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"Maybe we should put on the movie." Clark suggested though he made no effort to move away.

"Mmm..maybe.." She trailed off. Oh how she wanted more. A part of her so badly wanted to throw all caution, excuses and anything else that tended to stand in the way, out the nearest window. Drag the man off to bed and have her way with him.

Sadly she forced herself to refrain from the urge. Settling for giving him another kiss before being the one to pull away. No longer caught up in the moment she felt a uncomfortable sensation settle over her. One that was unmistakable. Trying to hide how she ached, Lois settled on the sofa, looking up at Clark still standing by the tree.

"We have a movie to watch.. hop tooo AAAaaa." She tried to fight off the sneeze but failed miserably. It came out loud and quickly followed by several more.

Eyes met. One set wide, the other narrowed. There was silence accept for her sniffling.

Clark continued to hold her sheepish gaze. Everything now made sense. He gave a sigh ,"Lois, do you have something to tell me?"

ღ Part 4: Movie Musings with a Poorly Lane

"Lois, leave it!" Clark pulled the pen and paper out of her hands and glanced around unsure of where she had found them.

"No." Half growling, Lois tried to stop him and settled for glaring daggers at him

"You can barely sit up." Clark ignored her death stares. She was determined to pretend she wasn't sick when she obviously was.

Even making her go into a doctor, which had been a fuss being so close to Christmas, had been a battle. "You're officially on vacation so rest."

"I don't want to rest, I want to do something and you don't need to babysit me." Lois leaned forward across him in an attempt to retrieve the pen and paper he stole from her.

"I'm not baby-sitting you, just-" The wrestling match Clark found himself in was not the kind he often dreamt of with Lois. Though he could have easily won, it was her own coughing fit that made her stop. "Lois! Will you stop that? Now lie back down and let's watch the movie." He patted the pillow he placed on his lap hoping she'd use it.

Lois glared at it instead.

"I'd rather kiss you." She declared a moment later.

"I'd rather kiss you, too, but we both know that's not an option." Even when she wasn't sneezing or coughing or battling a sore throat Clark knew she worried about getting him sick.

With a defeated sigh Lois leaned back against the pillow on his lap and tried to relax. Movie night had been interrupted two nights ago and here they were attempting it again, something Clark talked her into once he had succeeded in making her see a doctor. Lois rolled her eyes as Clark pulled the blankets he had brought out over her.

Big ol' mother hen, she mocked silently.

After ten minutes of feeling lost on a movie she had seen many times Lois grumbled. "My feet are cold and my hands are hot, Clark. Take me home."

"Lois, you have a fever which is why you're staying here."

Lois crossed her arms while laying down, both pleased with the idea of him taking care of her and annoyed with it. "I see. That's why you insisted on a movie. Real devious, Smallville." The thought amused her. Clark was so hot when he was sly and caring.

His response came back without shame. "Yes. You refused to let me bring soup over to you, so I figured I'd bring you to the soup." His fingers brushed through the ends of her hair.

"Fine. But the conditions still stand, Mister. I think you like this couch a little too much."

"I know, Lois. I have my old room." Clark found it cute that Lois kept forgetting he had the master bedroom now. She still kept trying to demote him to the living room sofa.

"Why don't I just take you're old room. And &^$% my feet are cold! How many blankets are on them and they still are cold?" Guilt for having his bed died with how her feet felt like ice cubes.

"Here." Clark gently lifted Lois up and scooted down to the other end of the sofa till her feet were in his lap. His big gentle hands began to rub her feet. "Better? And Lois, the bigger bed is more comfortable. You'll sleep better. "

"Oh, that's nice," she purred, or rather groaned back. The man was like a masseuse. He had missed his calling in life. Her feet felt like they were in heaven and Lois realized she would agree to anything he wanted in that moment.

Lois wasn't sure when she had dozed off but suddenly found herself brought back from a nice dream with Clark Kent, the Masseuse, massaging her feet while she lay out on heavenly warm snow. Wisps of snowflakes fell over her, teasing her skin along with his equally delightful lips.

