Lament of a Builder

By: Lightning Blaze

Sometimes I build magnificent structures,

Oh so glorious and grand,

And many come from faraway lands,

To survey and ponder,

Upon the grand buildings in there,

But now my constructions lay destroyed and bare,

Because one decided to dare,

To destroy all that I worked on and cared,

And do ruin me, and shunt me,

Into the cold darkness, that is despair.

I wish that some,

Could kick this bum,

And send him off,

To a land,

Where all can laugh and jeer,

At this poor sucker of a man,

Who had destroyed all that I held dear.

A/N: This was my first poem that I had submitted to , and I could say that this poem is probably my first where I wrote from a point of view of a player.

Gosh I'm so uptight and formal in this. Why can't I relax a bit? Even that sentence looked uptight!