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Rachels Pov:

I walk into the appartment after work.I really need Finn.I hear arguing coming from the bedroom I sigh and make my way into it,where I see my eldest daughter and son arguing.

"Guys whats going on?"I ask they are both 16 and are daughter is called Adrianna and my son is called Chris.

"Adrianna has a boyfriend and is having sex with him"Chris says and I go wide eyed and turn to look at her.

"What?"I ask her and she rolls her eyes.

"What Im 16,so what if I want to have my decision on what I dont and do with my boyfriend"She says and sigh.

"What about if your dad found out.I dont even want to know what he would do"I say and she looks at me worriedly.

"Please dont tell him"I sigh...

"Okay,but just be safe?"I ask and she nods.I make my way into the living room where I see Brandon,Kimmie and Ellie watching is 14,Kimmie is 13 and Ellie is 9.

"Hey guys"I say smiling and they look at me.

"Mommy!"Ellie says and runs up to me.I hug her and kiss her cheek.

"How was school?"I ask and she smiles.

"Good,i loved it!"She says and sits back down.I look around.

"Wheres daddy?"I ask.

"He's in his room,I think"Kimmie says and I walk into our room to see him lay on the bed with our youngest son and is called Madeline and she is 3 whilst he is called James and is 6.I smile at them.

"Look whos here?"he asks and they both turn to towards me.

"Mommy!"Madeline says and pats the space on the bed next to her and daddy and I lay sits on my lap and hugs me.

"How were they babe?"I ask and Finn smiles at me.

"They were fine,how was work?"He asks and I smile.

"Fine..."I say and he kisses me.I kiss back and Ellie walks in.

"GROSS!"She says and we and James laugh and clap,which makes us laugh harder.

"Actually Ellie go and get your brothers and sisters?"I ask and she runs off.

"Whats wrong?"Finn asks and I shake my head.

"Mommy,love you"Madeline says.

"Love you to Maddie"I say and kisses her head.

5 minutes later my 5 kids walk in and I gesture for them to sit on the bed.

"So whats going on?"Kimmie asks confused?Shes so like her dad.

"Well...I got some news today"I say smiling.

"Andd?"Adrianna asks and I roll my eyes.

"Im pregnant"I say smiling and there is silence.

"Congratulations!"Adrianna says and hugs me as does Chris,James,Ellie,Kimmie and Brandon.

"Im so happy for you babe!"Finn says and kisses me.I smile but then realise Madeline hasnt said anything.

"you ok?"I ask and she starts crying.

"I HATE YOU!"she says and runs looks at me shocked.

"Erm Adrianna,can you put James to bed please?"Finn asks and I see her nod as she takes James out the room.

"Everyone go to bed now"They all scatter off and Im left there with Finn broken-hearted.I start crying and Finn pulls me in for a hug.I cry onto his chest and suddenly it feels like Im back in High School.

"W-what have I done?"I ask and he sighs.

"Nothing!Shes just upset"He says sighing.

"She hates me"I say and Finn shakes his head.

"She doesnt,she loves you!Maybe I should speak to her"I nod and he gets up kissing my head.

"I love you"He says.

"I love you to"I say and he leaves the room.

Finns Pov:

I knock on Madelines door and hear her crying from inside.I frown and feel my heart break.I hate it when anyone cries from my family.I push the door open to see her holding her teddy she got when she was looks up at me but then looks down.I walk over to her and sit next to her.

"That was mean Madeline"I say strictly.

"I dont care!Shes having another baby,she doesnt need me anymo!"She says and Im shocked.

"What?Why would you think that?"I ask and she just hugs her teddy tighter.

"Because,she will have another baby she wont be able to take care of me or love me anymo"She says and I bring her into my lap.

"Listen,I dont know where you got that from but it isnt will always love you and will be there no matter might be a bit busy because its a new baby and they cant do anything by was what Ellie was like when you were inside mommys tummy ok?She loves you lots.I think you need 't you?"I ask and she nods.

"Thankyou Daddy,I love you"She says and I smile.

"I love you to hunny"I kiss her forhead then she leaves.I smile.

Rachels Pov:

I'm lay on my bed when I feel someone lay next to me.I turn over to see Madeline.

"Hi Mommy...Im weally sowwy.I just thought you wouldn't love me anymore and would never spend time with me"She says and I start crying.

"How could you think that?Of course I love you.I will always because Im having another baby doesnt mean that I wont spend time with will always be my baby girl ok?"I say smiling and she smiles.

"I love you mommy"She says.

"I love you to sweetheart,now go to bed ok?"I ask and she gets out.

"Night"She kisses my cheek then leaves and I smile.

5 minutes later I feel someone wrap there arms around me and I snuggle into his chest.

"You ok now?"Finn asks and I smile.

"Yes,your an amazing dad you know that?"I say and look at smirks.

"I might"He laughs and I join in to.

"I love you rachel Hudson"He says.

"I love you Finn Hudson"

Its silent before I speak"You do know that adrianna has a boyfriend and is having sex"I jumps up.

"WHAT?"He storms out the room and starts shouting.I laugh,then I fall into a peaceful sleeping dreaming about my family and how much i love them.

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