Reality was harsh. Her skin wasn't really feeling the same sort of pleasurable sensations at that moment. In fact it tingled unpleasantly and her stomach was rolling.

"Smallville… "

"Yes?" Clark glanced down at her, frowning slightly at her complexion.

"Can we watch the movie later?"

"Of course. Tired?"

"Yes and I think- I think I'm gonna be sick."

Two days before Christmas

"Smaaaallghvihhuck!" It was meant to be a yell; she had put an awful lot of effort into it, only to suffer disappointment that it had come out more like a mangled cough.

Groaning, Lois leaned forward to the edge of the bed and rubbed her irritated nose. Gawd, could it be any worse? To be sick and looking like she had been to hell in back and in front of Clark, the guy who was for the lack of a better word, her boyfriend?

She was coughing, her nose ran like a faucet, she had no makeup and knew her mood was bordering on Scrooge. Yet Clark gave her those loving puppy eyes and put up with everything. Lois didn't know whether to cry over the fact she couldn't take care of herself or languish in the pampering of one Clark Kent.

And she knew, which made her feel worse, that she wasn't exactly sweet right now. Never mind how she looked when she had in the last few days swung from one mood to the next. Clark had excused it, saying a temperature was bound to make anyone like that. But she wasn't just anyone. She was Lois Lane and as a Lane she was NOT supposed to get sick.

How long ago had it been since she last was sick?

After a few seconds of trying to recall and earning a pounding headache from the effort, Lois gave up and continued to try and pull herself up into a sitting position instead. Once successful, albeit she had to keep a hand out and lean against the bed in order to remain upright, Lois tried one more time to yell for Clark.

Only this time she didn't put a whole lot of effort into it though his name came out right.

When she got to the 'ville' part he suddenly appeared at the door and his mother hen expression quickly filled his face.

"Lois, what are you doing?" Clark took two steps and was at her side.

"I just woke up Clark and I need the bathroom. And if that dog," she ironically enough sneezed, "Is around, I don't wanna trip over her." Most of her words sounded funny even to her own ears, from being stuffed up and hoarse. Clark, however, didn't seem to have much of a hard time understanding her.

Helping her to her feet, he gave an understanding nod. Shelby, in his attempt to care for Lois, had tripped her up twice and Lois' tolerance level was (a great deal of the time right now) next to none. "Lois, I put a baby gate up at the bottom of the stairs. He's stuck down there. And once you're done straight back to bed."

Lois huffed which caused her to lose her balance. Clark steadied her and once again let her go, knowing she'd have his head if he tried to help too much as she stumbled to the bathroom. Her balance was shot from the flu and she was weak. At least, he thought, she's keeping food down and her temperature was lower so she was improving.

"I'm tired of the bed, I'm tired of these damn walls and I hate your plaid bedding. I want my bed! I want… I want to get up," Lois rambled with frustration. Clark had heard most of this before.

"Lois, I grabbed your pillows. All four of them. And your P.J.'s. I even grabbed one of your blankets but you said it was itching you. If there is another one you want I'll happily stop over and get it but you cannot handle being out of bed long."

"Smallville, I'm a-"

"Lane. Yes, I know but you're a sick Lane and the doctor said you needed to rest." This conversation was one they had repeatedly.

Lois growled but had no reply to that. Instead, she slammed the door after making into the bathroom.

A good five minutes had passed with Lois grumbling the whole time she spent in the bathroom. Yes, she was feeling better but she was still tired, Clark was too sweet, she wanted snow and kissing and work and everything related to what was not being allowed her. Lois Lane should not be sick.

To say that she should have given up on this idea and accept reality was an understatement. But Lois didn't care. To accept meant defeat. She could swallow her pride and be lovingly attended by her boyfriend at his place and in his bed, but no way in hell was she going to act like it was natural and normal for her to be this sick.

Maybe in the event of flying men in tights. Otherwise, forget it.

