Title: Naughty, Naughty
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit made
Rating: M
Summary: Garcia helping Morgan cope with the pressures of his new role as stand in unit chief. Written for Kink Meme.
A/N: First time with this pairing, they were rather fun to write for. This is just a short little drabble :D
Prompt: Morgan/Garcia. Public sex (preferably any room but her office?)

"Penelope." Morgan tried to effect a stern tone but it was somewhat diminished by his less than manly giggles. In his defense, it wasn't like he had been expecting his sweet girl to come into men's bathroom and start tugging at his pants.

"I'm hungry." She whispered in a tone of voice much deeper and much more seductive that her usual flirty-banter voice. It sent shivers down Morgan's spine and the woman damn well knew it.

As Garcia finally got his belt loose and pulled his pants down to his ankles, she bent to follow and oh, so lightly kissed the head of his half-hard cock through his boxers and beamed up a wide grin when the touch caused him to gasp. Now that she knew he wanted this as much as he did there would be no stopping her, so why bother trying?

Instead he reached down and stroked her bangs away from her face, her pale, smooth face that always reminded him of a porcelain doll.

Garcia smiled at him sweetly, leaning into the affectionate gesture before the glint was back in her eyes and she pulled him free of his underwear, exposing him to the cool air of the BAU bathroom.

But the brisk air was soon replaced with wet heat as beautiful, bright red lips closed around the head of his cock, lapping up the pre-cum.

"Oh god." Morgan sighed while letting his head fall back rather painfully against the cold tile of the wall. He felt all the trouble of the day slip away and become insignificant in the face of this level of pleasure.

Still gently stroking his amazing lovers hair as she moved her lips and tongue over him so sweetly, he began panting and moaning, he wasn't going to last too long.

Garcia had to know that though because she started moving faster, sucking harder while using her hand to caress his balls, trying to push him to his climax as soon as possible. Especially as anyone could walk through that door right now and find the BAU Stand-In Unit Chief getting a blow-job from one of the technical analysts. No-one would care that they had been more than friends long before he stepped into the role.

When Garcia hollowed out her cheeks and sucked hard while tugging on his sack just right, it was enough and Morgan fell over the precipice into orgasm. He didn't bother warning her, by know he knew she could tell when he was close and that she never wanted to pull away anyway. Just like he expected, she swallowed his release down, humming as she did so and sending aftershocks of pleasure coursing through him.

Straining to be quiet he settled for whispering her name over and over again, almost like a prayer.

Garcia pulled away from him with a cat-got-the-cream smile and fixed him back up into his dress pants before standing before him, looking very pleased with herself.

"Your turn tonight baby girl." He said with an equally as devious smile, making her laugh. He loved having a woman who not only understood his playful insatiability, but actually met him as an equal every step of the way.

Giving him one last peck on the lips before moving to escape from the men's room before she was caught, she turned to purr, "Damn right it is, cowboy."