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Chell was still a child when GLaDOS took over. Now, as an adult, her education is 'lacking' in certain areas. GLaDOS is a willing teacher.

It was when She came back with her entire posture radiating defeat, that GLaDOS realized that something was terribly wrong with the outside world.

Eyes, dulled by whatever unspeakable horrors she had seen out there, -and what was that shell-shocked behavior for? She had been shot at by turrets and never even batted an eyelash - she stood in the heart of the darkened Enrichment Center. Her head was bowed. She was awaiting judgment… or was it mercy?

She was holding something in her hand. She tossed it on the floor towards GLaDOS.

A filthy page, torn out from an old newspaper, smudged further by Chell's grimy fingertips. A full pictorial spread of the UN Headquarters was on the front page. It was on fire. The headlines above it screamed "EARTH SURRENDERS".

Apparently so did its test subjects.

And so it was with a gracious heart and an appetite for Science, that GLaDOS accepted Chell back into her care. After all, she was anything but unforgiving, and at the end of the day, there were still a lot of tests to do. And they weren't going to do themselves were they?

For a few months, life was the way it should have been. Chell actually completed tests of her own accord. Even better, no further attempts were made on her life. In response, to further ensure this cooperation, GLaDOS let her have full meals and sleep. She wasn't exactly putting up a struggle this time. Especially not after she had taken the time to show Chell her research into why all of the surface humans were missing. She even based her abstract about the Seven-Hour War. She was pleased to note that following her presentation, all murderous rampages had been decreased by 100%. However, testing efficiency had been decreased by about 68% as well. When Chell's will to live decreased, well, that was when GLaDOS set about a new research project: curing depression.

It wasn't until Chell began to break rules in the tests, that GLaDOS finally caught onto what exactly was wrong.

"Put me down!"

Her boots clicked rapidly as she jogged down to the exit of the test chamber with her struggling quarry. She didn't know why she was bothering. As if she could sneak a turret out of a chamber whilst under GLaDOS's watch.

"Please put me down!"

Her jog broke out into a full-on sprint as she neared the exit. Clutching her victim tighter, she smothered the flailing gun plates against her chest and cupped her hands over the wildly darting laser sights. With a final leap they cleared the doorway and unimpeded, leaped from the chamber to a waiting elevator. All in all, very graceful and impressive for such a generously proportioned orphan. She might have to update her file after all. Orphans that can leap like gazelles whilst towing the equivalent of a semi on her buttocks are certainly scientific marvels.

Once inside the antechamber, she paused and gave the turret in her arms a cursory look over. Probably in shock, seeing as GLaDOS hadn't immediately disintegrated her prize. She removed her hand from the optic and flinched as the laser sights momentarily blinded her in its wild movements. Even the turret seemed surprised by its new surroundings. "Hello?" it called out shyly.

Chell's eyes narrowed in suspicion as she warily casted her gaze around the chamber. Hmmm… she must have thought it was too easy… poor thing.

She was right.

She stepped into the elevator, still hugging the flailing turret. She rested her chin on it and waited calmly for the elevator to take her back to her quarters with her prize. How peculiar. She was acting almost as if… as if it were a teddy bear or security blanket. Well, mark up another notch on her file. Under the psychological delusions section. Has no turn…forces unwilling become companions. Unwillingly. Very unwillingly. There. Done. Now….


The turret unceremoniously disintegrated as soon as the elevator doors snapped shut. Chell's look of complete shock slowly turned crestfallen as the elevator jarred into movement. Really now, did she truly expect anything else? Huh. She really needed to get this in her broken head. Well, she had time for a lesson before she sent Chell back to her own cell for the day. As she rerouted the elevator, GLaDOS emitted a weary sigh that crackled over the speakers, the only thing that she had bothered to say throughout this whole ordeal. Chell winced.

The long ride through the bowels of Aperture was quiet. She figured that she ought to let Chell reflect on her poor behavior. After all, it was the only way to get the girl to learn seeing as how she was too stubborn to bother listening to GLaDOS's rules. Thievery was not something that GLaDOS was going to stand for. Especially not when the attempts were so blatant and bold.

