To Become A Swan

A kind attitude, something you must refuse.

Forget the feeling of love, replace it with Lust.

Let yourself go, but there's no one to trust.

Sway your body, revolve around your center.

Everyone is competition, but you will be the winner.

Feel as if the audience is, and always will be entranced.

Close your mind, and move with the dance.

Eyes become bloody red, the illusions begun.

Your competition has come back, isn't deception fun?

Take a breath, invite her in.

Break the White Swan, let it shatter.

Imagine the deceiving one, is whose blood you'll splatter.

Begin the show, be light on your feet.

Half way through, the audience is jumping out of their seat.

Here comes the end, teach all the rest a lesson.

Illusions and deception, are the key to Perfection.