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It's funny how quickly things went back to how they used to be after that day. Both boys were so relieved to have each other back in their lives and it showed. Blaine called Kurt every second day to make sure he was okay and even went with him to visit his dad in hospital once. When he called on Christmas Eve, Kurt told him the good news.

"Dad's gonna be okay."

Blaine sighed in relief, so glad that something that had been causing Kurt all of this sadness was now over. He wasn't gonna lie, he'd enjoyed comforting the boy and the closeness that had eventuated but it was hardly fair to wish something like that on someone just for the benefit of getting to hold them as they cried. And he really did hate seeing Kurt cry, it felt like everything in the world was broken and totally beyond repair.

"They said he needs to watch what he eats," Kurt told him, absently playing with his fingers as he talked, wishing it was Blaine tracing nonsensical patterns across his palm. "And I think Dad's realising that this is serious. Last time he ate healthily for about six months before falling back into old eating habits. This time Carole and I will not let that happen."

Blaine hid a grin at the determination in Kurt's voice. He didn't doubt this. "I don't think Burt will dare fight you both," Blaine said, cradling the phone closer to his ear in the hope that he could feel a bit more like he was actually with Kurt, "You can be pretty scary."

Kurt laughed, enjoying the sound that had been absent from his life the past week. "That is true. I'm pretty terrifying."

Despite the fact that Kurt couldn't see him, Blaine nodded emphatically, a grin on his lips. "I've been told."

Kurt spluttered and demanded to know exactly who and what he'd been told.

"Oh, just Rachel complaining, you know, the usual," Blaine replied coolly, hoping Kurt didn't really care too much.

"I hate her," Kurt said, shaking his head, "I hate her and I will never speak to her again."

Blaine grinned, knowing this was just Kurt's drama queen showing. "I highly doubt that."

Since finding out that Burt was going to be okay, Blaine longed for a chance to see Kurt and for things to just be normal. No drama, no fighting, just friendship. And love, if he played his cards right.

He told himself that next time he spent time with the boy, Blaine would tell him how he felt. There was no way he was backing out of it this time.

The opportunity for this arose pretty quickly when Rachel told Blaine about their plans for New Year's.

Last year the New Directions who could make it had crashed at Puck's, drinking and laughing and dancing until mid-morning the next day when everyone was convinced they would surely die of alcohol poisoning or go to sleep and never wake up. However this year Puck's Mum was having her girlfriends over so his place was a no-can-do.

Valiantly, Rachel stepped up, offering her house as the location for this year's New Year's Eve party – once checking with her parents of course.

Everyone was set to come at 7 and minutes beforehand Rachel was scuttling around each room, checking that things were in place. Blaine watched on in amusement, knowing that Rachel shouldn't bother considering most of her friends would be too drunk to admire the tidiness of their house.

"Hey Blaine," Rachel called from the other room where she was rearranging cushions.


"I know we don't celebrate Christmas but should I put some mistletoe up?" Rachel asked, walking into the room and flashing a cheeky grin at her brother. "You know, just in case you happen to have a conversation with Kurt near it or something…"

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Har har."

"I just thought it would help you make a move considering you don't intend to in this century."

"Rachel, shut up. I'll make a move when I'm ready."

Just at the thought of this, Blaine's heart rate accelerated and with each beat it emphasised the word that hadn't stopped running through his head since he'd woken this morning.




Blaine had always been a hopeless romantic and a fan of clichés so a New Year's expression of feelings had actually sounded perfect. And although he was nervous, Blaine couldn't wait to tell Kurt. He wanted to tell him everything, how in love with him he was, how beautiful he looked no matter what the situation, how kind-hearted and true to himself he was and just how much Blaine admired him for it.

He'd considered writing a letter but decided that would simply be a waste of paper, knowing he would spend at least four pages trying to describe the colour of Kurt's eyes and the beauty he found in them.

So instead he'd tried to prepare a bit of a speech highlighting just how much Kurt meant to him and how he'd be honoured to call him his boyfriend – if that's what Kurt wants.

The doorbell rang, wrenching Blaine out of his thoughts and he instantly felt his throat go a little dry.

He could do this.

It was just Kurt.

The one person he felt the most himself around.

The boy he was in love with.

