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NoDrogs created the twins, Kasy and Sheki, in his story A Small Possibility. I changed their origin. See my profile for an overview of the sprawling Best Enemies series.

Late Author's Note: Some reviewers and readers don't recognize the old saying 'Nothing Can Go Worng'. It's not a typo.

Baby, It's Cold Inside

Kim woke first. Shego's arms felt warm around her; it was a pleasant feeling. Ron would probably be down in the kitchen soon, cooking breakfast. One more day at Global Justice then she would take a few days off while Ron and Bonnie spent the holidays in Middleton. The Solstice Party for the Legals was this evening. Kim spent a minute trying to remember exactly how many there had been since the first disaster, but they had gone well the last couple years and sort of blurred together in her mind. Alice had semi-retired, but Kim guessed she would continue to sponsor Solstice parties. Kim wondered if Shego would want to continue the tradition.

Shego's arms tightened around the redhead and Kim felt a kiss on the back of her head. "Love you. You remember the party tonight?" Shego asked

"Love you too. Just thinking about it. That first one... I'm surprised we allowed a second."

"Ron and Bonnie ended up engaged after that first one… Or do you count that as part of the disaster?"

"You're impossible."

"Thanks," Shego laughed. "Did we ever figure out what the girls did during the second?"

"No. I think I'm happier not knowing. Does it feel cold in here to you?"

Shego pulled Kim closer, "Well, we might have time before breakfast."

"No, seriously. Does it feel cold to you?"

"I'm a little warmer than the average person," Shego reminded Kim and threw off the blankets. "Damn! It's cold in here."

"That's what I said. Did the heat register get closed in here or something?" Kim got out of bed to check the vent. Other people were awakening in the large house to the same realization.

"Mommy! Eemah! Why is it so cold?" Kasy complained.

"Forget to pay the heating bill, KP?" Ron called.

"Did someone turn off the furnace?" Bonnie shouted.

"I'll go downstairs and check," Kim shouted back. She shivered as she found her heaviest robe and pulled it on.

The furnace was turned on, at least at the thermostat. There was always the chance someone had been in the basement and turned off something on the furnace itself, or a breaker might have been tripped… Kim wondered how many things could go wrong with a heating system.

Bonnie shivered as she and Ron dressed quickly. "You cook something. I'll get Jane and Aaron dressed. I'll call your mom and warn her I'm coming over with them right after breakfast.

While Kim checked the furnace and started calling repairmen Shego handled complaints from Kasy and Sheki.

"Why is it so cold?" the young red head whined.

"Because it's December in Middleton. You want warm you move to Florida."

"Eemah," Sheki protested, "inside the house! Why is it cold inside the house?"

"That, Kiddo, is the sixty-four hundred dollar question. Either of you two playing with the thermostat yesterday?"

"I didn't," Kasy assured her. "What's a thermostat?"

"You'd make a lousy witness on the stand," Shego told her.

"It's that thing on the wall in the dining room," Sheki told her sister.

"What thing?"

"The round thing by the picture of grandma and grandpa. The thing we're not supposed to touch."

"Oh. I didn't touch that."

"We'll dust for fingerprints if there's a problem," Shego warned. "Now get dressed. The furnace will be on at school."

"Will Smaug be all right?"

"He's got his heat pad, he'll be fine. Just don't expect him to get off until everything is fixed."

Bonnie fed the two toddlers as everyone gathered in the kitchen for oatmeal.

Shego almost asked Kim if she's found the problem, but the redhead's expression said the answer was clearly no.

"What's happening, Kim?" Bonnie asked.

"Can't get a repairman," Kim reported glumly.

"What do you mean, KP?" Ron wanted to know. "I thought there were places that promised emergency service. The Solstice party is tonight."

"I called a bunch of places. No one will touch us."

"Why?" Bonnie demanded.

"Word gets around. Smaug bit a plumber one time and–"

"He was okay," Sheki interrupted, "we gave him the antidote."

"And we now lock Smaug up," Kim told Bonnie. "One electrician reported the house was haunted–"

"Helen wouldn't hurt anyone," Sheki protested.

"And most people don't even believe in ghosts. But another electrician had the basement go all time-space crazy on him–"

"You really need to get that door fixed," Ron commented.

"You find someone who works with time-space anomalies and we'll have it looked at." Kim turned back to Bonnie, "The real problem was the case of Pete the Plumber versus crazy green lady."


"Don't blame me–" Shego began.

"It's your fault," Kim shot back, then answered Bonnie's question. "Small claims court. Plumber gave us a four-hour window, promised to be here sometime between nine and one. When–"

"And the bastard didn't show up until three forty-five," Shego continued. "The firm bills me out at a hundred and a quarter an hour, lost over a grand in billable hours by the time he was done fixing the garbage disposal and kitchen sink."

"She took him to small claims court. And now no plumber, electrician, or furnace repair service will touch us."

"You wouldn't believe how fast the cable people get here if we call," Shego commented.

"I think Miss Passive Aggressive figured I'd just stay home in the future for repairmen, but–"

"And you should," Shego interrupted.

"Global Justice is important."

"My job pays the bills," the green woman shot back with a slight raise in volume.

Kim's volume raised also, "Well your job has a party here tonight and we can't get the furnace fixed because–"

"Hey, not in front of the kids," Ron chided the pair. "You know geniuses and great engineers. It's a furnace – not rocket science. But if it was rocket science you'd have that covered too."

"If it were rocket science," Shego corrected him.

"Call Joss," Bonnie suggested. "Promise a night of babysitting."

"Speaking of babysitting, KP, call your brothers," Ron commented. "They owe you for watching them."

"And they hated that," Kim reminded him. "I'll give Joss a call."

Joss told Wade to watch Junior and headed to Kim's house. By the time she arrived everyone had left and she let herself in and headed for the basement.

The diagnosis didn't take long, a switch in the blower motor had burned out. The furnace might come on, but without the blower to distribute the heat the house would stay cold. Joss guessed the part would cost a couple bucks and should be available at any Home Repo. As she was leaving the house to buy a switch Tim's car pulled into the drive and Tim, Jim, and Drakken got out.

"Find the problem?" Tim called.

"Yep. Jus' need a switch. What are ya three doin' here?"

"Wade called to say you'd be late. We thought we'd come in and see if you needed any help."

"Didn't think Ah could handle a busted furnace?"

"It's not that," Drakken said quickly. "You do know this is Shego's lawyer party thing tonight, right?" The young woman nodded. "Well, that's terribly important for her. We wanted to make everything was fine."

"Will be, soon as Ah get the part."

"We should give it a look," Tim told her.

"Ah told ya, it's a switch on the blower motor."

"But sometimes more than one thing goes wrong," Jim argued. "Maybe there's some other problem. Maybe something else caused the switch to fail."

Joss felt more than slightly annoyed by the trio. Were they treating her like a half-wit because she was the newest engineer at the firm or because she was a woman? "It's the switch," she snapped. "But ya can look if ya want. Won't find nothin' though."

"She sounded a little annoyed," Tim commented as the trio headed for the basement. "It wasn't anything we said, was it?"

"Nah," his brother assured him, "probably some female thing."

"She's new to Lipsky and Load," Drakken reminded them. "Maybe she doesn't have self-confidence yet." The three stood in front of the furnace. "This is important for Shego. Let's make sure nothing goes wrong tonight."