Harry watched as Maeve ran ahead of him on the path leading to the nature trail and playground. Her tell-tale laughter reached his ears which warmed his ears to hear. Her face turned and her dark brown eyes on the verge of black meeting Harry's bright green. Harry's stomach lurched lightly at the familiar features that graced her face that were almost identical to her other father. He sighed as he slowly made his way down the trail behind his daughter while memories flooded back to him in waves.

"Funny seeing you here," a baritone voice spoke, breaking thought the mess of thoughts. "I heard you had taken off state side." Harry spun on his heel and met face to face with a confused looking Severus Snape.

"Kansas, to be specific, as I doubted any one would have gone looking for me there," Harry replied, deadpan of any emotion. "Looked like it was a good idea on my part." A sneer worked its way onto Severus' face but dulled slightly as Maeve appeared next to Harry. His eyes widened as he took in her appearance and his jaw went slightly slack.

"Daddy, Izzy is waiting for me at the playground and we are already late!" Maeve whines, her bottom lip protruding slightly.

"Go on ahead, bebe, I'm right behind you. I am going to talk a bit to an old friend for a moment," Harry said. Maeve tore off towards the paly area where she met with a sandy haired girl on the swings. "I suppose you have questions."

"About what? I am sure you and her mother are very happy in your new life together. Now if you excuse me, I've got to get back to Hermione and the twins," Severus chocked out. He passed by without another word, leaving Harry starring after him in shock.