There were a few things everyone knows about Rukia Kuchiki.

1. She is the Lieutenant of Squad 13

2. She is an amazing Shinigami

3. She loves Chappy

4. She has rejected Renji Abarai twice

You see Chappy in Rukia's eyes compared to no one, well except one person.

5. Rukia Kuchiki was undoubtedly in love with Ichigo Kurosaki.

The good thing was Byakuya Kuchiki was one of the only people who didn't know, the bad thing was Ichigo himself was the other person. Rukia really did try to tell him, every time she saw him she started to act awkward and stupid. She would drop hints and then deny them when he asked about them. She was too scared he was in love with someone else. What made it even worse was the fact that over the Christmas holidays Soul Society agreed both she and Ichigo could have a break and she would be staying for two weeks, in his closet.

Rukia spoons another load of cereal into her mouth and swings her legs back and forth under the table, every now and again knocking them into Karin's. Karin gave Rukia an annoyed look and Rukia yet again apologised. She stands up with her bowl in hand ready to wash up. She turns to walk into the kitchen and then pauses hearing the familiar footsteps as he enters the room.

"Good morning." Ichigo yawns. Rukia frowns and looks over her shoulder. It takes him a minute to realise she's frowning at him, he blinks and furrows his brows. "What?" He finally asks.

"Nothing." She hisses back instantly before walking into the kitchen and washing her plate quickly.

"What's up with her?" Ichigo asks Karin as he sits down. Karin shrugs and then smiles. It didn't take Karin or Yuzu long to work out Rukia's situation. Both of them swore they would let Ichigo work it out for himself. Then again it's now the second day of the holidays and Rukia has been depressed the whole time.

"Stupid flipping berry-head!" Rukia hisses as she walks out of the kitchen. She looks between the two sibling and quickly avoids Ichigo's gaze.

"Rukia, you're excused." Karin says helpfully and Rukia nods before leaving the room and running up stairs to get dressed. Karin and Ichigo exchange a glance and both shrug.

"What should I do?" Ichigo wonders to himself.

"Don't ask her what's wrong." Karin answers anyway. "It'll just make her madder at you." Ichigo nods slowly but stands up and walks after Rukia anyway. Karin sighs knowing today can only go badly at this rate.

Ichigo walks up the stairs slowly and walks to his room. He waits outside the door for a second. He listens only to be met with silence. He sighs before turning the door handle slowly and cautiously walking into the room.

"Hey Rukia…" He cuts off as Rukia spins around turning bright red. In this situation Ichigo couldn't tell if it was anger or embarrassment. Rukia glares at him with her pyjama top pulled halfway above her head and other then that only wearing underwear.

"Ichigo!" She screams and Ichigo curses.

"Rukia I'm sorry!" Ichigo yells while ducking away from the pillow she throws at him. She yells thousands of swear words and words about being a pervert at him until he's out of the room and the doors shut. He leans back against the door taking in deep breaths and feeling so stupid. He listens as her swearing quietens into silence.

"Ouch!" She yelps suddenly and without thinking Ichigo flings the door open again and runs into the room. He blinks, lowering his gaze to see Rukia sat on the floor with her pyjama top pulled back on, her cheeks still red and her hands rubbing her right foot.

"Rukia, what happened?" He asks kneeling down in front of her. She glances up and for a brief second her dark violet eyes meet his amber ones but she looks away quickly with a huff.

"I fell over and landed on my foot." She growls and Ichigo nods slowly.

"Here…" He reaches forward and takes her hands away from her foot before pulling her foot slightly closer to him. He rubs her foot gently and Rukia turns slightly red.

She wasn't trying to be angry with him. She just got annoyed that he was too slow to realise how she felt. She couldn't just tell him, she was too scared to try, but he could still work it out for himself.

"Is that better?" Ichigo asks softly not wanting to make her angrier.

"Uhh-huhh…" Rukia mumbles quietly and Ichigo smiles and nods.

"Rukia are you angry at me for something? I don't want you to be angry throughout the whole holiday." He admits with a glance up at her. She looks away and shrugs.

"I'm not angry." She says and Ichigo nods. "My foot feels fine now. I need to get changed." She adds while pulling her foot away. Ichigo shrugs and stands up before walking out of the room.

Rukia emerges out of the room a few minutes later dressed in a stripy jumper, in all different shades of purple, and a pair of black jeans. She glances at Ichigo and he gives her a warm smile. She tips her head to the side and then shrugs and walks down stairs without saying a word. Ichigo runs into his room and changes into a pair of light jeans and a black t-shirt with a grey hoody. He jogs down stairs and looks at the three girls sat around the kitchen table. Yuzu and Karin are also both dressed in matching legging and warm red dresses. Rukia currently has her back to Yuzu and Yuzu is tying her chin length hair into a small ponytail.

"Oni-San don't you think Rukia looks cute with her hair tied up?" Yuzu asks and Ichigo shrugs walking round the table before kneeling down in front of Rukia. He smiles noticing she does look pretty cute with her hair tied back.

"Yeah she looks cute." He replies honestly and Rukia pouts and turns slightly red.

"This is why I shouldn't have it up." Rukia huffs but Yuzu and Karin both sigh and shake their heads. The truth was the twins wanted Rukia and Ichigo to get together too. They were well aware of Orihime's feelings but they still couldn't help but find Rukia so amazing. She was smart and funny, if they could design a girl for Ichigo they'd end up with Rukia.

