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Summary: 14 year old Luffy decides to pay a surprise visit to her brother and the Whitebeard Pirates for Christmas. Watch her interactions with Thatch, Marco, Vista, Whitebeard, and the others as she and her brother cause chaos for the holidays and attempt to eat everything in sight. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

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Day 1: Family Visits!

The Moby Dick-

Ace was spaztic. They could all tell. Sometime after he had woken up in the morning, he started staring at the skyline nervously. In the direction of the Red Line no less. Nobody quite understood why. That is until noon came around.

They really should've known something was coming. They should've expected it. The weeks prior to what had happened that day, were odd. Ace was unusually silent, borderline depression. And you could tell something was off. Then Marco and Thatch finally got fed up and asked what was wrong. It took a lot of proding to finally get him to spill what he'd kept shut up inside himself, and it hadn't even come out of his mouth.

It was his crew, which had at some point assimilated themselves into the crew, the Spade Pirates, that had finally told them what was wrong. Appearently he always got like this around this time of year. Ever since he'd started his journey as a pirate. And the reason was actually quite simple and common.

Thatch and Marco felt like idiots for not figuring it out sooner.

Ace, the ever lovable, sciency prankster that he was, was homesick. He missed the island he'd grown up on, no matter how crappy his childhood was. And above all, he missed his little sister, Luffy, who was 14 currently, three and a half years younger then her two brothers, and Sabo, who hadn't seen since he set sail a year before him. He missed them, and that was natural and to be expected. And so Thatch and Marco, felt extremely stupid.

So to say that his early change of mood was quite a put off, as his crew had told them all that he would be like that for two or three weeks after the most depressing day of was appearently a time period of depression passed. It lasted a whole five weeks total, where he spent the first two weeks in mild sadness and loneliness. Then came the actual depression, sometime during the middle of the third week. After that he got slightly better, but over a slow amount of time. Then he was back to being his usual hyper and fun self again until next year around that same time. You'd get used to it, and there was absolutely no consuling the man.

So it was to his own crews utter shock when Ace, a good week or so ahead of his usual behavioral patterns, started acting very odd.

They finally found out the source of the problem when a medium sized, blue bird, came soaring threw the skies, headed directly for their ship. Marco almost attacked. The key word there was almost. He would've made it, had Ace not tackled him to the ground and threatened anybody within arms reach of him, which was in truth actually whatever distance he could torch you, that if they so much as layed a finger on that bird, he would make them tonights dinner. They all looked at him in shock, that is until the bird landed.

And really it wasn't so much as a landing, more of a tackle-hug. The bird as some point during the small confrontation, had sped up it's fligt, and came crashing into Ace. They rolled for a bit, and then finally stopped, revealing that the bird was actually a Zoan of sorts. A little girl, no older then 14 at best, who was apparently very well aquianted with Ace.

They were seriously confused.

Then after a playful fight which quickly turned into a physical confrontation, which almost ended with both near tossing each other over the railings and into the ocean, Ace finally digned to clear things up.

The blue bird, was actually Ace's adorable younger sister, Luffy, who had digned to actually visit this time around, having recently recieved a letter from him stating how much he missed her. She had gotten word that Sabo was coming as well, but at what point they had no idea.

It was a surprise visit, which became even more exciting when Sabo, Ace and Luffy's older brother, suddenly jumped aboard ship, blatently insulted Whitebeard in greeting, then commenced into starting yet another fight with his two younger siblings. Suffice to say it did not last long, as the three fighting each other actually equalled a fight similar to that of which would happen if all three admirals gotten into physical arguement. It was kinda scary that an 19 year old, 18 year old, and 14 year old could cause such a huge mess in such a small amount of time. They quickly got over it though and decided to go about with the same procedures they always went through when dealing with any and all surprises that came about when Ace was involved. They went with the flow of things.

Thing is the flow was very random and difficult to follow when all three siblings where there, present and accounted for. But they still managed.

Th really ironic thing, was that their visits coincided with a holiday that the Whitebeard Pirates celibrated every single year around this time. The day after which, both Luffy and Sabo would leave and head back to where ever the heck they had come from. Christmas.

That was when things started getting kinda strange.

Nobody had actually noticed, that is until Thatch finally bothered to look at the three siblings, which were all standing out of the way, but thoroughly confused as to why exactly everybody was rushing about.

And so he asked them what was the matter. They just looked at each other in silent communication, before all shaking their heads in the negative at the same time. Thatch pryed the best he could, but the siblings insisted that nothing was wrong. And so they continued to stand out of the way and watch, while everybody near busted their necks trying to get where they were going without hurting each other, and half-way suceeding.

Sometime late in the afternoon, around sunset, somebody finally noticed that out of all three of them, only Luffy and Ace actually looked similar to each other. It was strange, how Sabo looked nothing like his two younger brother and sister. They dismissed it as their parents looking different, and Ace and Luffy just looked like one parent, while Sabo looked like the other.

Later that day, somebody also pointed out that despite the similarities, that Ace and Luffy didn't look much alike either.

Nobody dared to ask why though. Luffy looked similar to Ace, and nothing like Sabo. Sabo looked like neither of them, and Ace looked like Luffy, kinda, but again nothing like Sabo. It was strange to say the least. And people began to wonder if they were siblings. Nobody had the gutts bring it up.

That is until Luffy finally pried it out of someone. Something about threatening to freeze their manhood off or something like that.

What insued was a very confusing explanation that took longer then it really should have.

And so it had been established, that they weren't related by blood. Despite the similarities, Ace and Luffy came from different parents, the same went for Sabo. And there was the other difference.

Both of Ace's parents were dead. The major shock was that apparently, his father just happened to be the late Pirate King Gold Roger. Nobody gave a hoot about it though and they just dropped it, leaving it to be forgotten in the winds not five minutes later. Both of Sabo's parents were alive, but man if he didn't wish they were buried five feet under, them and the brat they'd adopted and claimed as his "brother". Sabo still denied it and had even threatened the idiot that if he ever came near them again, he'd rip him a new one, and then some.

Luffy was the strangest of the siblings familial issues. Nobody knew who her parents were, their grandfather might have, but none of them could be sure, and he wasn't singing the right tune anytime soon. Heck they didn't even know if either were alive. And she didn't even seem to care as long as she had her brothers.

And so with that, and everything else was water under the bridge. They went back to whatever they were doing. Afterall, it didn't matter whether you were actually related by blood or not. What mattered was whether it was actually in your heart. If your heart said you were brothers and sister(s), and your brain understood the sentiment. If you acted like you actually fit those familial roles, then blood relations be danged and cursed five times over and sent to the lowest level of the underworld. You were siblings, end of discussion. And if anybody questioned it, they'd have the Whitebeard Pirates to answer to, especially when it came to Ace and his family.

It basically did nothing to change anything on the ship. Heck, five seconds after the conversation ended, and everybody forgot about it and went back to thinking they were blood related siblings.

And so began the seven or so days spent with the D. Siblings, as the Whitebeard Pirates had begun to lovingly call them all.

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