With her bladder relieved and being a tad freshened up, Lois opened the bathroom door slightly and peeked out, glad that Clark wasn't hovering outside. Not that he had been any of the other times. Nearby but not hovering, which she was thankful for. She supposed he knew her well enough not to push his luck.

With a noise that was halfway between a chuckle and a sigh, Lois made her way for the stair case and was stopped by "that" tone. The one that told her it didn't matter what she said or did, Clark 'the nurse maid' Kent had the final word.

"Lois, where are you going?"

Lois turned slowly to give him a sweet, innocent smile. "I thought maybe we could watch a movie. The movie we've been trying to for days."

Clark wasn't fooled. Crossing his arms he looked her over, liking the way her messy hair fell about her shoulders. Ignoring that thought he asked, "I take it you don't feel dizzy?"

The answer was obvious with how she was leaning up against the wall. Lois started to deny till she realized how she was leaning.
Rolling her eyes she countered, "I'm not planning on watching the movie standing up, Clark."

"I don't think you were planning on watching a movie at all," he replied. He put his hands on her shoulders and guided her back towards the room. "Lois, I'll give you a piece of pie when we know your stomach can handle it."

"Fresh air, Clark. How about fresh air?" Despite the way Lois was dragging her feet, Clark was moving her forward with ease.

"How about we not turn this into pneumonia, Lois." Not even his own dad had been this difficult when sick, Clark thought. "Besides, if you do want to watch a movie we can watch it here."

"Smallville," Lois began when noticed that Clark had set up the smaller TV and DVD player in his room. "Oh!"

Clark smiled at her. "This way you can lie down. That is, if you don't mind that I'm with you."

Lois sat on the bed feeling a mixture of awkwardness and guilt. His bed, his time... She hated being needy.

"You didn't have to do this."

"I know, but you said you were bored and I thought…" He grew quiet waiting for her response.

Smoothing a hand over the bedding he had managed to change in the short amount of time she was in the bathroom, Lois gave him a grateful smile. "Okay. My movie choice." She scooted to the far side giving him room to join her.

"Which is?"

"Star Wars: A New Hope."

Not surprised Clark nodded and picked up the remote. "I figured. You're determined to finish it."

"Damn straight."

It took a while to get over the mental blocks and accept that Clark was happy to take the risk of getting sick and wasn't bothered by cuddling up with her in her present state. Lois eventually gave a sigh and snuggled against him and found relief as he helped her get comfortable with his arm wrapped around her.

Usually when they watched a movie and they weren't lip locking, they commented and made remarks on everything from the acting to lines to alternate scenarios. This time they actually sat in compatible silence for a while until Lois found she had to comment on the line she knew Princess Leia was about to deliver.

"You came in that thing," Leia pointed at the Millennium Falcon in disbelief before turning to look at Han Solo. "You're braver than I thought."

"He really walked into that one," she managed to rasp out. Her throat seemed to have decided to close up and do an impression of sandpaper.

She felt Clark's chuckle deep in his chest. His only response was to squeeze her hand that was entwined with his own.

Lois smirked, "So… "She cleared her throat, trying to get some semblance of a normal voice back. "If you could be any Star wars character, which would it be?"

Clark leaned back and closed his eyes a second in thought before opening to look at Lois who had turned and angled herself so she could see his face. He wanted to kiss her but knew she'd kill him for it while she was sick. She had no clue that she was just as beautiful as ever.

"I don't know. I like both Han Solo and Luke, though I think Obi-wan is pretty cool."

At the slight furrowed brows and odd set of Lois' mouth Clark wondered worriedly, "What?"

"Nothing it's just…" She sniffled then coughed before continuing. "You don't really fit in that universe. And, I mean, if I am Princess Leia you'd have to be Han. Otherwise I'd have to be Amadala and that would mean you're Darth Vader and let's not go there. And I definitely don't want to be a guy. "

Clark frowned, "What do you mean I don't really fit?" He was at a loss on why he couldn't be one of the Jedi. Unlike many other boys he had never really had villain admiration, especially not after experiencing later on some of the real life villains. Manipulative Kandorian Generals were more than enough at this moment to fill his quota that Darth Vader held no interest for him.