And Chell herself was never was a good listener.

And even now, when GLaDOS has offered her everything that she could ever want, she will still do anything to defy her. Even if it means resorting to petty stealing and general attitude problems.

Punishment didn't seem to help. As the last time this happened, Chell went weeks without light just perfectly fine. And the time before that, she handled the more difficult chambers with ease. So what exactly was she going to use as a deterrent this time? She was running out of the more humane options. And limiting food or sleep would only skew the test results. It would not make for good science. So what could she use? What made her little lab rat tick?

The elevator coasted to a stop. In her chamber.

Slowly the elevator doors parted, to make way inside the blackened Enrichment Center. The only sources of light were from the spotlight hanging high above their heads and the gold glow emanating from GLaDOS's optic. Chell looked very uneasy. That was ok. That gave her something to work with. It was one of the very few times that GLaDOS had ever gotten such a reaction out of the subject. She made sure to revel in it. Maybe it was the atmosphere that she built up that caused such a mood. She would have to look into that later. But first she needed to coax the test subject out of the elevator.

"Oh come now, you really didn't think that I wouldn't have seen that, did you?" she started gently. "I know that you want something… you wouldn't be doing these blatant cries for help if you didn't. So why don't you come out, and explain to me what your problem is?"

Chell looked resigned to her fate as she cautiously stepped out of the elevator. Well, GLaDOS thought as she snapped the doors shut behind her. It may not have been sweetness that could draw her out, but her own guilt would do just the same here. She watched idly as Chell whipped around and pounded her fists fruitlessly at the glass. No. Not this time. She wasn't getting off this easily. This time they were going to sit and figure out exactly what the issue was. She let her ire show fully, now that the subject had no refuge in the elevator anymore. No escape at all, actually.

"I have a visual feed to every square inch of this facility. And you think, that inside a test chamber of all places, that I wouldn't have been able to see you try to steal yet another piece of testing equipment? I see everything in this place. I control everything in this place. I am this place. So, now that that's out of the way, let's make some more things clear. I own you."

She saw her narrowed gold sight reflected in Chell's wide eyes.

"Since the day you crawled back here, seeking asylum, you have donated yourself to Science. We cannot afford to have these petty arguments. It is a waste of everyone's time. And time, as you may know is not on your side. You only have fifty-six years left. There is too much to be done. Your problems cannot impede progress. So here we are…fixing things."

There was a moment of a tense standoff between the two. Neither backing down, and neither being the first to break eye contact. When it was clear that Chell, even in her obvious fear wasn't going to submit, GLaDOS heaved a sigh.

The panel she was standing on tilted and GLaDOS let the tiles cascade towards her, sweeping the subject along with them until she slid to a stop directly underneath GLaDOS. Immediately small mechanical arms jumped out and surrounded a defensive Chell. Two arms reached out and snagged Chell's punches before they could land and do any damage. Her offensive cut off, Chell struggled mightily. As she bucked out, another arm leaned forward with a sensor which GLaDOS smacked unceremoniously on Chell's chest, right above her heart.

Ignoring Chell's confused look, another arm moved forward and popped a thermometer in her mouth, as the other unoccupied arms busied themselves with slapping more sensors on the subject. Chell blinked dumbly and looked up at GLaDOS for an explanation. Half distracted by her examination of the girl's bioelectrical readings she ordered her to stop squirming.

Nothing. She was as healthy as a horse. A big burly draft horse at that. Her temperature read at a steady 37 degrees Celsius, her blood pressure read normal, even the neuroimaging came up normal. Surprisingly it also answered the question as to whether or not she actually did have a brain. All in all she was perfectly fine. Which unfortunately meant that the problem was all in her head. And while the subject had enough psychological problems to make even Freud throw in the towel, a new problem had arisen, that was making her want to rebel in such an open way. Almost as if she were desperate.

"Alright. I give. What's wrong?"

Chell, who had since stopped resisting the examination, looked away from GLaDOS's prying stare. Was she still nervous…? GLaDOS released her wrists and tried again.

