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Fridays were the worst. Sure, it meant the weekend was almost here, yet it was dangled in front of you, just out of reach, refusing to come until another day of school was suffered through.

Kurt had another reason to hate Fridays. They meant Biology, his worst subject, and one that Azimio just happened to be in. Each lesson Kurt would be forced to hear the slurs, the insults sneered loud enough to reach Kurt's ears but not the teacher's.

Today was no different and Kurt left Biology in a rotten mood, just wishing for the day to be over. But then he remembered the sleepover at Rachel's tonight and his mood instantly brightened. A girl's night was just what he needed.

After school Kurt walked to his car, arm in arm with Mercedes, discussing a certain blonde footballer who had recently been paying Mercedes a lot of attention.

"He doesn't like me," Mercedes said for what had to be the dozenth time that afternoon alone.

Shaking his head, Kurt released his arm from Mercedes' and unlocked his car door. "Oh, c'mon, did you not see the way he looked at you at lunch? You could see the longing in his eyes."

Mercedes just rolled her eyes. "Right."

Kurt sighed. "I'm not finished talking to you about this," he said as Mercedes began to cross the parking lot to reach her own car.

"Yeah yeah, I'll see you tonight," she hollered over her shoulder.

Suddenly Rachel was by Kurt's side, practically bouncing with excitement. "6 o'clock at mine!" Rachel called to Mercedes, turning back to Kurt who was clutching his heart at her unexpected appearance.

"You have to stop doing that," he warned her and Rachel just grinned.

"See you tonight," she sang before skipping off.

Kurt got into his car, relieved to be free of Rachel's excessive keenness. He loved her, but he also wanted to strangle her.

Pillows, blankets and sleeping bags were strewn across the floor of Rachel's living room. Lollies littered the ground and a half-finished block of chocolate sat on the table next to the abandoned packet of chips and empty pizza boxes.

Kurt regretted every bit of junk food he had consumed that night, knowing his skin would suffer as a punishment. He kept touching his face to make sure he hadn't broken out already and each time Kurt did so Rachel would yell at him and Mercedes would slap his hand away before offering him more chocolate.

It was their monthly sleepover; Kurt's skin could deal for one night.

"What's next in our musical marathon?" Rachel asked excitedly, putting away her DVD of West Side Story and searching through a cabinet that Kurt knew contained just about every musical in existence.

"Do you even need to ask?" Kurt replied, rejecting the chocolate that Mercedes kept offering him.

"Boy, just eat!" Mercedes insisted, giving up and hurling a few pieces at Kurt who shrieked in protest and threw them right back.

Rachel watched on with an expression far from amusement. "Guys!" she yelled, snapping her fingers to get their attention. "What movie?"

"Doe, a deer, a female deer," Kurt began to sing.

Mercedes grinned and joined in. "Ray, a drop of golden sun. Me, a name I call myself. Far, a long long way to run."

"Sew, a needle pulling thread," Rachel sang, a jubilant smile on her face, "La, a note to follow so-."

"Tea, a drink with jam and bread?" A voice asked, amusement thick in their tone.

Rachel spun around and narrowed her eyes when she saw who was standing in the doorway.

"Hi, Blaine. Bye, Blaine," Rachel deadpanned, shooting her brother an evil stare.

Blaine simply laughed at her. "Take it easy, Rach. I'm just saying hi," and with that Blaine sauntered into the room and slumped into an armchair.

Kurt couldn't help the way his eyes followed Blaine's every move.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Sure, just make yourself comfortable." Sarcasm dripped from her voice as she continued staring at Blaine, waiting for him to leave. He did no such thing, of course, but instead turned to Kurt.

"Hi, Kurt," Blaine offered him a smile, "How are you?"

Kurt's gaze met Blaine's and he tried not to swoon. God, Rachel's brother was attractive.

"Uh, good thanks and you?" Kurt tried his best to come across nonchalant which proved difficult as his high, squeaky voice always gave away when he was nervous or excited. And Blaine directly addressing him? Yeah, that made him both of those things.

Blaine grinned again, looking as if finding out that Kurt was good brought him great happiness. "I'm fantastic."

Mercedes then coughed loudly and Blaine spun to face her direction. His voice instantly became decidedly less interested as he greeted her. "Hi, Mercedes."

She smiled sweetly at Blaine but her voice matched his disinterested tone. "Hi Blaine."

Rachel clapped her hands once, catching her brother's attention before saying, "Great, you've said hi, now you can kindly leave."