Lois returned to leaning against him and staring at their hands, where she now played with his fingers as she continued. "Well, who's the geek? Han, Obi, Mace, Yoda? I'm not sure I consider any of them to be geeks. I mean, yes, Luke was like what the 'farming' type but there is no plaid and he wasn't a geek. Come on, Smallville, you are not the killing type. It wasn't that long ago you were letting a spider nest in your bathroom until I said something. And even then you just moved it because it was, " she let go of his hand to do air quotes." 'Harmless'. That thing looked like it was designed to take down an elephant."

Sounding a bit miffed at the mental image she had of him, Clark sighed. "So where does that leave Chewbacca? He isn't a geek either, Lois, nor wears plaid."

Glancing up at him Lois shook her head. "Well, you… Okay, you have the build but thank god you're not that hairy and Chewbacca is a warrior. You're not. And he smells. I do think more highly of you than that. " She grinned up at him.

Clark looked to the side. "Yeah, I noticed."

"I do, I just don't see you wielding a light saber or calling on some force. Hmm…"

"That takes away the majority of my character options," Clark pointed out, not sure why he was humoring her; sick or not.

"I know and that leaves you with Lando, which you are not. You have a higher sense of loyalty and are much better with the charming lines then he was."

"Thanks," Clark replied dryly. He couldn't be a Jedi, Chewy or an ally. That didn't really leave him much.

They went quiet for a few minutes before Clark added, "Your question wasn't about whether or not I'd fit the character, just who I would be."


"I think I'd like to be Luke or Han. Han, so you could be Leia." It would be a definite lie if Clark said he didn't in that moment picture Lois in a particular skimpy golden bikini Leia donned once.

Lois smiled, knowing full well what Clark was thinking. "Well, with Han we at least know who wears the pants in their relationship and I suppose Han works as well because he'd probably disappear without warning and come back with lame excuses," Lois rambled pointedly, wondering what his comeback would be. Though she couldn't fault his care for her there had been two times where he seemed to completely vanish suddenly. Sometimes Clark Kent was a strange mystery.

Giving an inward sigh, Clark commented, "I'm sure if Han was to disappear he would do so with good reason."

"Oh, I am sure. It's just a pity he has some sort of problem he can't tell Leia about."

Clark looked down at her; both annoyed and sorry. He wanted to explain and clear up this constant frustration between them but the words and the moment were never right. Nor was he sure it was a good idea but then it seemed like an equally bad idea to keep going on as they were. Past experiences reminded him that this secret would soon destroy what the two of them shared.

"Well," he began. "Leia isn't exactly an angel. I think she tends to forgets to clue Han in on her little side adventures."
Lois rolled her eyes. Fair enough. She had gotten herself thrown off the Daily Planet earlier in the year, not to mention several other situations which had required the Blur's help. Clark was in affect supposed to be her partner and she sometimes didn't even bother to say she was going out to meet a source.

It seemed they both had some issues. At least hers, though, weren't an utter mystery.

They went quiet once more. Lois began to drift asleep, too tired to keep track of the movie or let non-disclosures bother her. Clark hadn't seemed to either. Having pulled her closer, his thumb lay over her arm and began to stroke her gently helping to add to the lull of sleep.

A sudden thought occurred to her. Lois spoke up abruptly, startling Clark out of his own thoughts about fantasies and Lois Lane.

"I know who you are!"

Clark shook his head. "And?" Clark asked expectantly.

"Well, it comes down to this. You are either C-3PO or R2-D2. Or Princess Leia."


"No, hear me out. C-3PO and R2-D2 were important, both providing elements of help. I mean, yes, C-3PO is a bit of a… Well, he's not exactly the life of the party, he's a geek and loyal while R2-D2 practically saves the day several times over. You're sorta like that; always arriving at just the right moment." She squeezed his arm.

Afraid to know why she was also comparing him to Leia, Clark tentatively asked, "And if I was Leia wouldn't that mean you'd be Han?"

