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Episode Summary: Day 5 of Luffy and Sabo's time aboard the Moby Dick.

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Day 5: Snowball Fight!

The Moby Dick-

Marco had been walking with a bored and lonely Luffy not far behind him. Her brother's and Thatch had disappeared on her, leaving her by herself, which sadly, equated to sheer boredom. He had been the first familiar face that she happened upon while she was walking about, so Marco let her follow him, truth be told, he was looking for her brothers and Thatch as well. Thatch needed to get started on dinner, and Luffy's brothers, well Marco had this funny feeling that any second something tiresome, and very troublesome, was about to happen.

If only he and Luffy knew.

With Ace, Sabo, and Thatch-

Ace and Sabo were snickering, with Thatch shaking his head at the two slightly. Their idea was gonna get them in loads of trouble, and thanks to the two brothers decision to drag Thatch away just as he was about to get started on dinner, made said poor man, at least an hour late for getting started, and a lot less crucial time to cook. Besides, he wasn't yet completely done with the plans for Christmas dinner, and he wanted it to be as close to perfect as humanly possible. So yes, sitting here and watching as the two mischievous brothers plotted, was admittedly slightly detrimental to the time he had to cook. He was wishing silently they had waited till after dinner to start this mess, or at least a few hours before.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps could be heard, and a familiar sigh as well. Marco was coming, and if Thatch had observed Ace and Sabo's little sister enough, then he knew she was probably following him as well. That was not a good thing for Ace and Sabo's plans, as it seemed they were expecting Luffy to be anywhere but near what they were about to do.

They were on the deck at the moment, hidden cleverly behind some snow-covered crates. When Ace and Sabo were sure that Marco was within distance and at the perfect spot, all hell would break loose. Thatch was debating sneaking off so he could make hot cocoa for later, as they were bound to become extremely cold with what they were about to start up, even Marco and Ace.

Then Sabo made a strange hand signal toward Ace, and both jumped out from their hiding places yelling at the top of their lungs.

"SNOW BALL FIIGGHHT!" Luffy could be heard screaming slightly as she made a mad grab for Marco and dove behind the cover of Whitebeard's throne.

"Blast it all! Luffy's with him-"

"Doesn't matter! This time, we'll win!"

"But Ace-"

"No buts! For now, we wait for retaliation...This, this my friends...is war!" Ace had a slightly insane look in his eyes that may have been, and probably were, cause for worry, but Thatch had better things to worry about at the moment.

"Right..." said cook agreed as he slowly inched away from them, hoping to sneak off toward the kitchen.

"Thatch, just go, nobody, especially Luffy, will fire at you when you are clearly leaving what is about to turn into a frozen war zone." Thatch looked at Sabo gratefully, as Ace nodded in agreement.

"That hot cocoa better be good!" Ace threatened jokingly. Thatch gave a friendly grin as he responded getting up to leave,

"Only the best! I wish you both luck, brave soldiers!" Thatch respondened back, giving a mock solute before turning around and heading back below deck.

"Well Ace, looks like it's just you and me, against a Phoenix, and what has to be our worst enemy in this situation."

"You have to admit though, we both saw this was coming eventually."

"True...Too true..."

With Marco and Luffy-

Marco was covered slightly in snow, thankful that Luffy had been on her toes, unlike him to his own embarassment, when they had gotten bonboarded by snowballs from Ace and Sabo. They were about to get revenge though.

"Marco-nii, I'm going to give you one last chance to leave. This is going to turn into an all-out Snow War, pretty soon. You will wind up colder then cold, and I can only gaurentee myself the safety of not getting hit by snowballs. Are you sure, you want to participate in this?" Marco grinned mischievously, in a way made Luffy very proud of him, she had taught him well, whether he realized it or not, over the course of her stay aboard the ship.

"Let's rock." was his simple reply. Luffy returned the grin, and began manipulating the snow around her and Marco,

"Devil Fruit. I'm a Mythical Zoan, like you." She stated simply. Marco nodded in understanding as he watched her form what could be enough snowballs to fill the whole ship.

"Oh Ace and Sabo are gonna regret starting this." Marco said as he made a couple for himself.

"They always do."

"Every year until they left on their journeys to become pirates. They never win." Marco grinned as he grabbed a blanket and threw it out, a decoy. Ace and Sabo jumped out from their hiding spot, and charged, throwing snow ball after prepared snowball, until they finally ran out. Then they realized their mistake, as Luffy jumped, perching gracefully on top of the throne.

"Don't you two ever learn?" Luffy smiled sadistically as the snowballs she had created using her Devil Fruit powers appeared around her, growing in numbers quite quickly. Marco came out from behind her, an identical expression on his face.

"Uh-oh..." Sabo and Ace said slowly, clear fear etched on as their new expression.

With Whitebeard-

Whitebeard was walking threw the hallways, headed for the kitchen to see if Thatch needed more time to cook, when he froze, curiousity etched on his face. Then he heard it again.

"AAAAAHHHHH~!" The seasoned pirate blinked slightly in pure wonderment, before deciding it might be a better idea to just ignore it. He continued on his way, whistling a Christmas tune he had heard as a child.


"Hey Marco, Luffy?"

"Yeah?" came the sinced reply from said two Mythical Zoans.

"Where's Ace and Sabo?" Marco and Luffy looked at each other before looking back at Vista, who had asked the question.


"Hey guys, there's too snowmen on the deck. Any idea who made them?" Marco and Luffy looked at each other again before replying,

"Oh, we might know." Both were looking rather smug and somewhat coy as they both took sips from the hot cocoa supplied by Thatch.

"Hey Thatch!" Luffy called to said man. Thatch looked back at Luffy,


"You might want to make another batch of this stuff. Something tells me Sabo and Ace are gonna need it when they show up finally." Whitebeard raised a suspicious eyebrow as he watched Luffy and Marco high five each other.

"Why do I have a feeling you two are behind Ace and Sabo's lack of prescence in the dining room?" Luffy just gave an innocent smile and shrugged in response, reabsorbing herself in her cocoa.

With Sabo and Ace-



"T-t-t-th-that..is the l-last time I-I let you t-talk me into...brr...talk me into...having a snowball fight when L-Luffy is participating..."

"U-u-understood..." aaAACHOOO!


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