Hey fans, not sure where I was going with this. Just a little something to get me off writers block, this was all inspired by a song.

The young golden cub watched from afar hidin in the shade of a tree, he couldn't help but watch. To stare at such a beautiful girl he had ever seen, those green emeralds with a tint of saphire blue glistened in the sunlight. That slick smooth creamy tan fur, the way her body moved so slowly an majestically. So amazing she was. all those other boys around her. It made him wonder if he ever would have a chance, though he don't even know her. So popular she is, everyone knows her, an nobody knows him. His soul felt so empty, an alone, no friends. An nobody ever wanted anything to do with him. Was something wrong with him? Was he a freak? Why didn't anybody talk to him? He was an attractive male cub, what was it that nobody cared to talk to him? Was it because he was too quiet, it was all so hard. Being the new cub an everything, he was so different from these other cubs. How the other males teased him on his golden fur, what was wrong with golden fur? His mother always said he was special, because nobody else had his shining coat. And so handesome he was told, but it sure didn't feel like it. No girls ever came up to him, none of the pretty girls that is. Why? Why couldn't he just have somebody that was pretty, somebody he liked, somebody he was attracted to. Why does he feel so cursed? The feeling made the poor cub's stomach churn. So lonely, so unwanted, so depressed.

The pain in his young sad gut grew everyday he was forced to live in this place, ''if only mom and dad were here.'' He thought, the endless flood of tears streaming down his cheeks. No sobbing, just silent tears and sniffles, long ago he become strong enough that he doesn't cry anymore. It got to much for him to deal with. It seemed just like yesterday they were here sitting next to him, keeping him warm at night, telling him everything's going to be okay when everything seemed so hopeless. Tucking him in at night, dad making sure the hyena's weren't anywhere near. Now he's forced to be an orphan in this empty paradise, these pridelands. It was all so perfect, yet so terrible. If only he could make some friends, if only he had one companion, somebody to talk to. Somebody that understood him and his outlander ways. So much discrimination he got, everybody thinks he's some kind of thug or rogue or something just because he's from the outlands.

''They don't care, they don't understand. An never will!'' Through furious anger the cub swatted his unsheathed claws diggin into the tree's wood tearing a large hunk of bark off an snapped the branch in half then tossing it into the air. These cubs didn't know the hard life he had, they didn't know how hard it was for him to leave his home, how he watched his parents burned alive by hyena's. His entire pride, his entire home killed by those savage beasts. They were all perfect, look at them. They have everything and he has nothing. Such perfect lives they all live. All stuck up, take things for granted. All the food in the world, when he has to fight for a scrap of rotten meat. It was so empty here, beautiful but so empty. How could he ever make any friends with these cubs, all they do is tease him everytime he trys to come up to them. Weird looks, an all the girls laughed at how ''dirty'' he looked. It wasn't his damn fault, he wasn't allowed in the waterhole to bathe, an a hard life does that. But they wouldn't know anything about a rough life, cause they had it all perfect they're entire lives.

''Did they ever lose any parents? No! Did they ever suffer like I suffered day after day? No! Puh I hate this place..'' Then there was Nala, the only one he liked, the only one he that made his heart skip a beat everytime she walked by him. Though she never said a word, she was too busy with all her 'boyfriends' surrounding her twenty four seven. He was so stupid for thinking he had a chance with her, she was the Princess. THE PRINCESS, there was no way he would ever get near her or even talk to her. Being able to look at her was just enough, but what if. Just what would happen if he asked her out and she said yes. Oh how amazing it would be to have her as his girlfriend, he would be so popular. Yet he could care less about that, just to have a nice girl like her would be everything he needed to take away this endless daily pain.

Somehow, someway, someday, she would be his. No matter what it takes he would get to be his. She just seemed so perfect for him, she seemed alot like him. There was something different about her than the rest of the cubs in this pride. She was just so beautiful, an so nice. Yet everybody wants to just take advantage of her, the other day he was spying on her behind a rock, an she was balling her eyes out from a boy that broke her heart. They were so stupid to break up with such a beautiful girl, all the better for him though.

''Just look at her, if only I could catch her alone. Just to talk to her.'' Slowly the cub sat cooly watchin the princess strutt on by, not one glance but he glanced at her an smiled. The other boy cubs just gave him dirty looks. Idoly she chatted away giggling and laughing. That cute smile she had, her laugh, everything about her was so cute. He had to ask her out, just once, what did he have to lose. There was worse things he been through than rejection. He had to find out right now if she liked him like he liked her.

Just in that moment, Simba leaped to his fours and strutted slowly and smoothly by her group. Peering over her eyes matched his, his heart was racing thumping like a hammer. He couldn't feel his legs suddenly, and his cheeks got all rosy red. Stuttering he approached blocking her path.

''Uhm hey princess Nala..it's beautiful out today.'' Simba stuttered trying to find something smooth to say, that was the best he could come up with. Stupid, stupid. Already she looked at him like he was some kind of insect or something. Like he was less of a lion. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea.

''Uhh yeahh, do I know you? You're kinda in my way.''

''I uhm..well I, just wanted to ask..if you maybe were available?'' They young cub smiled desperately.

''Are you asking me out?'' The Princess busted out with laughter, an all her friends laughed pointing fingers at Simba.

''What an idiot. Like he has a chance! haha'' One of the female cubs said, simba's faced raged with an angry expression.

''Sorry uh weirdo but I don't know you an I don't like you. So bye!''

With that the Princess was gone, her and her stupid group. Just like that, he was rejected for no reason. Such pain in his heart, he was wrong. Rejection did hurt, it hurt BAD. What was so wrong with him, he knew he didn't know her. But just to even be friends, no not even that. His crush turned to heartbreak. But one day he would get popular around here, and then he would see how much she would like him then just wait. There's gonna be some changes around this Pride Rock. How dare she breaks his heart. He was nothing but nice, an she couldn't see that. Well he would show her, he would show all of them. Hate, and humilation was all he felt right now. Tears streamed down his face as the young cub cried himself cuddling up in a ball under the shade of the tree.

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