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Friday I'm in Love:

The paperwork needed to get done, or at least that's what Komamura kept trying to tell himself. He leaned his head on his comfy paw, not really caring, his golden eyes looking out the window at the partially cloudy sky. He sighed to himself… -I don't care…-

Monday was blue…

He sighed as he looked out the window again from his office, instead of at the growing pile of paperwork on his desk; the clouds seemed to be coming in turning the sky a mottled color…

Tuesday was grey… Wednesday too…

She came into his office around the end of the day, since they agreed to go out that day somewhere. Upon opening the door to find the paper work usually on his desk to be done with and the large dog-man sleeping soundly with his head on the desk, his muzzle going up and down every so often with a low growl…

"Tch," she closed the door while stomping off…

It seemed on Thursday he didn't care about her…

She came into his office again the next day, yet again finding him 'napping' on what looked like should-be-signed documents, with his right paw circled around a brush that was dripping ink everywhere. She sighed, walking over to him. First grabbing the brush out of his hand, making sure it didn't get on anything important, then using amazing ninja-skills managed to 'save' the document under his gargantuan doggy-head without getting a bit of slobber on it. Then discreetly, and checking around that no one was there, forged seventh squad captain's signature on the document and placing it in the 'done' pile, before just sitting on the free end of his desk and scratching the large dog-man behind his ear in that special spot only she seemed to find.

He smiled in his sleep and his tail started wagging instantly…

Friday he was in love...

It had been a bad mission. A horrible, horrible failure in her mind. SoiFong had sent out a squad to check around an area that should have been clean, only for it to turn out to be a Hollow nest with a Menos lurking about. 3 of the 12 she had sent came back alive, victorious, and telling her of the mission as it had happened in a cold detached and analytical way she had taught them all to be. When they told her about how they had used their comrades' fall to their advantage to kill the monster, she silently tilted her head in approval.

On the inside… she was crying… and while in the past she had simply bottled that up and never let it out, when she got home she saw him standing there with that adorable puppy-look on his face as he stood there when she opened the door, like a good dog welcoming home its master. She just started at him, closed the door tightly and hugged him…

He would be hard pressed to confirm if that wetness in his fur was tears, especially coming from SoiFong…

Monday she fell apart…

The next day she was acting as cold as she normally was, completely distant and void to the world. She didn't even let him in for two days straight, not to mention even speak to him.

Tuesday and Wednesday she broke his heart…

He came back over to her place, ignoring that the door was locked, he managed to 'unlock' it somehow, and found his way in. It was completely quiet, which was weird, but not completely due to her profession, and that she should have been at work already, it was close to three in the afternoon for Kami's sake. He sniffed around the place, noticing that nothing was in its proper place, a light lining of dust in the air and even the dishes weren't done, he was almost afraid to check the fridge…

He managed to make his way to the bedroom, and found what he had been looking for. There, curled up in a ball, snuggled up on a pillow and twisted up in the most unfathomable way in the sheets was the captain of second squad. Fast asleep, still…

Thursday didn't even start…

The next day she woke up to the sound of rustling around in her kitchen. Immediately ninja-skills kicked in and she grabbed Suzumebachi from its sheath, and snuck out of her bedroom, inching closer to the kitchen. She was at the corner end of the hall that entered into the free space of her kitchen/living room, thing, gripped her katana tightly before springing around the corner and grappling the home-invader.

It wasn't until she had him on the ground with Suzumebachi at his throat that she noticed he was huge, red, and fluffy. She blinked at him in her sleepy daze, her tired mind trying to figure out why Komamura was in her kitchen…

Correction, why was he in her kitchen, in a pink fluffy apron with a child's drawing of a large black dog chasing bumble-bees on it, and having yellow gloves on with a plate in one hand and what looked like the brush-scraper-thing in the other…

She blinked again, looked at the sink that still had the water on, the bubbles that were flowing out of it, around her kitchen, noticing it was spotless, then back to the dog-man she was still sitting on with her katana at his throat. He gave a puppy-grin like he'd been caught.

She sighed, threw Suzumebachi over her shoulder (impaling a poor couch pillow that would later need to be replaced) and kissed the tip of his wet nose…

Friday she was in love…

He was standing under that tree again. He had been for the last three hours; she had to come at some point, right? His gold eyes looked up at the sky, its bright blue seemingly laughing at him. He heaved a deep sigh.

