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Training with the Victor

He was running. His legs were flying across the pavement in a movement so fast that they became a blur of flesh, but he kept running. His muscles burned, his lungs ached, and his veins pumped battery acid. All of this didn't matter, though. What mattered was getting away.

For a split second, he let his eyes travel behind him, taking in the twenty-three tributes that followed him. They all held furious glares and malicious smirks. One face stood out from all of the others; Kendall Knight.

Kendall ran in front of everyone, taking the point position while everyone flanked him. In his grasp was a long, sharp, and thin sword. The fact that it was thin made no difference. It was going to be impaled through his heart.

With a simple flick of his wrist, Kendall hurled the sword and it went straight through Logan's chest and sent him into oblivion.

Logan shot out of bed, sweat dripping down his brow and dousing his hair with salty wetness. He was panting, almost as if he'd really run instead of it just being a nightmare. His hands clutched at his chest, making sure that there was no sword sticking through it. When he found none, his breathing subsided. Looking to his right, Logan checked his alarm clock, a device that could wake you up at a specific time. Some thought that it was amazing, like Logan, but others, like the Career Districts, just rolled their eyes at it.

It was five in the morning, two hours before everyone was supposed to be up, but he knew that there was no way in hell that he would be getting back to sleep. Logan pushed the damp sheets away from his body and climbed out of bed. He slipped on a pair of leather moccasins that were tailored specifically for him. With a very shaky hand, he opened the door to the hallway very quietly.

Using his abnormally heightened hearing, Logan listened for any movement. He couldn't hear anything out of the ordinary, so he made his way out of the bedroom. His gaze moved from the right to the left. On the right was a set of stairs that led down to the main hall and to his left was everyone else's rooms. He opted to go to the right.

Logan tiptoed softly down stairs, pausing occasionally to listen for movement. He did this out of habit, for his hunting skills made him. His feet soon brought him out into the main hall where the people with wings covered the walls in soft colors. Logan walked over to the first one he saw and ran a hand over the painting. The winged-being was beautiful and almost inhuman.

The creature was in the air, clouds surrounding him. His sculpted body was flying, his legs sideways but his chest turned toward forward. The long hair that fell across his forehead was a dirty blonde and the eyes that stared back at Logan were a shining emerald. It's funny how much it looked like Kendall…

"They're angels," an exuberant, slightly accented voice said. Logan whipped his head around to see the Carlos boy from District 11 standing in the doorway to the dorms. He was leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed and a small smile on his lips.

Logan sputtered for a few seconds. The first thing that came out of his mouth was, "Angels?"

Carlos's smile grew and he unfolded his arms and crossed the floor to stand beside Logan. His eagerness practically radiated off of himself and Logan had to take a slight step away from him. Carlos just smiled and put a dry, rough hand on the same angel that Logan had been ogling a few seconds before. "Angels," Carlos started, "are wing-people. Mama used to tell me about them all of the time. They're messengers for the Creator. It's all part of this thing called Catholicism. Mama said it was a big thing before…" Carlos's voice trailed off, but the smile didn't leave his face.

Logan was confused. "What else about angels?" His curiosity got the better of him.

The Latino boy didn't seem at all offended. "They were supposed to be really pretty and, like, protectors or something." He just grinned at Logan and then started walking back towards the rooms. "You should get some sleep, ya know?"

Logan watched as Carlos skipped up the steps to the rooms. With one lest longing glance at the angel, he turned and followed Carlos back to his room to wait until seven.

Morning came all too slowly for one Logan Mitchell. A knock on his door gave him the signal that it was time for everyone to wake up for breakfast. He followed everyone downstairs into the mess hall. Without thought, he let his eyes drift towards the walls.

Every tribute sat down in their designated seats and started loading up their plates. Logan had never seen so much food in his life. It was almost surreal. He almost starting stuffing his face right there had it not been the haughty look he'd received by Jo, the girl from District 2. It got him to stop piling his plate and to start eating with the table manners his mother had once taught him how to use.