"Rukia-Chan will you come sledging with us today?" Yuzu wonders and Rukia beams and nods while looking over her shoulder.

"Hai, I'd love to." Rukia grins before jumping up off the seat and spinning around. "Let's go now then!"

"Now?" Karin asks and Rukia nods.

"Hai, we should set off early so we can have more fun!" She looks between the twins and after a moment of silence they both nod and stand up.

"Ok let's go now then." Karin sighs. The three of them run into the hall and each grab their scarfs (Rukia's pink and both Karin and Yuzu's light blue) before pulling on their coats. Rukia's coat is black with white fur around the hood and a Chappy key ring attached to the zip, Yuzu's is lilac with black fur around the hood and Karin's is dark blue with no hood but a big collar and a small football key ring on the zip. Before Ichigo can even walk into the hall the three of them have pulled on their boots and ran out of the house.

They each grab a sledge from the front of the house and run towards the local park where the hills are perfect for sledging. Ichigo watches them run down the road and shakes his head slowly. He grabs his coat and slips on some trainers before shutting the door and locking it behind them. He walks towards the local park in no rush to be dragged into their fun and games.

The three girls race up the first hill and then ready their red sledges side by side. Rukia in the middle of the two twins glances at them before they all push off at the same time and scream as they slide quickly down the hill. They each stumble to their feet afterwards and run to the top again. By their third time of going down the small hill they notice Ichigo. They all turn around and longingly look at the biggest hill at the park. The white snow covering it makes it look safe but from previous experiences both twins sigh slightly.

"I still remember last years' experience." Yuzu whimpers and Karin nods before turning to her twin.

"We'll just stick to the smaller hills for today." Karin tells her remembering the accident when the two of them nearly broke their legs too well. She looks at Yuzu who as a reply just points with a rather worried expression up the hill.

"Too late." Yuzu finally replies and Karin turns to look up the huge hill to find Rukia already half way up.

Her feet slip slightly on the snow as she drags the sledge behind her up the largest hill. Despite hearing Karin and Yuzu calling her she doesn't bother to stop. This is the first real time she's been sledging and she wanted to try every hill while she could. She takes in a deep breath as she reaches the top. She turns and puts her sledge down in the slow before sitting in it slowly. She looks forward and then gasps. The park below looks beautiful, what used to be endless small hills of green are now protected by blankets of glistening snow. The children's play area looks small from the far away and from behind the swings and slide the sky still looks peach from the sun rising only an hour or so before.

"Wow it's…" She cuts of when the sledge jerks forward suddenly and before she has chance to put her foot down she begins flying down the hill.

"Rukia!" The twins yell at the same time as their friend screams.

"Shit…" Ichigo sighs while running behind the twins.

Rukia eyes begin to water at the cold air and the speed she's travelling at. She takes in a deep breath as a pause from screaming and then gasps unable to properly breathe out again. She closes her mouth without thinking and squeezes her eyes shut. She grips onto the side of the sledge tightly not understanding why she was so stupid.

"Oni-San what do we do?" Yuzu asks frantically while shaking Ichigo slightly.

"Move back." Ichigo tells his siblings who do so cautiously. Ichigo frowns before jogging slightly up the hill and reaching his hands out. The sledge nears closer and he takes in a deep breath not sure if this will work. "Rukia let go of the flipping sledge!" He yells and Rukia automatically opens her eyes at the sound of her name. She blinks before letting go of the sledge cautiously.

"Wait why?" She yelps as she flies back out of the sledge. She closes her eyes to prepare for the impact when a strong pair of arms wraps around her and she hears a small yelp as the two of them drop to the floor.

Rukia breathes slowly feeling wet snow on the back of her head. Her eyes stayed squeezed shut for a second before she notices the weight on top of her. She opens her eyes slowly and turns slightly red noticing the orange main by her face. Ichigo lifts himself up by his arms and winces. He looks down at Rukia who stares up at him with slightly red cheeks.

"Are you ok?" He sighs and she nods slowly. "What were you thinking?" He asks slightly angrily and then sighs again when she flinches. "We were really worried…" He says with a soft smile before lifting one hand to her face and wiping away a few specks of snow from her cheek.

Her whole body feels numb. She looks around quickly and then turns even darker red at the position they ended up in. Not only was Ichigo on top of her but he was basically straddling her from what it looked like. She blinks as Karin and Yuzu run up to them asking frantically if they're both ok.

"Hey Ichi, you're gonna suffocate her. Talk about invading personal space." Karin hisses while grabbing Ichigo shoulder and hauling him up with a lot of effort.

"Ok sorry, I didn't notice." Ichigo mumbles before taking a step back as both Karin and Yuzu drag Rukia to her feet. She shivers once and brushes herself off quickly before smiling softly.

"Rukia-Chan you're ok?" Yuzu wonders still looking very worried. She hugs Rukia tightly and smiles. "I was so worried."

"Yeah and then Ichigo basically sexually assaulted her, rough day or what?" Karin frowns and Ichigo puts his hands up in front of him in protest.

"Hai, hai, whatever. I reckon we should get some hot chocolates at that new café for lunch." Rukia suggests and the twins both nod happily. For a second Rukia's eyes meet Ichigo's and without saying anything he shrugs telling her that it was no problem. She smiles softly trying to show she's ok and maybe she looked ok but inside her heart had unwillingly melted.


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