Saturday, he waited…

-Damnit!- She ran through the streets, along the rooftops, even the guard walls not really caring that she was causing a couple of the tiles to come loose. She finally managed to navigate her way to that damn tree, expecting to see his hulking form, only to find the entire area empty. She grit her teeth and flexed her fingers, she had been so close.

Sunday she came too late…

He had managed to step out of his office to get some air. He had gotten most, if not all, of his paperwork done and over with, so now he was taking a breather to calm his troubled mind. He sat down on the open hallway just simply enjoying the view of his private garden.

He didn't notice a thing until he felt slim arms wrap around his fuzzy neck, he thought it was cute and a nice try for one of his squad-mates trying to mess with him or simply pet his fur.

He was completely caught off guard when he felt her kiss his check, his whiskers feeling her smooth skin and his nose catching her particular scent. He turned around quickly to catch her but all he saw was air.

Friday she didn't hesitate…

It was raining, hard. The clouds were so dark it seemed like night time outside, with the pouring rain coming down heavily on the tiled roof. His ear twitched, the sound starting to irritate him, and he still had more paperwork to do. He glared at the stack. –I don't care…-

Monday was black…

His large knee kept twitching and hitting his desk. The rattling was starting to get to him and he growled at the offending appendage, hoping it'd stop, but it didn't. He glared at it, growling as he swiveled away from his desk. He was agitated, not exactly angry, although anyone would think so with the amount of growling they had heard from his office. He bounced up and started pacing his office, needing to move to try and clear his mind from his worrying.

She had gone on a mission against some powerful people, and he couldn't stand the waiting.

Tuesday and Wednesday he felt like he was going to have a heart attack…

The next day he was close to banging his head on his desk, his mounting worry for SoiFong was driving him nuts. Yes, his logic said she was the captain of second squad for a damn good reason, but the dog in him was running around and wreaking the place as it worried for its 'master'. He came so close to just smashing a hole in the wall if it would make that damn puppy stop for five seconds.

"Taichou!" one of his squad members shouted, entering with a letter and giving it to him. Komamura quickly took it and scanned over the page. It was very short and very direct.

Third wing, fifth room on the left

Seventh squad's captain immediately got up and bolted from his office heading towards the fourth squad barracks.

Thursday he never looked back…

He had spent the night watching over her sleeping form. Unohana had told him when he came running in that she wasn't fatally injured, just a few scraps here and there, but overall exhausted. The captain of fourth squad had told him she had apparently gone all out on her opponent, even though she had the limiting seal still on her, and had pretty much worn herself out and just kept fighting. Luckily thanks to her efforts none of her subordinates had died, but apparently she had tried 'sneaking out' more than once despite her fatigue, so Unohana had been forced to sedate her.

"She needs her rest, weather she wants it or not," she had said, with that charming smile well in place.

Komamura knew he'd have to pay her back at some point for not kicking him out when she normally would have.

He looked down at her sleeping form, the dog in him happy beyond belief that she was, overall, fine, and was now just sleeping. She turned towards him in her sleep, her seemingly permanent scowl well in place even in sleep, and he couldn't help but smile at that. He moved his paw to push a stray strand of hair out of her eyes, his fuzzy finger trailing along the side of her face absentmindedly. Her scowl seemed to thin out, her lips becoming neutral, and he smiled at that as well. Then, despite being perfectly asleep from whatever Unohana had forced on her, she snatched his wandering hand and used it as a pillow, snuggling deeply into the fur on his paw, a smile forming on her sleeping features.

He couldn't help but find it cute.

Friday he fell in love…

She woke up with a headache and no one around. She recognized her surroundings as one of the rooms in fourth squad for injured patients. She scowled while putting a hand over her eyes.

Monday she held her head…

-A week- she scowled even harder. Unohana Retsu had told her she was to take it easy for an entire week and to make sure she did, fourth squad's captain was making sure she stayed in that room, 'relaxing'…

Tuesday and Wednesday she stayed in bed…

By now SoiFong was completely, utterly, bored. All there was to do was sleep, and she'd been doing that for the past however-many days.

