Me- This was something my best nakama Inyunaruto365 inspired after sending a message on Skype, and then I imagined Ogre Child and Shrek-chan and the others as little kids..

Ogre Child- I'm not girly in this, am I Your Highness?

Me- Nope, you're not girly as a kid, but mischievous, tough and have Ogreix, and you along with Izz are partners in crime, along with Dana.

Ogre Child- Sweet, I'm like Toph as a kid, but let me guess, Jen's not in it?

Me- Nope.

But it's still awesome, especially when Izz and Snowgre team up.

I hope you enjoy.

It was a moonlit night in the forest, as Shrek and his friends were playing in the forest., but they heard laughter, as the seven year old ogre male was caught in a hunter's snare.

Brogan was about to get him down, but they saw a hunter knocked out by somebody, as it was a young ogre girl with pointed ears.

Her long tendril like black hair covered her dark eyes that were full of mischief and courage.

Fiona and the other kids hadn't seen an ogre like her before, as the young dark blue skinned ogre girl laughed as she was fighting off the hunters.

Shrek was in awe as the hunters ran ff.

"Wow, thanks.

Those huters would've hurt our friend." Fiona told her.

But the dark blue skinned ogre girl was staring at Shrek, as their eyes locked but she smiled, seeing the ogre male.


I'm Ogre Child.

My aunt and I are staying in this kingdom for a while." she told them.

"I'm Shrek, and those are my friends, Brogan, Cookie and Fioma.

You wanna be friends, Ogre Child?" he asked her.

The dark blue skinned seven year old nodded, as her long tendril like black hair covered her face, but she then tied it up, so it wouldn't cover her eyes.

But Brogan saw her dark eyes glow with magic, as it was Ogreix.

But she sensed a familiar Arian aura, seeing a silver grey furred youngster emeerge, as his snail like eyes were full of mischief.

"Konnichiwa, Izzard.

Did Aunt Morwena see you sneak out?" she asked him.

The eight year old silver grey furred Pdsammead male shook his head, as he had stolen cookies from Morwena, as the dark blue skinned ogre girl smiled wide.

"Alright, you got us cookies!" she said hugging him.

"Yep, Morwena baked them, just for us.

Who're your friends?

They're not like ogre kids from Aria." he said.

Fiona was curious, as she wondered what Aria was, but Ogre Child was quiet, as Izz was explaining that Aria was the kingdom he and his nakama came from but she was quiet.

She knew that her parents had sent her here with Morwena, as bagd guys had taken over Aria, but was sharing the cookies with her new friends, but stuck her tongue out at Fiona.

"I don't like you, Fiona.

I've seen you around.

You're not tough, but girly." she said making Fiona mad.

She then punched the dark blue skinned ogre girl, but Ogre Child blocked it but almost broke the young red headed girl's arm.

"Wow, she's super strong.

That's super cool!" Brogan said.

"No it's not, Brogan.

She almost broke my arm!" Fiona told him.

But Izz saw Ogre Child rubbing her dark eyes, as she was getting sleepy, as the dark blue skinned ogre girl had stayed up later than she normally would back home in Aria.

"We should go now, Ogre Child.

We can see our friends in the morning." he told her.

She nodded, getting to her jet black booted feet, as her blue kiono was a little dirty.

Shrek was in awe, along with Brogan and Cookie but Fiona was happy seeing her leave.

Ogre Child then climbed in through the window of a Japanese house, as she was in a room full of toys, which was a child's room as it was her room, but the dark blue skinned ogre girl was changing into warm pyjamas, but saw a light brown furred female Psammead.

"Hey, Ogre Child you have fun" she asked her.

She nodded in reply, getting into the huge bed, as she was snuggling against her, as Izz was brushing his teeth and making a mess in the bathroom.

"Hai, and omne of them reminds me of Jen." she said yawning.

Izz then entered wearing black pyjamas with purple sleeves over his yyoung silver grey furred body, but climbed into bed, but fell as;eep at once.

Morwena smiled, entering the room, seeing all three youngsters asleep, but turned out the lights, knowing Ogre Child liked the dark, but Dana didn't.

She knew Brydon and Skye would be happy, that Ogre Child was safe here in this strange kingdom, where Nalia couldn't hurt her.

The light olive green skinned ogre female sighed, as her long tendril like hazel hair fell around her face leaving the room.