Totally ignoring Rachel, Blaine crossed one leg over the other and made himself more comfortable. "So, what are we watching?" The question was phrased to the whole group but Blaine made it seem as if he was only asking Kurt.

Just as Kurt opened his mouth to answer, Rachel butted in.

"We're," she gestured between her and Blaine, "Not watching anything. However we," she pointed to herself, Kurt and Mercedes, "Are watching 'Sound of Music.' Now leave."

Rachel's rudeness didn't put a dampener on Blaine's mood and instead of getting up to go, he just grinned at her. "Excellent. A personal favourite."

Once again, Rachel narrowed her eyes at her brother. "And since when do you like 'Sound of Music'?" she asked haughtily, crossing one arm over the other.

Blaine shrugged. "Since always. I am majoring in music, remember?"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Right, of course, because that instantly means your preference in movies changes."

Blaine nodded, grinning triumphantly as he snaked a hand out to steal some chocolate from the table. "Isn't there some guy in it called Kurt?" As he said this, Blaine's eyes quickly flickered to Kurt's and he grinned before turning back to his sister.

Kurt couldn't help his heart beat accelerating and ugh, he hated Blaine. He so knew what he was doing to Kurt and Kurt hated him for it.

"Yes, yes there is," Rachel replied, shocked that her brother had remembered even a character's name from the movie he'd refused to watch with her just weeks ago.

"How funny that that's all you remember from the movie," Mercedes said in a tone that implied she didn't find it funny at all.

"It's a pretty great name," Blaine replied, nudging Kurt who just silently smiled.

Sighing exaggeratedly, Rachel stood up and attempted to pull Blaine from the couch. "Right, enough shameless flirting with my best friend and get the hell out!" Her expression was exasperated and Blaine just laughed in her face as he stood up.

"Right, whatever. Later hobbit, Mercedes," Blaine paused to flash a dazzling smile in Kurt's direction. "Kurt."

And with that, Blaine left the room.

There were a few rare moments of silence between the three before Rachel broke it. "I cannot believe how in love Blaine is with you," she said, settling into her sleeping bag and beginning the movie.

They'd always joked about Blaine showing interest in Kurt but today he was laying it on thick. Not that Kurt minded, of course. However he refused to admit that he liked the attention, he refused to even admit he was receiving attention from Blaine. Because guys like that didn't go for guys like Kurt.

Blaine was, well, perfect. A little on the snarky side but it's not like Kurt could talk. The stupid jokes Blaine cracked were always funny and his laugh to accompany them was easily Kurt's favourite sound in the whole world. Those cute curls that Blaine gelled down way too often had been free today, making him appear even more gorgeous. And that smile. God, when Blaine smiled it lit up his entire face and it was like everything was right in the world.

Basically, Kurt was crushing on Rachel's brother. And had been for the past six months. Ever since the first time Kurt had visited the Berry household Blaine had treated him like he was more than just his little sister's best friend. The flirting had started up a few visits after that but Rachel had insisted that Blaine was just like that. Apparently he was flirty and charming with everyone. This had instantly caused Kurt's stomach to sink in disappointment. He'd stupidly thought Blaine liked him. However a few months later Blaine's interest had piqued, to the point where even Rachel couldn't deny his clear fascination with Kurt.

And this was something Rachel was very clearly against. She'd verbalised her opinion on it many times, complaining about how she'd wish Blaine would just leave Kurt alone.

Kurt wanted no such thing.

Back in the present, Kurt rolled his eyes. "He's not in love with me, don't be ridiculous." But Kurt's heart leapt at the knowledge that other people thought Blaine actually liked him.

It was then Mercedes' turn to roll her eyes. "Puh-lease, he's practically named your future kids."

Instantly images filled Kurt's mind of him and Blaine sitting side by side, cradling a beautiful baby girl. Their beautiful baby girl. Kurt's eyes would light up each time he even looked at Elizabeth and his heart would feel so full that is just might burst. Blaine would look at him with adoring eyes and smile.

"She's ours," he'd say and Kurt would smile too before bringing their lips together in a sweet kiss-

"Ooh, we could be brother-and-sister-in-law," Rachel squealed excitedly, forcing Kurt out of his thoughts and missing the blank look he threw her.

"Well you've certainly changed your turn," Kurt noted, glad that Rachel had brought him back to earth but strangely sad his fantasy had ended. "What happened to being totally against this?"
Rachel shrugged as she reached for more chocolate. "He's a jerk but you guys'd be so cute."

