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Previously on Switching Sides:

Looking down at the orange material in his hand, The Flash completely snapped. The past few weeks of stress piled up on him finally overloaded.

Barry growled, something only Batman would do, and in a split second, shoved both Dove and Hawk into the wall until they were buried half way through it.

"You put my son in Prison?"

Chapter 23: Crossroad

"He was what?" Robin all but snarled, heart suddenly pounding in his chest. Artemis looked almost ready to kill, what with how red her face was getting.

"He… He was taken." Red Arrow seemed to retreat into himself with that question, hands flying to his eyes as the situation took its toll on him. "The four of them... they abducted him... I don't…"

Megan gasped, Superboy catching her as she wavered. Aqualad massaged his temples with his eyes squeezed shut, his mind going on over drive.

The new additions to the team, worn out as they were, didn't say anything as they observed the event transpiring before their eyes. Batgirl clutched a wound at the side of her torso, Giganta biting her lip as she refused to look anybody in the eye. Harley didn't even laugh, instead opting to drop the smile and survey the situation.

"There was blood… They hit him so badly, and Wally… Wally hadn't eaten yet." Roy mumbled out, his voice cracking half way through his distorted sentences.

None of the previous feelings of victory remained as the air buzzed with tension. It was quiet other than a broken sob or two from their captive.

Superboy broke the silence with a heavy punch to the wall, his indestructible skin piercing through brick and cement effortlessly.

It seemed as though in all the chaos, only Robin could keep his calm. He approached Roy, muscles tensed. "Where'd they bring him?"

Red Arrow flinched, his hand curling into a fist by his side. His arms were still restricted, and he couldn't move them at all. "Belle Reve."

It was like a bomb had gone off in the room, gasps taken simultaneously in shock.

"What?" Artemis breathed, her hand resting on her forehead as she stumbled where she was, as though what Red Arrow had just reported was an information overload. But it wasn't possible. Wally couldn't be in prison.

The archer shook her head, blonde locks springing along with the movement. She did what any sensible person would do, and looked to Robin to await her instructions.

Richard, as stressed out as anyone had to be in the kind of situation where you were leading a rebellion and your best friend was abducted by rogue super powered beings, slammed his hand onto the table, glaring right at the 'family portrait' Megan had drawn, such a long time ago…

…And smirked.

The Zeta Tubes fizzled with electricity, exploding one more time before finally falling silent. The heroes that had taken refuge from the series of explosions by hiding behind tables and chairs slowly re-emerged from their hiding places.

Superman roared once, slamming his hand down onto a table and breaking it into two. "Find Batman and J'onn, now. Contact Hawkwoman and Hal, I need Green Lantern and Hawkman sedated and in our custody immediately!"

A few leaguers scattered to finish the tasks given, while Black Canary frowned, placing her arms on her hips. "Clark, we need people down there. Barry isn't in a good state right now and we don't want him recklessly entering a prison."

Superman nodded. Wonder woman lifted a few heavier pieces of fallen debris, flying off to get rid of them. "Where'd the Tubes teleport Flash? Are any of them in suitable condition for travel?"

"Not any time soon, I'm afraid." Red tornado replied, typing so quickly his fingers were a blur on the keyboard. "He hadn't set a course, and only hitched on Aquaman's coordinates. He should have been Zeta'd to Atlantis. He'll take a few minutes to get out of there to be able to run to Belle Reve."

"Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Black Canary and Aquaman, we'll take the javelin to the prison. The rest of you, sedate Dove and Hawk in the hospital wing and see that their injuries are tended to." Superman ordered, quickly flying off to the javelin bay. Flying there would take a lot of time. He just hoped they got there before Barry made an even bigger mess of things.

Dinah followed Green Arrow quietly; glancing back only once, to see the two bloodied bodies Flash had left behind. They were gently laid on two stretchers before being flown off quickly to the hospital wing.

The last thing they wanted, was for the Flash to become a murderer.

Wally was pacing again.

He seemed to like doing that more and more, those days. He swore there would be strands of grey appearing in his head of fiery red soon enough, too.

Wally hoped the others were alright. He'd heard that there'd been a big fight where the team had gone, and KF had been worrying himself ever since. Anything could have happened, good or bad, but his mind couldn't stop making up twisted fantasies of the worst possible circumstances they could have ended up in.

Although it sounded far away, a sudden, loud explosion shook the ground so hard most of the convicts in Belle Reve tumbled over, or fell from the force of the blast.

The prison grounds flashed red as a cool, metallic voice ordered for all convicts to head back to their cells immediately. None of the guards were around, so therefore the instructions were ignored.

Wally stumbled, looking in the direction of the blast as a frown marred his freckled face.

Kid Flash was Kid Flash, the hero, saviour of the day and starling of the twin cities. But Kid Flash was also Wally West, and although Wally West was a civilian, and a child, at that, he was no coward.

He would face whatever was coming towards him. Whether it be his team, or his mentor.

So he stood his ground, even as the gunfire started, and ended.

Even after the lights went out, blaring siren silenced along with it.

Even after the door burst open, metallic plates bursting off its hinges.

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