Severus carefully placed another log onto the slowly growing fire and returned to the bench where Harry sat curled up in a blanket. Harry threw the warm fabric over the taller man's shoulders as her curled up tighter against his toned chest. Sparks flew precariously into the air, imitating fireflies with each flicker of the flames. They watched the fire rise and fall in contented silence despite the cold that threatened to seep in from just beyond the small bubble of warmth they had created. The flames popped loudly several times as they spread to overtake the new piece of wood which caused the yellow and orange flames to suddenly shoot upwards. Harry yelped in surprise at the sudden change causing to warmly chuckle when Harry clung closer to his chest. Severus buried his nose into the unruly mop of black hair that reminiscently reminded him of mango and peach. When Harry's nose buried itself into his neck, Severus shivered lightly at the sudden cold contact which brought his attention to the dropping temperature of the night around them.

"Come on, Harry, let's get you back inside before you get frostbitten out here because you fell asleep with me as your pillow," Severus said. He swung Harry up into his arms and began to make his way back to their small cottage after dampening the dying bonfire. Harry didn't complain about having Severus do the muddy trek back for him as his eyes slowly began to fall. Severus gently slid him under the heavy blankets of their bed with years of tenderness passing between them. He sat up with his pillow propping him up with the most recently released potions journal spread out in his lap.

"Good night Severus," Harry murmured lightly. He turned to face the small stone fireplace on the far side of the room and wordless set a small fire of his own within the grey stones.

"Good night my pyrotechnic maniac," Severus replied with a small snort. "I hope every day that we'll still have a home with your love of stating fires around here and not always in the most appropriate places."