Yeah, we would.

Kurt shook his head, trying to erase that thought. No, Blaine is Rachel's brother, therefore completely off-limits. Then again, she did sound pretty pro them getting together.


"Wait," Kurt held up his hand to silence Mercedes' and Rachel's chatter. "Who said I liked Blaine?"

Both girls stared at Kurt with a look that said 'are you serious?'

Kurt ignored them and continued. "As much as it would be simply joyous," sarcasm "to be related to you, Rachel, I never agreed to this 'marriage'."

"Oh, give it up," Mercedes enunciated each word, "You're just as interested as Blaine."

Kurt began to argue but Mercedes cut him off. "You're admittedly less forward but equally head over heels for him."

Kurt gave Mercedes a look, telling her to shut her mouth right now or else. It had clearly been a huge mistake to tell her how hot Kurt found Blaine a few months back. Rachel caught the look exchanged and sighed.

"Kurt, I know how you feel about him and I don't care."

Rachel's eyes sought out Kurt's and she silently begged for him to understand. The last thing Rachel wanted was for Kurt to think she was mad at him for something he couldn't control.

Kurt stayed silent, refusing to admit he liked Blaine in any way other than as his best friend's older brother.

Rachel sighed. "I'm sorry but the way you look at him, it's kinda obvious." She knew how stubborn Kurt could be; there was no way he would confess his feelings unless forced to.

Kurt's eyes widened at Rachel's words. Was he really that transparent? God, what if Blaine knew too. A faint blush began to creep up Kurt's cheeks just at the thought that Blaine knew the extent of his feelings for him.

As much as he wanted to deny what Rachel had said, Kurt instead found himself demanding, "Does Blaine know?" He sounded desperate and he knew this, but what did it matter. This was important!

Rachel shrugged. "Probably. But that's a good thing. I mean he's very clearly interested too if the way he talks to you is any indication..."

"But that's what he does!" Kurt objected, his voice rising in volume without him realising. "You told me that. You said he flirts with everyone. So that's all this is, he doesn't think of me as anything but your stupid friend who blushes way too much and-"

"Sweetie, you don't have to be so defensive," Mercedes cooed, patting him on the knee before pulling him towards her. Kurt tumbled off the sofa he was lying on and fell in a heap on the ground. They laughed for a straight minute before Kurt rearranged himself and lay his head next to Mercedes'.

"Can we please not talk about this?" Kurt begged before fixing his gaze on Mercedes. "I believe there was an unfinished discussion about a Mr. Sam Evans."

"Ooh, did you catch him staring at Mercedes again?" Rachel piped up excitedly whilst Mercedes put her head in her hands.

Kurt nodded and began telling Rachel about their encounter at lunch.

And just like that the conversation was diverted away from Blaine. If only Kurt could get him out of his mind too.

Kurt had always been an early riser since putting his daily morning moisturising routine in place. It meant that the amount of sleep he got at sleepovers was pretty much nonexistent but this was his skin. And just about nothing, not even sleep, took precedence over that.

Kurt found himself sitting at the Berry's kitchen table, newest edition of Vogue in hand at eight o'clock the next morning. He'd just completed his moisturising and now began the wait for one of the girls to resurface. Unfortunately neither were morning people so this often took hours.

A half hour later Kurt heard footsteps seconds before Blaine waltzed into the kitchen, clad in only boxers with messy bed-hair to add to his dishevelled appearance.

Kurt's eyes instinctively raked up Blaine's body, focusing on his bare chest and toned stomach. This wasn't the first time something like this had happened. Considering Blaine slept half-naked, they'd had a few encounters in the morning like this before. Of course there had also been that time that Kurt went to the beach with Rachel's family. Blaine shirtless and dripping wet, water glistening on his skin in the afternoon sun had been an image Kurt had found hard to get out of his head.

Blaine looked flushed and slightly uncomfortable as he noticed Kurt sitting at the kitchen table for the first time. He caught Kurt's gaze and instead of making a lewd comment about Kurt liking what he saw, he simply turned away from him.

"Just grabbing a glass of water," Blaine explained, taking a sip of his now filled glass, back still turned. "Ah, I'll be going now," he said awkwardly, beginning to walk out of the kitchen. He peered back once at Kurt, sitting by himself, looking a little embarrassed but offering Blaine a genuine smile nonetheless. Something stopped Blaine in his tracks and instead of leaving, he turned back, an arm covering his stomach self-consciously, and asked Kurt, "Mercedes isn't an early riser, is she?"

