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Renesmee POV


"Rosalie, you can't do that!"

"Ugh, fine," she sighed, dropping down the chimney again. I was positive if she just kept tossing the presents we weren't going to have anymore to pass out!

"Don't be too hard on her. That's just how she is," Santa said to me, and I could clearly identify the wisdom in his words. He did have a point. Rosalie was just...Rosalie.

"Alright, I won't," I promised, meaning it completely and thoroughly.

We stood there for a moment more before Rudolph tossed his head, snorting impatiently. Jingle laughed softly, walking over to him and stroking his muzzle. "We'll be off soon."


"I HEARD THAT!" she shouted back.


Rosalie grumbled something, but even with our advanced hearing, nobody could really tell what she had said. It was that unintelligible.

"Renesmee, I thought you promised," huffed Santa, his cheeks tinted more pink in annoyance.

I giggled slightly, raising my fingers to my mouth. "Hehe, yeah. Sorry. I'll try to remember from now on."

"Make sure you do," murmured Santa, raising an eyebrow as if asking for an answer to a question he did not ask.

I nodded, and he seemed to take that, turning away and heading back to his sleigh. "Come on."

We hurriedly leapt into the large structure after him, Rudolph pawing the ground anxiously. I was pretty sure he couldn't wait to be in the air once again, his odd red nose lighting up slightly. Santa laughed throatily, watching the deer. "Let's go then." He lifted the reins and whipped them down, the reindeer automatically taking the signal and jumping into the air. They once again flew, seeming to step on air, and I wondered how they could do it.

"Santa, how can reindeer fly?" I asked, my bronze curls bouncing as I turned my head.

"Well, these aren't normal deer," he answered simply, returning his focus to the sky in front of us. It seemed as if that was as much of an explanation as I was going to get.

The night was very pretty. It was pitch black, the only light this far up coming in a dim red haze caused by Rudolph's unique nose. From what I could see—which was practically everything due to my enhanced sight—was that there were definitely clouds, and I could see them move about us and through us—which I felt as well—occasionally. It was magnificent, especially counting the tiny lights that shone from the towns below us.

"Ready to make another stop?" asked Mr. Claus cheekily, a large and toothy grin set on his face.

"Am I ever!" I replied, clapping my hands together in front of me. Soon after I blushed, realizing how silly the action must have looked. "Oops..."

"It's fine," Santa said, waving me off.

"Where are we going?" Carlisle asked, his eyes bright. I sighed. Grandpa was always trying to take in new information.

"To another city, a larger one this time," Santa informed him, carefully avoiding the question.

Carlisle was smart enough not to ask again, and I watched as he leaned back, watching the view below us to try and find a hint.

I had promised myself to just enjoy the ride until we actually reached our destination, and that was what I was going to do. It was working out great until Carlisle exclaimed, "I know where we are now!"

"That's great," Rosalie said slyly, leaning against Emmett and gazing at the sky. I realized with a start that she and I were doing practically the same thing...weird.

"We're headed to New York City!"

"What?" Rosalie shot forward, looking down at the bright orbs that signified were were on the edge of a town. I recalled that New York City always had been a favorite place for Rosalie, and she was obsessed with visiting it. Alice, of course, decided to drive my mother, father, and Uncle Jasper insane by pulling Bella to the side of the sleigh, forcing her to watch the buildings as they grew taller. New York City was NOT a favorite place of my mom's. Mom would rather stay home and read a book, but Alice always got her way. I was just too exhausted to give a darn for what would happen.

"Renesmee, are you tired?"

I turned to see my father's eyes on me, worry held in them.

I smiled, trying to convince him I was fine. "Yeah, a little, but it's fine."

That worrywart. He kept staring at me, and even as I stifled a yawn, I was half twitching with anxiousness. He finally looked away, but that was only when Alice squealed and Mother groaned, obviously annoyed with her sister.

Esme was discussing something serious with Carlisle, their voices hushed whispers. My mother and father were in a predicament that was pure chaos, Bella attempting to fight off her mate and sister. Rosalie was fascinated by the lights below. Emmett and Jasper thumb wrestled...vampire style. The reindeer seemed to be having a great time, letting our whines and prancing in the air. Even Santa smiled wide, Jingle doing the same at his side.

And I sat there, watching them tiredly. But it was okay. It was a peaceful moment when everyone was happy, and I was very glad that I was able to witness it.

This truly was a great Christmas.