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Zola's POV

"Zola, are we there yet?" I heard Shu ask, obviously tired from all the walking.

"No, not yet." I answered shortly.

"But we've been walking for the entire day! My feet are killing me!" Bouquet said.

I sighed. "It's not that far now. We'll probably get there in a few more hours."

"HOURS?!" I heard all of them, except Jiro, yell. "ZOLA, LET'S TAKE A BREAK!"

These kids are very strong, I admit that, but they can be so useless when it comes to long distance journeys. Jiro and I have traveled for years so we're used to it, while the other kids don't have much experience. "Alright, we'll take a break for-" before I even finished my sentence, all of them (except Jiro) fell on the ground. "Now…" I finished.

"Ahhh! I'm gonna die!" Noi shouted.

"I can't feel my legs anymore!" Sahlia also shouted.

"Oh you guys are so spoiled!" Jiro shouted at them, and I could see a vein pop on his forehead. They don't have the energy to walk anymore, but they still have the energy to complain. It's very ironic really.

"You should rest too, Jiro." I reminded him. It took a few seconds before he nodded and sat under a tree, folded his arms in front of his chest, and closed his eyes. It's a habit of his that if he gets irritated; he always finds a tree to sit under. He says that the shades from the leaves relax him. I tried doing it before, but it never worked. I suppose it's just something that can work for Jiro and a few others.

I took out a scroll that I kept in my bag, unrolled it and put it on a big rock. I traced the lines from the map with my index finger. I know I said that we would get there in a few more hours but that was only because I couldn't see the monster. We're already inside the forest where the ingredients are but I couldn't see-

The big rock where I put the scroll suddenly shifted. It rumbled and the thing I thought was a rock lifted itself up from the ground. I immediately took back the scroll and put it inside my bag. I looked closely at the movements, and finally saw it. It was huge. The body was of a lizard and its tail had spikes on it, but its head was so much like a dragon's. The thing that I once thought was a rock; it was actually its nose. "Kids, get ready to fight!" as I was shouting to them, I already made a sword as long as I was by using earth magic. As a headmistress, I am able to use all the elements. It pays to have fought for nearly all my life.

The monster screeched. I flinched at the horrible sound. I looked back at the children; each of them already having weapons. Shu and Marumaro had swords but they both had different designs and shapes. Jiro, Sahlia and Bouquet had sharp spears and daggers out of water in their hands. Noi and Linda had prepared twisters. I nodded at them, and they all ran forward.

I slashed the monster's foot but it barely made a scratch. Noi and Linda combined their twisters to form a huge one, just a little bigger than the monster. But the attempt was useless; the monster didn't even notice it. Shu and Marumaro tried to stab it but they didn't even make it turn to their direction. Jiro, Sahlia, and Bouquet launched their spears and daggers to hit the creature's eyes…and it worked. The creature covered its eyes with its hands, screeching in pain, shaking its head side to side.

"Guys! Aim for its eyes!" I yelled.

"Right!" all of them shouted in union.

Noi and Linda made two twisters, but in those twisters were filled with dirt and dust. They threw it right to the creature's eyes and it screeched more. It's working!

I turned my sword into a spear, and with my air magic, I pushed it right to its left eye. Some red liquid started to drip from its big black eye. Marumaro and Shu tried to do the same thing with the other eye. Luckily, Noi and Linda were quick enough to push their weapons straight to the creature's right eye.

The creature fell on its back. I was relieved but something was wrong. It was too easy.

Then the birds flew overhead. The ground started to rumble. And a figure came out from the shadows. It was twice the size of the creature we were fighting.

"I…t-think that's the mother, maro…" I heard Marumaro said.

I thought so. The creature was far too small to be the one we were originally looking for.

Then Kluke's face popped into my head. I always wanted a daughter. Although, I never thought about marriage for such a long time. My duty to the king was always the first thing on my mind. Kluke is somewhat similar to me. She's brave, hardworking, and she feels that she has the most responsibility from the group. Shu is always her top priority. He's strong, but can be so reckless. And that is the thing that reminds me of the kind himself. Before he became a king, he was also reckless like Shu. I've been friends with the king since we were little. His reckless personality slowly disappeared when he had more and more responsibility. I can relate to Kluke's worrisome side.

"We have to defeat that thing for Kluke's sake!" I shouted. "Let's go!" Despite them being children; when it comes to their friend, they will never give up.

But before we could launch an attack at the creature, a figure appeared out of the gloom. It wasn't a monster. Well, at least I think it isn't. It jumped from tree branch to tree branch until it reached its elbow and in high speed, it ran up and without even panting, it reached its shoulder in a split second. I saw it taking out something from its small bag. It looked so much like a dagger. The hilt was dark red with jewels on it and patterns that look almost like ancient languages. The blade was pure silver. It wasn't too long, but it looked so powerful.

The human figure stabbed the creature on the back of its neck with the dagger. The creature screamed and moved side to side with its hand on it head. It finally fell to the ground. I shielded myself with my arms and shut my eyes. "Always hit the back of its neck. That's their weak spot."

When I heard those words, I opened my eyes again; the human figure was standing right in front of me. In a split second, I jumped back and stretched my sword. Even if he helped us, I can't let my guard down.

"Easy there, I'm a friend; not an enemy." The voice was a man's voice. It was low but still gentle. I took a good look at him. He was wearing an all-black suit with a hood. His belt was dark blue and also his shoes. He looked like a ninja. He slowly removed his hood and my eyes widened. Before I knew it, the children were gathering beside me, and I could tell that they were shocked. The man's hair was baby blue, but his eyes were dark brown. The man had a short beard and mustache. He looked so much like…

"Andropov…" we all murmured at the same time.

The man's eyes widen at the name. "You know Andropov?"

"Well, yes. He's from the same school as us." Bouquet said.

The man's lips moved in a small smile. "My little Andropov…"

"Wait, your little Andropov?" I heard Jiro repeat.

The man nodded. "Andropov…Is my son."

"EH?!" all of us exclaimed.

"Andropov…I haven't seen him in a long time…" The man murmured.

"Whoa whoa whoa, slow down!" Shu said. "Are you saying that you're his dad?"

"That's what I said."

"But I thought Andropov didn't have any parents." I thought aloud.

"How do you know that?" Jiro questioned.

I looked at him while having a grin on my face. "I know a lot of things." I looked back at the man, my grin disappearing from my face.

Judging from his expression, he got the message. "It's true that my wife, Anne, had died. But, obviously, I'm not dead just yet."


"Listen, we can chat here all day if you want but we don't have time. I can sense that Andropov is in trouble." He interrupted.

Before I could reply, I felt a hand tug my arm. I looked beside me and saw Jiro. "Are you sure we can trust him?" he whispered very quietly. It was so low that no-one could hear but my senses are sharp so I could hear him clearly.

"I believe that he means no harm." I whispered back. "Don't worry about it. If it is a trap, then I won't let my guard down."

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