A Cinderella story

What if Sam and Austin accidentally bumped into each other one day at the library after the dance

Authors note: very different events from the actual movie. I own nothing but the thoughts that comes to my head

It all started the night of the earthquake the night I lost my best-friend, the night I lost the only person who will ever love me. I lost my dad that night and that night always hunts me, that's the reason I am here today cleaning the floors of my dad diner , oops I mean Fiona's dinner, Fiona my evil wicked stepmother who after my dad died took everything he had his house, money, cars, and diner, even the workers in his diner. Here I am taking away all my anger and frustration out on the floor. I can't wait till I graduate early and head off to Princeton. "Sam, why are you still here you need to be getting to school" Rhonda said. I stopped scrubbing the floor to look up to the only mother figure in my life, Rhonda has been there for me ever since my dad died. "I know Rhonda, but I have to finish, Fiona told me to clean the diner" I told her. Rhonda let out a sigh. "no Sam you go to school and I'll handle Fiona, now go!" I knew there was no winning when it came down to Rhonda, so I got up and headed off to pick up my best friend Carter.

After I picked up we headed off to school, a day of troubles and popular kids who can't get over themselves. We scanned the parking lot for a spot to park. Carter called out "there's one!" as I tried to turn into the parking spot as Shelby and her friends cut across and parked. "aww diner girl, were you going to park here!" Shelby said as her and friends started laughing. "Yea the white zone is for cool kids only, no freaks or geeks" Shelby said. She just doesn't know when to shut up. I crunk my car and the parking spot I was aiming for was took by the one the only Austin Ames. "Carter who knew finding a parking spot would be so difficult" I said as Carter started laughing I drove till I found a parking spot on the opposite side of the parking lot. Well time to start my day.


I live in a world full of popularity, and stereotypical people. My life as North Valley High School's star quarterback, student body president, popular guy dating the popular girl, Austin Ames is who every one thinks of me to be, but not who I actually am. Who I really am is closet poet, sweet sensitive guy who is madly in love with someone named Princetongirl818, she is someone I met over the Internet in a Princeton chat room, we just clicked and we have been talking ever since. Never have I ever seen or talked to her in person, I don't even know her real name.

I woke that morning with Princetongirl on my mind, she always tell me that every morning before school she is a work so I would wait until lunch time to text her. I got dress that morning and headed downstairs, "hey there my USC man" my dad Andy said. "Hey pops" I said. See my dad has this dreams of his that I will go on to play college football at USC. I grabbed my car keys and a apple and headed out the door. I went and picked up my best friends Ryan and David and headed off to school. I scanned for a parking spot "there's one!" David said. "got it" I sped into the spot, I was too late to notice that there's was an old blue car headed for the same spot as she pumped her brakes. We got out and I noticed Shelby and her friends laughing about who they call her "diner girl" I didn't know her name. David decided to join in on the laughter "hey diner girl bring me a breakfast burrito" he yelled she backed out, whispered something to who I believed was her boyfriend and drove away. It hurts me to know that my "friends" could be so cruel to someone who seemed so sweet and innocence.


I made it through first block, which is always a drag for me. I headed to the library when I felt my phone vibrate it was a text message from the guy I met during a Princeton chat room, he goes by nomad, I opened my phone and read the text "how's your day" I was too busy responding back when I bumped into a tall blonde haired guy our phones fell "oops I'm sorry" I said finally looking up. When I looked up I saw that I had bumped into Austin Ames. I felt the need to apologize some more "Austin I'm so so sorry, I wasn't paying attention" he chuckled "hey don't worry bout it" he said as we both bent to pick up our phone. I picked mine up expecting to see the message I had just sent him but instead I saw a response that when I realized he had my phone and I had his.


"Princetongirl…" my mind was racing, have I finally met the girl I have spent many months, chatting with. Was "Diner girl" princetongirl818, I'm in love with diner girl.

Author's Note 2: This is just something I thought of when watching the movie please review if you want me to continue writing I have a lot planned for this story.