Thursday she watched the walls instead…

At this point she had completely exhausted every mind puzzle she could think of, all the riddles she knew she now knew the answers to, hell there were 72 tiles on the ceiling and three of them were cracked. She needed to get the hell out of this place or she'd go completely mad. –Never, ever again am I trying to get out of this place without her permission- She had realized by the second day this was payback for trying to leave. She also realized the more she tried to leave, the longer she'd have to stay, to 'make up' for the time she'd apparently missed for 'leaving'. –I'm never coming here again if I can help it!-

"Ah, second squad's Taichou," her dark eyes sped towards the door, finding the seemingly-docile form of Unohana Retsu, her charming smile well in place, "I see you've been doing well," despite the fact that her smile didn't change in the slightest, SoiFong had the idea the older woman was smirking at her.

"Hmp," she did try real hard to not sound completely irritated, "Are you here for another 'check-up' Fourth squad's captain," her eyes narrowed and watched the woman at the door.

Unohana seemed to give a small chuckle, "Hai, hai," she said gently, walking over to the prone captain. She took her closest hand in hers, as if to check her pulse, like she had one since they were all technically 'dead', but apparently it helped her scan SoiFong with her reitsu, or at least that's what the 'sick' captain wanted to believe, and that this wasn't all a total farce. A minute later and the older woman took her hand away, just smiling down at the scowling young woman, "you seem to be doing much better then when you came in…"

SoiFong bit her tongue, not wanting to get on the doctor's bad-side again. –I've only been laying here for the past week, what the hell else am I supposed to do but 'recover', Tch- her eyes shifted to the opposite wall of the doctor-Shinigami, trying very hard to not make her discontent as obvious as it probably already was.

"Now, now, no need to be so upset," she could hear that smile in Unohana's voice, it was like the woman never turned it off, it just simply permeated her entire soul and aura. For the konoichi, it was a rather disturbing feeling.

SoiFong dared to glance her eyes back at the woman, "So am I 'okay' to leave?" she kept her voice crisp, so as not to infer any form of emotion.

Again she could feel that smile, "Mmhmm, you're free to go-"

As soon as the word 'go' left the medic's lips SoiFong jumped off the bed like the ninja she was, heading not for the door, but instead for the window to get as far away from this place as possible. –Freedom at last!- She was an inch to the window, before-

"Ah, ah," she felt a distinct yank on one of her long pony tails, which had the poor konoichi falling flat on her back, her head missing the bed she had previously occupied by centimeters. As soon as the stars left her vision she blinked open her eyes to see that same smiling face looking down at her from over the bed, the older woman's sleeved hand still holding her hair captive.

"My, my, in such a rush," the older woman's soft voice chided, "I was going to say 'you're free to go as soon as I'm done', but now I may just have to hold you longer, in case of a concussion," there was no movement on the doctor's face, but SoiFong was sure she was somehow smirking evilly at her. All she could do was narrow her eyes at her, her usual scowl well in place as opposed to Unohana's charming smile.

"Ah, umm…" SoiFong watched as the woman above her turned towards the door, her smile seeming to grow only in the slightest, "Is she ready to leave yet, Unohana-Taichou?" second squad's captain tried very hard to get her dazed mind to put a face to that voice, it was on the tip of her tongue-

"Ahh, of course Komamura-Taichou," her smile definitely widened, if only in the slightest, as she let go of SoiFong's captive ponytail. She could hear from her position on the floor the woman turn, probably gently with that smile of hers, to look at Komamura. There was a twinge, and even though she couldn't see the woman any more, she got the feeling her smile just turned scheming, "You're lucky, Komamura-Taichou, I just managed to catch her," SoiFong couldn't help her eye from twitching at that woman's contrite nature, "She seemed rather eager to leave…" pause, and then the konoichi-captain looked up to see her smiling down at her, "I wonder what she was so eager to get back to?" the way she said it and how softly, left no doubt as to what she was hinting at.

SoiFong prayed Komamura stayed on that side of the bed because no matter her efforts she couldn't kill the light dusting of pink on her cheeks brought about by the older woman's jest.

And again, there was that damn smile.

"Umm," she looked under the bed to see his padded feet pawing at the floor, "May I inquire as to where-" he didn't get to finish his sentence as SoiFong practically jumped off the floor, facing away from him and making a big show of dusting off her hoari, "Ahh, there she is!" she could easily hear that grin in his voice.

She sufficiently murdered the blush that tried to follow.

