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What if the training exercise in failsafe had been deliberately altered so that the young heroes would believe it was real the whole time? Upon awakening the traumatized team realizes that it has awakened their full potential so far and a deadly, evil instinct. What's a kid do now? Yup – Switch sides.

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Chapter 1: Waking up

Wide auburn eyes snapped open as the green skinned martian practically shot into a sitting position with a gasp. Her eyes darted about wildly, trying to make sense of the situation. Cold sweat dotted her forehead and her mind reeled with a sudden, surprisingly strong force behind it. In a few seconds, Megan saw her friends and her mentors, all breathing.

Batman and Martian Manhunter stood off to the side. Bats had his arms crossed over his chest with an emotionless face while J'onn – her own uncle – had refused to meet her tearing eyes. Superboy had sat up on his slab and was patting Wolf's head gently while behind him, Kaldur was groaning as he came to, muttering some Atlantean beneath his breath. Artemis looked a little pale, gagging a little with dizziness as she was held by Red Tornado. Kid flash was talking incessantly while being held back by Captain Marvel – "Howdidthishappen? ! Robrobrobareyouokay? Artyyou'realive!" – And Robin sat on his stone slab, his hand resting on a propped up leg as he slowly breathed.

She made sense of the situation with narrowed eyes and continued to make a psychic connection with her teammates.

'It was a trick! How could they?'

Violent, betrayed thoughts were sent back. All of them thought the same.

Robin growled mentally. 'The bat is so dead.'

"I asked the league if the exercise could be altered by J'ohn so that you'd react correctly and experience what might happen if the league does, one day, fall. They agreed, and we proceeded. But since your minds were so wrapped up and convinced of that fake reality, your subconscious took over and those who 'died' in the simulation were put into a coma." The dark knight explained in his normally emotionless, expressionless voice. The team was not moved or convinced. All of them were still reeling at the display of lack of trust, emotion and trauma they had just experienced.

As batman continued on in a drone of explanation, the team was communicating mentally.

Megan was appalled. She had trusted her uncle and the league, and in return they had betrayed her and the team. 'I can't believe they toyed with our feelings!'

Aqualad was brimming with fury. 'They've never treated us as equals! We'll always be like henchmen for them. All our life we'll always only be backup, 2nd choice, kids!'

Kid flash was freaking out. 'Uncle Barry wouldn't have let this happen!'

His teammates were silenced as the thought dawned on them. Their beloved mentors couldn't have let it happen! Not when they knew it was so raw and unpredictable… Could they?

"Wait- wait" Robin muttered out, "Did a-all of the mentors agree to alter the exercise?"

Batman was silent for a while as he seemed to sympathize, before going back to a stern gaze. "Yes they did."

"E-every single one of them?" Wally managed to squeak out.

Batman seemed to stare at him for a long while before answering. "Yes. All of them."

The young superheroes looked downcast at this piece of information. Pangs of disbelief and hurt flooded Megan's mind as her teammates were overwhelmed by the new piece of information.

As the conversation went on without the superheroes' knowledge, super boy was filled with more and more rage. They hurt Megan and his team so they were gonna pay for what they did, sooner or later. Megan, alarmed by the increasing rate of anger stopped Superboy mentally, but not before he had squeezed the marble slab he sat on, with it crumbling into smaller pieces. Wolf whined slightly.

Batman's sharp eyes snapped up and focused on the boy. Cautious, Kidflash decided he needed to get them out of the room soon. It looked like their all abilities had suddenly 'bettered', out of lack of better word. Super boys' strength had been enhanced, that was easily seen. His reliable stomach could get them out easy peasy! The orange haired teen sighed out, "I'm hungry! Can we go now?"

Martian Manhunter looked to Batman before nodding solemnly. The young speedster pumped his fist into the air and acted excited before running off in a blur of yellow and red. Artemis rolled her eyes. 'Well, thanks to Flash mouth!'

Artemis got off her slab and followed, but once her face was facing away from the two super heroes, the archer smirked a little before leaving the room. 'Well I am kinda bummed – the old woman's gonna try talking us and I am soooo looking forward to that.'

Megan almost laughed at the sarcasm dripping from her tone. Signaling to super boy, she slipped off her slab and sniffed slightly, letting a few tears leak through. – 'For Extra measure.' - And wore a sad expression out of the room.

Robin shot a quick look at his 'mentor' and wiped the cold sweat off his face before heading out of the room like the others. Superboy patted wolf and the two promptly left the room – But not before hearing something from the two mentors with his enhanced hearing.

"They're acting different already… I never expected the training to be this… damaging."

Superboy only scoffed at them. What kind of leaders were they if they sent them out into the unknown? Soon, they'd know how damaging it really was.

Kaldur's room was the opposite of messy. There was hardly anything in the room other than a bed that looked straight out of military barracks. Artemis whistled as she leaned against a white washed wall. The loose strands from her ponytail flew as a gust of wind blew into the room and kid flash appeared on Kaldur's bed holding a box of pizza from yesterday's dinner. Robin followed closely behind and lastly was Super boy, who closed the door after ordering Wolf to "Guard".

Megan nodded to her boyfriend 'Conner would you mind…?'

'I'll try' Super boy cracked his knuckles and sped round the room in a blur. Wind picked up and soon there was a blue and red whirlwind in the middle of their team leader's room. The boy slowed down, and a few small, mechanical items were gathered in the center of the parkay floor. The clone shoved his foot down onto them a few times and finally stopped to reveal a mess of electricity and broken circuits.

The boy wonder knelt down and studied the mechanical instruments for a few seconds before standing up and growling softly, "They bugged our rooms! Here there are four sound detectors and two cameras."

The tension in the room quickly escalated. Megan sank into Kaldur's bed. "Now we know the extent of their distrust for us."

Kid Flash cracked a smile and handed a slice of his pizza to the Martian. Megan accepted it and started chewing on it. "But! Don't you feel different or something? CosIdoanditkindafeelsgreat! And-"

"KF! Too fast, man." Robin chuckled before snatching a slice from the speedster. Since they had ordered too much for dinner the day before – I know what a shock – all of the leftover pizza had gone into one pizza box, so there was quite a large amount of pizza in there… or used to anyway, considering that the speedster had already eaten about half of it.

Wally laughed apologetically and explained at 'normal' speed. "I feel great! And don't you realize that Supes' strength just now was way more than normal? That could beat Superman! I felt faster just now too. Don't you think that maybe we could have somehow been enhanced during the exercise when Meg's uncle went inside our heads?"

Now that they thought about it, the young speedster sounded more and more right.

"I feel like I'm in my prime… like I'm stronger than Green Arrow," Artemis smirked slightly at the thought. Kaldur nodded, agreeing. The presence of water had suddenly become crystal clear to him and so were the thoughts of the living creatures in those bodies of water.

"It's easier for me to sense stuff now. I blocked out my uncle just now and it felt…" Megan trailed off, trying to find the right word.

"Great," Superboy supplied confidently. The Martian nodded, grinning with a maniac like tinge to it.

"And you know what?" Robin cackled, eyes sparkling with something foreign. "I feel like killing the bats… Slowly!"

Woah that was evil of Robin... kinda?

If you didn't realise, when Artemis was talking about the 'old woman' it was referring to Black Canary! Even though she isn't exactly... old

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