The boy he was in love with who hadn't made it clear if he would say those three little words back.

Blaine gulped. God, he needed a drink. But no, there was no way he was consuming any alcohol, not after last time. Thankfully Kurt had the same opinion as he greeted Blaine with a hug and instantly turned down the drink Rachel offered him.

"No thanks, I'm staying sober tonight," Kurt said, looking at the alcohol in disgust.

Well at least there'd be no drunken issues this evening.

The hours left of the year disappeared quickly whilst everyone chatted, drank and danced. Blaine kept trying to work up the courage to say what he felt before telling himself he could do it in ten minutes, twenty minutes, half an hour's time.

It didn't take long for Kurt to pull Blaine into the centre of the room to dance with Mercedes and Quinn. It turned out to be very different to the last time they'd danced together. Unfortunately, this time contained less hips on Kurt's part, but Kurt did lace their fingers together and twirl Blaine around in the silliest dance he had ever attempted. It was fun and they both were so ridiculously happy in each other's presence.

Blaine noted how everything felt so easy with Kurt, natural and right. He imagined how effortless it would be when – if – they got together, exchanging lazy kisses and tender touches whenever they felt like it.

God, did he hope Kurt wanted this future too.

Kurt and Blaine spent the remainder of the year laughing and flirting, chatting about everything and anything like they used to. For the first time since Regionals they were completely back to normal.

Kurt had decided to let go of that night. It was in the past and so what if Blaine didn't share the intense feelings that he had? At least they were close again. And who knows, maybe in the new year something could come of their friendship.

As the minutes dwindled by Blaine became more and more nervous. He knew he wanted his feelings to be known before it hit midnight and that was coming closer and closer by the second. Someone hollered that there were only a few minutes 'til the ball dropped and Blaine took in a deep breath.

It was now or never.

"Kurt, could I talk to you for a sec?" Blaine asked, hoping his tone would inform Kurt that what he was about to say was serious.

Kurt smiled. "Sure."

They walked slightly away from the rest of the group and Blaine took Kurt's hand in his before beginning.

"I don't want you to end this year thinking I don't have feelings for you," Blaine said straight away, not beating around the bush for a second.

Kurt's eyebrows rose but he didn't say anything, sensing that Blaine was nowhere near finished.

"You are so important to me, Kurt, and I don't want to wreck what we have but I have an inkling you might feel the same way I do."

Kurt hid a grin and reminded himself to breathe in and out. If this was heading the way he thought it was, then maybe Blaine did want to be more than friends. Then why hadn't he said it earlier? He'd let Kurt convince himself that his feelings weren't returned, dying a little bit inside and oh, right, Blaine was talking, I should probably listen.

"- and you're such an amazing person. So strong and passionate about life and I just love that about you."

Blaine began to lightly stroke Kurt's palm as he continued talking, loving the feeling of such a simple gesture but one he hadn't gotten to experience before now. It was one of the many firsts he was looking forward to encountering with Kurt.

"I wasn't joking when I said all those months back that you inspired me to write. You inspire me daily, just by being you. You're amazing, both inside and out. And don't even get me started on your eyes, let alone all of you."

Blaine stopped to look at Kurt, studying his face and memorising his smile, as if realising how incredible he looked all over again.

"You're beautiful, Kurt."

A blush instantly rose on Kurt's cheeks and he couldn't hide his smile.

And then Blaine remembered he was on a time limit and began to ramble.

"I know I should've told you all of this sooner but I didn't want to when you were drunk and then there was that whole misunderstanding and you refused to listen and then we just didn't talk anymore and I thought you hated me and I hate myself for that and then everything with your Dad happened and I am so glad he's okay but I didn't want to tell you how I felt when you were fearing for his life."

Blaine paused and took a deep breath as everyone began yelling the countdown.

10, 9, 8

He needed to get this out, and quickly. "And there were just all these stupid misunderstandings and inconveniences that have gotten in the way -"

7, 6, 5

"- and I am so sorry for everything that went down between us, that was months of time with you I wasted -"

4, 3, 2

"- and I just wish I could've told you how I felt sooner."

They locked eyes and Kurt shook his head, silencing Blaine. Kurt grinned and Blaine smiled right back.

