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A Family Who Cares

Kurt was breathing hard. Sure, his legs where shacking with exhaustion, but over all, Kurt was feeling wonderful. He had just finished his rehearsal for a performance he planned to showcase for his friends in Glee club.

Kurt smiled, finally feeling that his had nailed ever skip, hop, twirl, and yes – shimmy. He knew he had picked out the most ideal song for the week's assignment and couldn't wait to boast over it to Rachel.

Kurt was so caught up in his thoughts he almost missed the soft, "Kurt." That resonated from behind him on the school's stage.

Kurt quickly spun, glaring at the unknown person who had just interrupted and startled him out of his self-glorifying moment. Instantly, he recognized the bowed head of curly hair as his boyfriend.

"Blaine!" Kurt whined, though happy to see him unexpectedly, "What are you... Blaine?" Kurt asked as Blaine kept looking at the ground at his feet.

"Blaine. Look at me, please." He continued, as he took a step forward.

Blaine took a deep breath and squared his shoulders as he slowly turned his face upward. At first he kept his eyes adverted from Kurt's, but as he heard him gasp, Blaine saw Kurt's wide eyes focused solely on his lower face.

Kurt rushed forward as he saw the bruise prominent on Blaine's right cheek. "Blaine," He desperately whispered as he cupped Blaine's face, inspection the abused flesh, "What, who...who did this?"

Blaine closed his eyes, and answered, "My da-"

"Your FATHER?" Kurt interrupted, instantly furious at the Mr. Anderson. Kurt grabbed Blaine's wrist in a vice grip and started pulling him toward the stage's back door that lead to the parking lot.

Only to be stopped by resistance on Blaine's end. Kurt turned and looked at Blaine with an angry 'what?' expression in his face.

Blaine held Kurt's glare. He looked into his boyfriend's eyes and saw the pain and anger.

And the fear.

"Where are we going?" He asked.

"You know where we're going."Kurt replied with an edge to his voice. Kurt turned and attempted to pull Blaine to the door again.

"Kurt, please," Blaine said and Kurt could hear the cracking in Blaine's voice and stopped pulling his arm, "Please, don't," Blaine pleaded with slouched shoulder and deflated eyes, "You're angry and not thinking straight. If I go back now, it will only make things worse..." He quietly explained further, "Everything, worse."

Kurt snapped, "NOT THINKING STRIGHT? NO BLAINE, YOU'RE THE ONE WHO IS NOT THINKING STRIGHT! You're FATHER hit you; abused you! You can't let him WALK ALL OVER YOU!" Kurt released Blaine's arm and started wildly using them to emphasize his point, "All this time you've been telling me to stand up to people like this and hold my ground! I'm only trying to follow your teachings and NOW you're telling me to back off the man who hurt you? I can't let this go! No one causes the person I love pain and gets away with it! At least call the police for God's sake! This is child abuse, damn it!" Kurt ended his ranting lecture with fast breaths.

"Please," Blaine repeated as one of the tears that had\been forming in his eyes found it's way down his bruised cheek.

Unmoving, Kurt watched the tear's trail, but stayed silent. After a few moments, he grasped Blaine's wrist in a gentler hold. He started moving to the door with Blaine quietly following. "Let's go." Kurt said in a hushed tone.

"Where?" Was Blaine near silent reply. Kurt slowly turned, his blue eyes meeting Blaine's hazel one's is a look of desperation.

"My house. We'll talk about this in the tomorrow morning with clearer minds." Kurt then proceed to step forward and pull his exhausted boyfriend into a strong hug.


Blaine's voice cracked when he hiccuped his gratitude and his tears were all released with a shuddering breath.

The emotion in Blaine's voice was the last step in making Kurt all resolve and he felt his throat tighten and his eyes moisten.

For the next 10 minutes, The two hugged while comforting each other with quiet words and promises. And another grueling 15 minutes for Kurt to rub Blaine's back in small circles until he felt that he was in control enough to drive them home.

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That Night

All lights were off in Kurt's bedroom except for the small lamp on is dresser giving a calm, safe feel to the elegant room.

When Blaine and Kurt had returned to Kurt's house, their story was repeated to Burt and Carol (Finn had a sleepover at Puck's house).

All in all, it took Kurt, Blaine and Carol to relax Burt and keep him from driving at unearthly speeds to jack this demented father of Blaine's up. After many colorful names exploded from Burt's mouth along with some vicious promises for Mr. Anderson, he calmed down and did his best to support Blaine with Carol and Kurt.

Now, Kurt found himself curled up against Blaine with his head on his stomach and a forgotten ice pack at the foot of the bed. Kurt twisted his neck to gaze at the beautiful boy sleeping beneath him. Even the warming glow couldn't mask the ugliness etched in the mark on Blaine's tanned cheek. It was ugly for so many reasons and Kurt silently promised to rightly justify every single one of them.

Kurt sighed dejectedly and curled tighter around Blaine, wanting to never let the him go again. He closed his eyes, but knew that sleep was going to elude him for many more hours to come.


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