Kurt shook his head. "She's worse than Rachel."

Wow, that meant Kurt was in for at least another two hours of lonesomeness.

There was a pause, a split-second decision and then - "Do you maybe want some company?" The words tumbled out of Blaine's mouth, surprising both Kurt and himself.

Taken aback by Blaine's offer, Kurt stuttered out an inaudible reply before lifting his magazine and shaking it to show Blaine he was fine reading.

Blaine chuckled, shaking his head. "You actually enjoy those?"

Kurt looked offended at the suggestion that he wouldn't. "Of course!"

Blaine laughed again, gesturing to Kurt's designer pyjamas. "Would you like to fit the stereotype any more?"

Blushing lightly at the first mention of his sexuality around Blaine, Kurt grinned. "I hate sports, musical theatre is my life, nothing is more important than fashion, and Patti LuPone is my idol."

Setting his glass down on the table, Blaine laughed at this. He went to sit down before remembering his attire, or lack thereof. "Uh, let me put on a shirt and then I'll tell you all the ways in which I break the stereotype."

With that, Blaine dashed off to his room leaving Kurt intrigued. It was literally a moment later that Blaine was back, taking a seat across from Kurt. He'd obviously grabbed the first shirt he could get his hands on before throwing it over his head and rushing back. Kurt hid a smile at the fact that Blaine was eager to talk to him.

"So, do tell." Kurt placed his magazine facedown on the table and nodded for Blaine to continue their conversation.

"Well," Blaine began, thinking of all the things that led people to mistake him as straight. "I hardly dress well. Comfort before style always."

This comment caused Kurt's face to contort with horror and he shuddered before simply saying "No."

Easy laughter bubbled out of Blaine at Kurt's reaction. Man, he's cute.

Blaine's eyes flickered to Kurt's and he found himself almost drowned in the impossible beauty of their colour. Once Kurt realised Blaine was staring at him, the most adorable blush started to rise on his cheeks.

Blaine dragged his eyes away from Kurt's angelic face and coughed once to dispel the awkwardness before continuing.

"Football is something I love."

Kurt screwed up his nose and Blaine chuckled once more.

"It's really not that bad. I promise. Have you ever seen a full game?"

Kurt nodded. "My step-brother plays and both he and my Dad love it so you can guess what I'm often subjected to."

The clear disdain in Kurt's tone caused Blaine to bite back another laugh. He'd never realised how funny Kurt was.

"Well it's really fun to play," Blaine told him fondly, thinking of the last game he'd played where they'd won by a huge margin.

Kurt shrugged. "I didn't enjoy it that much."

Arching an eyebrow, Blaine unconsciously leant forward in interest. "You've played?" He struggled to imagine Kurt on the field.

Kurt nodded. "I was the kicker for a little bit in my sophomore year." Blaine raised his eyebrows and Kurt smiled. "I was a lot smaller back then," he explained, "The perfect build for a kicker, I believe."

Blaine nodded, still finding it hard to picture the tall boy with legs that went on for miles as little enough to be a kicker.

"Sophomore year was kinda the year I decided to become avidly involved in extra-curricula's," Kurt continued, pausing to think back to two years before. "I joined Glee Club that year too. And the cheerios."

Blaine gave Kurt a blank look.

"Cheerleading squad," Kurt explained and Blaine held back a laugh.

"Stereotype," he muttered, catching Kurt's eyes, which danced with laughter.

"Rach told me you were in Glee Club too," Kurt shot back, "So you don't exactly break the stereotype in every way either."

"That's true," Blaine agreed, clasping his hands together as favourable memories of the Warblers filled his mind. He really missed them. It was one thing Blaine hated about college, it had meant leaving Dalton and he didn't get to see his friends anywhere near as often as he'd like.

"I lead them," Blaine said proudly, sticking his chest out and grinning.

"And the arrogance is back," Kurt teased with a grin. "Did you actually lead them? Or did you just like to think you did? Because Rachel has it in her mind that she leads our Glee Club when nothing could be further from the truth." Kurt paused to consider this. "It must be a genetic flaw."

Just since starting this conversation, Kurt had grown more confident with Blaine and felt himself slipping into his bitchy self, not skimping on the teasing remarks. Blaine seemed to find his taunts amusing and Kurt felt his heart swell each time he made Blaine laugh.