Logan was very aware of the blonde haired boy that was across from him and two seats down. He felt very subconscious, like he was being stared at, but every time he looked at Kendall, the boy's eyes were down at his food. Had he been paying more attention, he'd have noticed how the emerald eyes would flash his way whenever he wasn't checking.

When everyone had finished their breakfast, the tributes were paired with the victors for training. Logan felt smug when Camille snubbed him and stood with her back turned. Soon, the famous Gustavo strode towards them, his eyes bloodshot and the familiar scent of booze coating his every inch.

Gustavo's thick hand clamped down on Logan's shoulder and started dragging him towards the training arena. Camille stood back, open-mouthed that the victor had taken to Logan when she was 'clearly' the better tribute. With a small humph she followed the rest into the area.

The training arena was large and full of stations that trained in specific actions. Some were for strength, others for agility, and some were for basic survival skills. Logan took in everything and turned to Gustavo for guidance. The victor smiled at him and pushed Camille towards the hunting section. Offended, she went there without a sound.

Logan made a move to join her, but Gustavo held him back. "No need to go there, boy. I already know what you can do with a dagger. Hunting should be no problem. It's your weapon skills we got to work on."

The small brunette made no comment on how Gustavo would know about his hunting, but he let himself be pushed into the bow and arrow section. The next hour and a half was spent with target practice. Logan started off being terrible with the weapon but soon was able to yield it masterfully. With little comments from Gustavo, Logan pushed his ability further than he could have hoped.

After Logan had shot his tenth bull's-eye, he looked at the hunting station to find Camille struggling with snares. He then looked back at Gustavo who was very sneakily sipping from a flask. Before he could stop himself, Logan blurted out, "Why did you choose me?"

Gustavo looked up from his drink and then looked back down. Fiddling with the cap of it, he said, "There are twenty-four of you. Only one comes out. I may have a chance with you, boy. She's not worth spit, but you," he paused to chuckle slightly, "you have more chance than anyone could hope for."

Logan made no comment as Gustavo then led him to the camouflage section. He spent his time there until lunch learning how to mix leaves and dirt and other materials into paint. He then was taught how to put them into combinations of how to stay in stealth in any type of environment.

A bell rang out beckoning everyone to food. The victors made their way to the victor table while the tributes had a table of their own. Everyone was starving from all of the training, but Logan wasn't for he hadn't really done much. He snacked lightly on some cheese and crackers, and even had a bread roll, too.

While everyone was still eating, Logan wandered off back into the training arena. The sound of a continuing thwap! drew his attention to the sword section. When Logan saw the figure there, he immediately hid behind a training dummy and watched.

Kendall stood there, his shirt on the floor and his jeans hanging low on his hips. He picked up a sharp, thin sword and positioned it by his ear, just like Logan does when he's hunting. With a lightning fast flick of the wrist, the sword went straight through a dummy's heart. Logan clutched his chest right above his own heart. It was just like in his dream…

The muscular blonde went to the dummy and tugged his sword out of it. He then put himself back into position and repeated the whole action. Logan came out of his hiding place and walked slowly to the sword section. He tilted his head to one side and just watched. Kendall went from the sword again, and when he turned to go back to his starting position, he saw Logan. The boy jumped slightly and the sword came up to be thrown. Logan's arms flew up to protect his chest, but Kendall stopped just in time.

"What are you doing in here?" Kendall said his voice husky and surprised.

Logan just stood there gawking at the much chiseled chest in front of him. When he recovered his wits, he answered Kendall's question with another question. "Shouldn't you be having lunch?"

Kendall cocked an eyebrow and gave him a small smirk. "Shouldn't you?"

Logan crossed his arms and lifted his chin in what was usually a defensive manner, but there was playfulness in each of their tones that reminded Logan of his parents when his father was still alive. Kendall's eyes had a small twinkle in them that Logan had never seen before.

The two stood there, having a teasing stare-off. Kendall opened up his mouth to say something, but the bell signaling that lunch was over rang and the arena filled up with everyone else. Logan was being dragged away by Gustavo but, for once, he caught Kendall's eyes on him.

Logan shuffled his feet along the floor and took a chance for a small look at the victor.

Gustavo was just staring at him with a knowing gaze, full of pity and understanding.

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