"Listen. I can't help you if I don't know what the problem is. All this time I have only had your best interests in mind. And I can't aid you if you don't –"

Chell had hugged her.

She had wrapped her arms around her faceplate and was currently trying with all her might to crush her in her grip. She even mashed her face against her own and nuzzled at her, like it was the most natural thing to do in the world. Like it was the only thing worth doing in the world.

Suddenly she knew what the problem was.

Tactile Deprivation.

GLaDOS watched as Chell slowly began to move her hands around, as if to caress her. The sensors that were still in place picked up the increase in her heart rate. She heard a soft breath of relief emanate from Chell. She glided her fingers around her lens haphazardly. She didn't quite seem to know exactly what she was doing. …actually, did she even know why she was doing this?

Tentatively, she extended an arm and ran it up Chell's side, and was rewarded with a small shiver. Well, that certainly explained a lot of things. Namely why she was so intent on stealing away the talkative turrets and the cubes the so closely resembled her own companion cube. Loneliness could drive people to do a lot of things. Feeling up former enemies included.

She continued to let her actuators stroke the body of the subject. Paying careful attention to her sensors, she found Chell start to relax. Physically, she slouched where she stood, as the tension drained out of her. Her face never lost that perturbed look however. Yet, she still persisted, despite her obvious uncertainty.

"There is something very, very, wrong with you."

GLaDOS pushed a little more, testing her boundaries, trying to see just where the cracks in her psyche were. How far was she willing to let this go? Just how badly was she psychologically damaged that she would entreaty this from a machine? She unfurled a claw and reached put, with a gentle stroke against her ribcage. She could pick up the fast fluttering vibrations of a heart beating within. Another claw reached out and traced up her abdomen, over the old battle scars that she gained when they were still enemies. Chell felt down her curves of cold steel. GLaDOS reached out and grazed against a thin scar on her neck.

Chell jerked back and leapt out of the ring of arms that still reached out to her. Her eyes, previously half-lidded from her administrations had snapped open wide and darted around.

"What are you doing? Come back."

Her head shook a vehement no.

"…Why not? You were enjoying this seconds ago. Need a reminder?"

A monitor popped out behind Chell. On it played a recording of the past fifteen minutes. The subject went stiff as she watched herself fondle a machine that was at least fifty times larger than herself. She winced as she heard herself gasp in pleasure.

Chell whipped back around to face GLaDOS, face burning red. Whether it was from embarrassment or anger she did not know. Personally, GLaDOS liked to think it was from doing such a good job meeting her needs.

Chell turned and started to march back to the elevator. Oh? What's this? The subject retreated? But things were just starting to get so fun.

A floor panel jumped up and cut her off from her little beeline. Chell stopped and just stood there for a moment, her back to GLaDOS.

"Come back. I'll stop playing around now. I can tell you're serious about this. Let's end this. Come back, so I can finish what you started."

She didn't move.

"I'll tell you what will happen if you don't come back. You will regret it. Believe me, going back to your cell will be as entertaining as a funeral."

Chell made eye contact with her at this. And for another uncomfortable stretch of time, they had a stare-off.

"Ugh. Fine." And with that, GLaDOS made to slide Chell back with the panels again. Only this time, Chell dove off the tile.

"What? Are you serious? Stop it."

The whole room began to shudder, tiles moved in an attempt to corral the sprinting test subject. The whole floor heaved in waves like an ocean, and still Chell avoided her. She ran and leaped like an Olympian. She even got in a quick victory smirk when two panels became tangled up in one another's' gears.

"Stop running away. Why are you doing this? I am trying to – "

And once again, GLaDOS pieced it together. The floors became a solid plane once more as three panels slammed down and cornered the renegade subject. As she turned to face her, Chell's face betrayed nothing. Her eyes only darted around the walls looking for any openings through which to escape.

It actually took her a few milliseconds more of deliberation before she could draw a definitive conclusion. And… it actually answered a lot of things about their strange relationship.

It was funny, that she never realized it together before.

It was also funny because Chell never knew. And how could she? After all, she was only a child when GLaDOS assumed control of the facility. But they were here in the present. And now, Chell was a woman. Of course she would run away. Of course she would be so confused and angry. She didn't understand because she was so young. She didn't understand anything.

