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He knew how much this would hurt him.

Her hand was out, the offer made.

They were outside the castle. He had just known, just had a feeling she was there. And there she was.

She was so beautiful...

"Come, Emrys. Please." she said.

"Why, LeFay?"

"Must you call me that?"

"Must you call me Emrys?"

"We could conquer all in sight. We could be the most powerful people to ever live. History would remember us not as a villain and a servant, but as a king and a queen. We could live forever."

Merlin closed his eyes a moment, thinking. It started raining, and he shivered.

"All they've been doing is ignoring you, hurting you." Morgana said, outstretching her hand more, "Arthur and Gwen are in their own little world, the knights have stopped caring… Gaius is dead. What's left?"

Merlin sighed, knowing she had won.

"Nothing. Nothing at all. But…destiny." he said.

"Destiny is a myth, a lie, something created so we could be controlled. We can't it hold us down. We have to let go of everything, everyone but each other."

"Why me?"

"You're powerful. Very powerful." Morgana said.

"So are you. So is Mordred."

"Mordred is a child, and I can't do this by myself."

Merlin looked to a window where he could see into the castle. Arthur and Gwen were flirting with each other, the knights looked happy…

There was nothing left there for him.

Morgana started to close her hand, withdrawing the offer.

But before she could, Merlin took it.

"You won't regret this." she whispered, and they disappeared.

And so began Emrys and Morgana's reign of terror.

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