She turned heel quickly, eyes closed and scowl well in place, "Thank you for your treatment, Unohana-Taichou, but I believe I've over stayed my welcome," she left no room for argument, as she swiftly walked around the bed, steering clear out of that woman's hands, and headed for the door, grabbing a fistful of his Hoari, "Let's go Komamura-Taichou."

He gave a light chuckle as he was dragged out by a woman half his size, but managed a 'goodbye' before Unohana was lost behind the door, her content smile well in place as she nodded them off wordlessly.

They managed to walk out of fourth squad's barracks without saying a word, well more like SoiFong just dragged him out of there refusing to say a word, while others who were coming and going out of the closest thing soul society had to a hospital were left to gawk at and question why second squad's captain was literally dragging seventh squad's captain out of there, especially considering the size difference in the two. At least they were all wise enough to steer clear and not ask questions, assuming the red on her face was from rage and not something… else.

She let him go halfway down the road, simply standing with her back to him a few feet in front of him. She felt like breaking down, she felt like crying, screaming, running through the rooftops shouting, anything and everything, and she couldn't get her mind to sit still for the two seconds she needed to think. All it kept coming back to was that he actually came to get her from fourth squad, and in the end she didn't exactly know how to take it.

He came up gently behind her, softly wrapping his arms over her shoulders as he nuzzled down into her at her level. She was frozen and didn't know how to react, especially with them in public, but her mind was whizzing in so many different ways she couldn't pick a course of action to take. He hugged her tighter, his deep voice reverberating through his chest and into her body as he said to her simply:

"I'm glad you're safe…"

Her entire body relaxed at his words, her mind stopping, and taking in the comfort of his hug and words. She simply nodded and leaned into his form, accepting everything he had to offer at that moment.

Friday, she fell in love…

The sun was shining brightly over head; there wasn't a single cloud in the sky, well except for the occasional lazy one. The trees were in bloom, as were the rest of the flowers in the field. The wind blew lazily and comfortably bringing a lovely feel of spring to the area.

Under the sole tree in the middle of the forgotten field of flowers two captains sat. From a distance one would think they were sitting, perhaps talking, from opposite ends of the tree. To the person cautious or stupid enough to actually get close, they'd find the hulking form of Komamura curled up under the tree; sound asleep, his head quite content in the lap of SoiFong, she sitting up sternly against the tree, but also just as asleep in the lazy haze of the spring day.

Saturday they waited…

"Where are they?!" Yamamoto Genryuusai's voice rang out in the captains' hall, his staff making a tap sound as it hit the wooden floor. His old closed eyes scanned the room in front of him, two of his captains were missing, and he wanted to know why. Sure this wasn't exactly an emergency situation, just the standard monthly report of what's going on, but he still damn well wanted all his loyal captains in attendance. It was a strange thing indeed when his Second and Seventh squad captains were absent, seeing as they were usually his most punctual ones. A few murmurs settled in between a few of his present captains but were halted with a second tap of his staff. He looked around at them again, "Does no one have an answer for me?"

"Yamamato-sensei, perhaps they are merely held up with some business with their squad-mates," Thirteenth squad's captain, Ukitake, tried to appease his sensei feebly.

"Nonsense," came the creepy bubbly voice of twelfth squad's captain, Mayuri, his amber eyes meeting the white haired man's, "that would be no reason to miss a meeting," he tilted his head, "Komamura possibly, but SoiFong? That seems highly unlikely…"

"Now, now," eighth squad's captain, Kyouraku, tilted his straw hat up to look at Mayuri, "No need to go assuming things like that," his tone lazy as he looked to the captain-commander, "Yama-jiji, I'm sure they're just on their way here…"

"Tch," eleventh squad's captain, Kenpachi, grunted, "Why're we making up excuses, we all know what they're doing…" nearly all the sensible captain's sweat-dropped at Kenpachi's bluntness.

Mayuri simply stared at the behemoth across from him, "What's that?"

Kenpachi just glanced down at the clown faced sociopath, "you haven't heard?" he gave a wide fanged grin, "Apparently they're shaking up-" at least Kyouraku and Ukitake twitched at that, Byakuya seemed to make a play at feigning ignorance to the entire conversation.

"Bah," Mayuri turned from the wild man, "Baseless rumors…" his head tilted to the side, obviously pondering something… devious, "Although studying the mating rituals of that anthromorph would be interesting…" everyone just turned to the mad scientist at that, even Byakuya spared him a glance.