They were both so in love.

Feeling happier than he had in some time, Kurt felt his heart rate increasing rapidly, both at everything Blaine had just said and because of the way he was looking, no – gazing, at Kurt.

And just when Kurt thought this New Year's couldn't get any better, Blaine's lips became awfully close to his own.


And then Kurt was closing the distance between them and their lips were touching and everything felt magical. Fireworks were heard in the distance but Kurt was convinced they were due to this kiss, not the coming of the New Year. Blaine was quick to deepen the kiss and it was only 7.8 seconds into 2012 but Kurt was completely certain that this was the best year thus far.

It was midnight and Blaine hadn't said those three little words yet but he couldn't bring himself to care right now because Kurt was kissing him, really kissing him and how did he stand being around Kurt before without doing this?

A cat-call from Puck is what finally brought Kurt back to reality. He pulled away cautiously, breathing heavily and looking at Blaine with a blissful smile.

Blaine leant in to catch Kurt's lips again, only to be gently pushed away. Worry instantly built inside him. Surely he hadn't screwed this up again! Maybe he'd been reading the signs wrong and Kurt wasn't actually interested in him.

Kurt groaned. "Ugh, don't look at me like that, I wanna kiss you, I do, just, can we talk first?"

Blaine didn't understand why they needed to talk when they could be kissing but he nodded anyway, a small, hesitant smile on his lips.

Kurt took Blaine's hands in his again and squeezed them.

"I just want to make sure that we're both going into this one-hundred-percent."

Hazel met glasz and Blaine tried hard to listen intently and not drown in Kurt's gorgeous gaze.

"I need to know that this isn't just a New Year's kiss, that you actually want a relationship out of this, because I know I do."

Blaine's heart leapt at the fact they both shared this want.

This was it, he was going to say it, but maybe he should let Kurt finish first.

"No more miscommunications. We tell each other everything, okay? Because so much beauty sleep was lost last time we fought and -"

Blaine couldn't wait any longer and he found himself cutting off Kurt's worries with the three words he'd been struggling to say before.

"I love you," Blaine stated, looking at Kurt as if he were the meaning to life.

Kurt felt his breath catch at the words he'd been dying to hear but not allowing himself to hope for. But surely he'd misheard, Blaine couldn't have said he loved him, could he?

"Try miscommunicating that," Blaine joked after Kurt hadn't said anything for a few moments. He tried to not stress over the silence and hoped that Kurt was just shocked and simply preparing himself to repeat the words.

Blaine wasn't far off. Kurt was utterly dazed, completely taken over by what the shorter boy had just said.

Blaine loved him.

Blaine loved him.

Even after the way Kurt had ignored him and pulled away from him last month. Yes, that was fixed now but Blaine was looking at Kurt like he was literally perfect and Kurt knew that was far from the truth.

He wanted to apologise a hundred times over for the way he'd treated Blaine but in all honesty all he felt like saying right now were the words that tumbled out of his mouth in a flurry of nervousness and excitement.

"I love you too, Blaine, ugh, why are we such idiots?" Kurt sighed as his head fell into his hands. Blaine held back a chuckle and reached up to remove what was blocking his vision of beautiful glasz. It was hardly fair for anything to get in the way of him gazing into those gorgeous eyes.

Blaine smiled at Kurt as he took in the new knowledge: Kurt loved him back. He could hear distant shouts for more alcohol and Rachel's loud complaints about how Finn had missed their New Year's kiss but it all just sounded like white noise because Kurt loved him. And absolutely nothing mattered except for that.

Kurt was still wondering how they could be so stupid as he held Blaine's hands in his and squeezed. "Seriously, what's wrong with us? We could've been together this whole time! So many dates, so many kisses missed out on."

Blaine grinned and pulled Kurt closer, ghosting over his lips as he responded. "Well we'll have to make up for lost time, yes?"

With the happiest smile Kurt was certain had ever graced his face, he nodded and Blaine leaned in, but just before his lips touched Kurt's he murmured, "Oh, and happy New Year, Kurt." But Kurt barely noticed because then they were kissing again and everything felt right.

Happy New Year, Kurt thought as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend – God, did it feel good to finally say that – and continued kissing eagerly, Happy New Year indeed.

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