"It's a shame they had that 'family members can't compete' rule," Kurt continued, "I would've liked to see how the Dalton Academy Warblers," he spoke the name with an air of importance, "Faired against the New Directions."

"That's easy," Blaine said instantly, "We would've kicked your asses."

Kurt smirked. "Don't be so sure, New Directions did contain me."

Blaine grinned at Kurt's self-assurance. "Well there is one way to settle this: Diva-off."

Instantly and without shame, Blaine launched into the opening lines of Teenage Dream, a cheesy grin plastered to his face all the while. Blaine hadn't exaggerated his talent, he was actually really good. So good that it almost pained Kurt to shush him moments later.

"The girls are still asleep."

Blaine sighed. "Yeah, Rachel does need her sleep otherwise she goes even more ape-shit at me over nothing."

Kurt didn't know how to respond to that. He was torn between telling Blaine off for insulting his sister and joining in the complaining.

"What's the stupidest thing Rachel has ever done?" Blaine asked suddenly, very interested in Kurt's answer.

Kurt was surprised at how blunt Blaine was about his dislike for Rachel and tried to keep this shock off his face. "Okay, that's not nice, she's not that bad," Kurt insisted. Blaine's attitude towards his sister was so similar to how Kurt felt about Rachel when he first met her. And then he remembered something. "Wait, I got one!"

Blaine laughed at Kurt's sudden change of heart and leaned forward eagerly, waiting to hear what Kurt had to say.

"One time she asked me to start a gay-les-ball with her," Kurt told Blaine, amusement thick in his voice.

Blaine stared back at him, eyes wide. "Are you serious?" Kurt nodded and Blaine burst out laughing. "But why? I mean, she's straight. Someone in this family has to be."

Kurt chuckled at Blaine's comment before explaining. "So she could break the record for most amount of photos in the yearbook."

Blaine laughed. "God, that sounds like her." It was the only time Kurt had heard Blaine sound fond of his sister and it made Kurt smile.

"You're different like this," Kurt noted, holding Blaine's gaze.

Blaine cocked his head to the side in a way Kurt found ridiculously adorable. "Like what?"

"Without Rachel around." Kurt smiled. "You're kinder."

Instantly Blaine switched back to being the obnoxious guy that Kurt knew well. "Well, there's no point in being nice to her." Blaine paused for dramatic effect. "She's the devil."

Kurt sighed. And there goes that lovely guy Kurt thought he'd managed to uncover. "You know, it's not cool."

Blaine's eyebrows furrowed. "What's not cool?"

"The douchebag older brother image," Kurt replied, enjoying the shocked expression on Blaine's face at his bold words. "The insults don't impress me."

Immediately Blaine recovered and became cocky. "So things I do impress you?"

Kurt realised his mistake and rolled his eyes. "Possibly," he replied coolly, "But you being a jerk is not one of them."

Blaine had to admit, he liked Kurt's sass. It was yet another trait to add to the list of things Blaine found so very appealing about Kurt.

Their conversation continued with very few breaks until an hour and a half later when Rachel joined them in the kitchen, rubbing her eyes and yawning.

Blaine fought the urge to make a teasing comment about her having missed both breakfast and lunch. It doesn't impress Kurt, he reminded himself.

"God, Kurt, this always happens, I'm sorry," Rachel apologised hurriedly, rushing to Kurt's side. She seemed to think that being physically closer to Kurt would make him accept her apology sooner. "I know you're an early riser but I'm so not and you were stuck with Blaine and-"

"Hey!" Blaine cried, glaring at his sister. Rachel being a pain in the ass made it so much harder to bite back insults.

Kurt held up his hands between them, trying to avoid a war. "It's fine, Rach, really." He then looked over to Blaine and smirked. "And being stuck with Blaine? It wasn't that bad."

Rachel looked delighted that Kurt had forgiven her so easily and she flopped into the chair next to him. "Good. Besides you can't be mad at me, I have information," she declared animatedly, "Mercedes said Sam's name in her sleep more than once-"

"I'm just gonna go take a shower," Blaine cut in, sensing his time to leave. His gaze locked on Kurt's and he smiled. "Bye, Kurt."

Kurt returned the grin, trying hard not to melt into an inarticulate mess at the sight of that dazzling smile directed at him. "Bye, Blaine."

The shorter boy got up to leave, placing his glass in the sink and waving once before heading for the door.

"Oh, and Blaine?"

Blaine spun around at the sound of Kurt's voice and they exchanged another grin.

"Thanks for keeping me company."

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