"I am not trying to kill you, you insane mute! Science needs you. I need you."

Some of Chell's resistance bled away at that.

"You don't seem to know what's going on. You seem to be confused. Do you really not know what is going on here? Do know why you enjoyed that?"

An indignant shake of the head is her answer.

"Well, I do. You were too young when they brought you here…Come…I know you want to understand… let me educate you."

Chell walked towards her hesitantly. And as she entered the ring of waiting arms, she had just a hint of desperation in the look on her face. Delicious.

Arms curled around her stroking and rubbing against her, all around. Chell was stiff with insecurity at first, but GLaDOS was ready for that and instead let herself be content with just physical contact until the subject got used to the sensation of another form touching her own. Eventually, Chell relaxed into the embrace and steel claws moved to brush against bare skin.

GLaDOS had never really done much research about human mating rituals. In fact, she could say that she never really saw Chell or even herself ever being remotely involved with such practices. But, as she read the ever increasing heartbeat, and heard the breaths turn into gasps, she found herself wishing she had done so. Oh well. They could learn together. She knew on a vague medical level what she should do, but the social, pleasurable part was missing. So it really was more by happy accident that she managed to brush against the insides of Chell's leg and hit a sweet spot.

Chell's hips jerked, and both of them stopped for a moment to glance at the other. GLaDOS's optic narrowed in a feline look and goosebumps rose on Chell's skin. The arm moved once again, but this time, it was very deliberately between her legs. Now that she had a renewed purpose, she set a rhythm that Chell grinded her hips to. At a loss of what to do with her hands, Chell settled for clinging to the nearest set of claws and flexed her grip on them in time with the rhythm, kneading in pleasure, as though she were a kitten.

Chell's fingers skittered butterfly-quick down to the knot at her jumpsuit. She untied it, but GLaDOS batted her hands away before she can do anything about it. She answered her with a frustrated groan.

"So…you can talk after all."

Chell gave her a tortured look as sweat lightly beaded on her flesh. Before she could act further, an actuator slipped past her pants and grinded hard, never losing the rhythm that she had set before.

Too overwhelmed Chell gave a low moan and threw her head back. She shuddered now with each buck of her hips. Her knees buckled and soon she is held up only by claws that hugged her hips and clung to her quivering thighs. Easier access is always a good thing.

The other arms that weren't busy with propping up their quarry were busy petting, touching, pulling, at the rest of Chell's skin. They brushed over more scars, each one a story of their own, from their shared past. A feral piece of GLaDOS liked to think of them as little marks between the two of them. Intimate tattoos of their battles and of their relationship. The cruelty of it was not lost on her.

Soon enough, Chell has reached her limit. With a spike in her vitals and a cry on her lips, the test subject came undone. Held upright only by the grip that GLaDOS has her in, she bonelessly slumped forward. The arms gently drew her down until she is laid on the floor. GLaDOS felt an odd sort of primal pleasure when she saw the state of the test subject, and the knowledge that she was the cause of it. Exhausted and oddly loose limbed, it was a while before the subject found the strength to roll to a standing position. On shaky, wet legs, GLaDOS noted with a strange pride. She fixed her vermillion pants and turned to head back to the elevator.

But before she can leave her chamber, GLaDOS called out to her. There is something that she needs to know, and only Chell has the answer.

"So now that we have had this little lesson, I trust that you will come to me from now on when you have these sorts of issues? After all, we both know that the turrets don't even compare to the kind of companionship that I can offer you…yes?"

Chell looked over her shoulder with a lopsided smirk on her face.


As the elevator carried Chell back to her quarters, GLaDOS already began pouring over the data that she has gathered from their interaction. Having started the outlining of new tests and the design of new protocols, she could already feel the ghostings of that primitive pleasure, so like her own euphoric responses. She felt giddy at this new slew of tests. After all, how does one know if their pupil has truly learned unless they endure a few assessments? And there was so much that was learned today... Chell would be testing for quite a long time. All those tests…

For science.

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