was close behind them. "what do you think your doing! Stealing from my crops! But I know its not just one of ya so who else has been stealing from here". Meg sighed she couldn't just rat out Merry and Pippin. "It's just me sir, I just wanted some of your delicious strawberries so badly, but I was afraid to ask" she said looking down at her feet and her now dirty skirt

"I find that hard to believe, we're going to your mother right now and she'll know what to do with ya!" Farmer Maggot said sternly, grabbing her by the collar. Meg frowned, her mother would give her the thrashing of a lifetime, not to mention she might not be able to see Merry and Pippin ever again, she'd be grounded for forever.

Farmer Maggot dragged her all the way back to her smial, knocking on the door harshly. He had ranted and yelled at her the whole way there that she shouldn't be stealing and that at her age she should be looking for a husband to settle down with. The door opened to reveal Megs mother standing there with an apron on covered in flour, she frowned as soon as she saw who was at the door. "what did she do now Mr Maggot?" Megs mom addressed the man. After he had explained she told him that Meg would never steal from him again and that she would be swiftly punished for her dishonest actions. The whole time Meg was planning her revenge on Merry and Pippin, why she didn't go read with Frodo, who was nice and sensible and didn't get into such mischief anymore was something she couldn't understand.

"I hope you've had your taste of freedom because you won't be going back outside for a very long time, you are grounded for two months" her mother said glaring at her daughter who looked down at the ground. "will I still be able to see Frodo?" Meg asked quietly. Frodo Baggins had been her friend since he had arrived in Hobbiton, he was five years older than her but she couldn't care less, he was the most intelligent hobbit lad she had ever met, next to old Bilbo of course. "I suppose, and only because you come back clean and you haven't been in trouble"

Meg cheered in her mind, at least she'd be able to continue her reading lessons with Frodo. He had been teaching her and Sam to read and write ever since he moved in with his uncle. Meg was fond of Frodo, she had a crush when the they first met and it had progressed into love. She was too embarrassed to admit it though, what if he didn't feel the same? She could ruin their friendship. Meg sighed, having finally finished all the laundry. Meg promised herself that if Frodo ever found someone she would tell him she loved him, just so he knew.

Alright so how was that for my first ever story? This was just a short introduction for Meg the next chapter will start at the party with Frodo. I hope to have Meg go on the quest, but I don't want her to be all mighty hero and what not, she'll react like how any other hobbit lass would. Please review!