"Creep," Kenpachi said as he looked away from Mayuri.

There was a cough on the other side of the captains' line, "I believe that is none of our business," surprisingly; it came from sixth squad's captain, Byakuya, who glanced towards the captain-commander, "Although I do feel such conduct should not interfere with captain's duties…"

"My, spoken like a noble," Kyouraku spoke while crossing his arms, and a slight smirk on his face.

"I'm sure they have a good reason, and that doesn't mean we have any rights to look into their private affairs," Ukitake, always the peacemaker tried to steer the conversation away from its current track.

"How bothersome," was all tenth squad's captain, Hitsugaya, said, sighing deeply, and again wondering about the maturity of these supposed 'adults'.

The bickering and speculation continued on for several minutes until another tap from Genryuusai's staff was heard. Immediately all ranks fell into their proper place and silence was heard. The old man stood still a moment, before opening a sole eye and glancing at fourth squad's captain, "Unohana-Taichou, you've been quiet throughout this… 'discussion'," the way he said it made it painfully obvious he wasn't amused in the least by the captains standing before him, "Is there anything you have to say on the matter?"

She gave the old man her charming smile, "Hai, hai, Yamamato-Soutaichou," she faced the other captains with her smile well in place, "whatever rumors are floating around, I suggest we leave them be," the remaining captains suddenly got an ill feeling crawling up their spine, even Mayuri, no one wanted to get on her bad-side, "as for what I have to offer, SoiFong-Taichou was injured last week, and has been recovering, she was recently released a few days ago, and Komamura-Taichou agreed to watch over her for me, to make sure she doesn't reinjure herself," despite the fact that she was smiling gently, they all got the feeling if they questioned any further something horrible would happen to them.

There was that distinct tap again, "Very well, they are excused this time," he looked over his captains, "now let us start the meeting…"

Halfway through the meeting the two suddenly popped up, second squad's captain literally materialized next to Unohana, and the seventh merely walked in while closing the doors as quietly as possible. No one said a thing.

Mayuri glanced at the other hulking beast across from him, then to the konoichi, and immediately found that ill feeling crawling up his spine again. His amber eyes found the smiling face of Unohana when he looked at her, and even he for a moment was tempted to stab himself with Ashisogi Jizo just to get away from that feeling the woman was giving off.

No one else dared to even look at the late captains.

Sunday they came late…

It was a lazy day. She spent the whole time in her office, nearly nodding off to sleep, and having practically nothing to do. After being out for a week and some, her squad's seated officers had done all her paperwork for her, so she was sitting in an empty office, bored, with nothing to do but either sleep or something completely ridiculous…

Right now, she was balancing a pen on the tip of her nose…

She heard a chime off in the distance stating it was midday. The captain sighed deeply because that meant she had at least five more hours to do nothing before she could 'officially' leave.

She flicked her head causing the pen the jump up a tick and managed to catch it between her teeth, and generally just started wiggling it around. Yes, she was that bored…

There was a sudden gust of wind, and she found herself being pulled up from her desk chair by something big, strong, and snaked under her upper arms. Her teeth clinched on the pen, for some ridiculous reason not wanting to drop it, before her right hand tried reaching for Suzumebachi while struggling with all her might against her captor…


A wet nose, bristling whiskers, and wet fluff came into contact with her cheek.

She froze, blushed, and dropped the pen that was dangling precariously from her mouth…

Friday he didn't hesitate…

Zi lyrics:

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Oh, Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love

Saturday, wait
And Sunday always comes too late
But Friday, never hesitate...

I don't care if Mondays black
Tuesday, Wednesday - heart attack
Thursday, never looking back
It's Friday, I'm in love

Monday, you can hold your head
Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed
Or Thursday - watch the walls instead
It's Friday, I'm in love

Saturday, wait
And Sunday always comes too late
But Friday, never hesitate...

Dressed up to the eyes
It's a wonderful surprise
To see your shoes and your spirits rise
Throwing out your frown
And just smiling at the sound
And as sleek as a sheik
Spinning round and round
Always take a big bite
It's such a gorgeous sight
To see you eat in the middle of the night
You can never get enough
Enough of this stuff
It's Friday, I'm in love

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love

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