Chapter 8 : To wed or not to wed?

With a family orb we found ourselves in Charlie's living room where a worried Renee threw herself at me and an equally worried Charlie hugged us both.

"I'm good, I'm safe and everything's perfect"

I calmed them down and made a quick round of introductions. The sun shone brightly as we piled in the cruiser and the magical part of the family minus pregnant patty who rode the cruiser with us and Phil and Victor just orbed to right outside the Cullen house. as soon as i exited the car Esme jumped on me

"Where the hell have you been? I've been calling every five minutes Bella"

She demanded.

"She was spending time with family, back off Esme"

Mom said much harder than necessary .Esme looked pissed and walked away after pointing to a guest room for us to change.

"She and Alice have been calling every five minutes since you left last night. It's pissing me off!"

Mom explained and the proud smirks around me stopped me for feeling guilty. I pulled Penny, Patty, mom, Phoebe, Prue, Piper and Paige upstairs with me and they helped me get ready. Alice danced in to do my makeup but Phoebe had beaten her to the punch as all four Halliwell sisters were on me for a light natural makeup that for once didn't make me feel like I was wearing a mask!

"Now Bella, lose the tacky necklace "

Alice said.


I stuttered

"Bella, honey, I've seen you losing the necklace"

She whispered in the tone of voice that usually would have me complying to her every wish. However I had seen Seth while coming in and I could help my response

"Alice Seth is right outside. You haven't seen a damn thing so stop pretending you have!"

However I made no effort to lower my voice. Alice glared at me in response before marching out. on the bed sat all sisters gossiping about the day we just had. I couldn't help but smiling on the effort they made to include mom in the conversation.

"You girls won't believe what Coop told me"

"That he's in love with you?"

Paige mocked Phoebe who smiled broadly before shaking her head

"The Elders sent him to me not only to find love but to love him"

She confided. All eyes widened.

"Even though he's a cupid it won't be a forbidden love"


it was Prue's turn to mock Phoebe who mock glared at her oldest sister before continuing.

"but I think I will go back to Cole"

She said & hid behind me. All mouths fell open including mom's as Prue kept explaining to her and Patty and Penny what was going on. Phoebe went on talking still hiding behind my dress.

"Coop winked at me when I told him saying he's always right"

Mom was the first to laugh at the absurdity that was phoebe's love life before shrugging. Penny commented that a demon that broke her heart, used her to conceive an evil fetus that thankfully died and loved her enough to create a parallel universe to win her love back. A match made in heaven! Soon Charlie came in for the whole 'something' ritual to begin.

"Something old"

He told me and gave me a pair of hair clips saying they belonged to grandma swan and mom expertly twisted my hair in a high up do placing the clips above my ears.

"Something new"

Dad said before handing me a pair of pearl studs. I smiled and put them on

"Something borrowed"

Mom said and handed me a velvet box with a brooch in it saying it was from Esme.

"I have something better that doubles as something blue too"

Prue said with a wicked gleam in her eyes before giving me a small vial of a blue liquid. I raised an eyebrow

"just in case you need to freeze the room to talk with the groom"

i gulped and nodded. The witches in the room snapped their fingers and were all changed in long formal dresses and left the room leaving me alone with my parents. Renee teared a bit before kissing me and we all left the room. Dad and I stood at the to of the stairs

"Don't let me fall daddy"


we promised each other and descended the long staircase and walked out to the garden. Edward and I locked eyes and after kissing my hand Charlie placed it in Edward's and sat down.

"Why are you still wearing that thing and where is Esme's brooch?"

he whispered me as Angela's dad, the priest, prattled away

"that 'thing' is a family heirloom and I was given something else too"

I answered tightening my grip on the small vial at Edward's frown of disapproval. I looked at our joined hands as the ceremony went on thinking over the last twelve hours. I suppose I could still be a witch after becoming a vampire, IF I became one or would Edward forbid me from seeing my newfound family? But future me was a vampire and a witch but Edward wasn't with her. I said the appropriate words when mr. Webber asked me and slid the ring onto Edward's finger. When it was Edward's turn the ring suddenly flew from his hand and fell to the ground.

Whyatt winked at me and I couldn't help the blush that colored my cheeks as Edward muttered something under his breath and bent to pick it. Seizing the moment I threw the potion to the ground as well freezing everything and everyone in the yard besides me and Edward

"What the"

Edward exclaimed

"Edward we need to talk"

"Talk about what? Bella what is going on?"

He asked frazzled. Wow I've never seen him frazzled before! Not even with James or Victoria and the newborns!

"Edward talk to me before we make the biggest mistake of our lives"

"What is it?"

"I don't want to be changed anymore"

My desire suddenly dawned to me as I whispered it. I had asked future me if she was happy and even though she said she was content her thoughts had screamed that she wasn't happy being a vampire.

Hearing my words Edward's lips formed the biggest, happiest smile I'd ever seen on him.

"And I see no reason to get married either"

I said erasing the smile off his face.

"the Volturi will find you and they will kill us all love"

he said sounding far more worried than he looked. I copied Prue's cold smirk

"You said you can hide me. Let's see if you're honest or just full of shit"

I leaned back and nodded tightly at piper who, like the rest of the witches, had done an amazing job at remaining motionless (potions like that only work on demons and other supernatural beings, not witches) and she unfroze the room. When mr Webber asked me if I take Edward my reply was a resounding

"No, I don't."

to my ultimate surprise Charlie wasn't the only one who broke clapping. he was joined by all of my friends (besides Jessica, but who gives a crap about her) including Seth. I slid off my wedding ring and handed it to Edward who looked at me like i killed his puppy

"I love you Edward but I love me more"

I placed a soft kiss on his lips and walked down the isle and to my family. The people that no matter what happens want the best for me. We walked at a human pace to the cars and orbed home. Whyatt clapped Coop's shoulder saying

"come on, grandpa. Chase her while she's single"

My jaw hit the floor as Chris head slapped Whyatt rolling his eyes. oh well... I guess I have to live my future now...