"Oh, that. Well, I figured, I'd have to be a guy but I am more like Han then you are. Though I still wear the pants, thank you. And if I'm Han that means you have to be Leia which works. Kind of. I think." Lois began to frown.

Clark hit pause on the movie. "What exactly makes me like Leia?" For the life of him he couldn't see it.

Lois grinned at the look on his face. Despite all the insulting he was taking, Clark found her grin very appealing. "Her cinnamon hair buns are like the star wars version of Plaid."

Even though it hurt to laugh Lois began to giggle. The look on Clark's face was worth a thousand words. She knew what he'd be expecting; allusions to him being girly or something equally insulting.

"Nice to see you're starting to feel better," Clark returned after a moment, watching as Lois began to hiccup from her laughter competing with coughing fit.

Lois calmed herself and laid back spent against a pillow to look up at pair of green eyes staring down at her with a mix of amusement and worry. "I'm alright," she assured him even if it was somewhat a lie. Her head was starting to really pound hard and she felt exhausted. It wasn't fair that Clark was right. She was nowhere ready to be out of bed yet.

"Hey." Clark touched the side of her face tenderly, "Lois, you're getting better. I think you just need a good night's rest which is possible now that the fever broke."

Lois nodded and swallowed back the frustration and tears that suddenly threatened. Two days till Christmas and while she was happy to spend it with him, being sick along with the lack of snow still really sucked.

"Thanks, Clark. You know for everything."

"For you, Lois, always." He gave her a tender smile before starting to pull away to move out of the bed.

Lois frowned and sat up. A wave of dizziness swept over her but she ignored it. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To do some chores while you get a nap."

Crossing her arms, Lois didn't even try and disguise the pout. "The movie isn't over. I can sleep later. Clark, please…"

"You can barely keep your eyes open. Lois, you keep blinking."

He had her there.

"So? Can't the chores wait?" Lois gave him a hard stare, daring him to deny her.

With a sigh, Clark shook his head. "They can wait."

"Then you stay here. You watch the movie and… "Clark watched as her already flushed cheeks filled with renewed colour. "I can sleep in your arms."

Clark nodded and climbed back in the bed. Lois settled herself under the covers and into Clark's arms. His body heat felt good and his presence was a comfort. Any other time, this sort of moment would have been absolute torture for either of them. This time, however, it gave a sense of belonging and peace. Clark put the movie back on, only able to see a fraction of the TV screen over Lois' head. It didn't matter, though. Her contented deep sigh as she drifted off was all he needed.

During her nap while holding her close, Clark let his thoughts drift to them and their future. If this silly conversation on Han and Leia was anything to go on he needed to tell Lois the truth soon. The question was how? And when? He didn't want to go on too long but if she didn't take it well, he didn't want her feeling trapped being sick at the farm.

Every fear and insecurity crept back up. Lois was above every one of them but their hold on his life was still strong enough to push him into excuses. What if she changed? What if he lost her or she was killed because she knew? Would she be hurt that he hadn't told her before?

The worst question of all was one that whispered and nagged at him the most. Why had he waited so long?

It was a companion to the question his heart often threw at him. Why hadn't he let himself fall for her sooner? Lois completed him in every way. He knew his excuses held no ground. He knew his fears had to be conquered because Lois was worth it. It was funny how much power his fears had in his life. For every time he conquered a personal crisis he found there were ten more.
Odd thing was the very woman he drew strength from was also part of his biggest fear. Losing her in any way was something Clark knew he wouldn't recover easily from, if ever. Lana, for all he had felt for her, had never been enough to make him feel so lost without her.

Lois gave a small moan in her sleep. Clark shifted his hold, hoping to make it more comfortable for her. He hated seeing her ill even though taking care of her had been an experience he found oddly enjoyable. To be trusted and needed, even if she had complained the whole time, meant a lot.

Hopefully she would feel even better tomorrow and spend Christmas day together the way he originally had planned. If not, he would still make it the best Christmas he could. For her.

Clark looked up and out his bedroom window, wishing the snowflakes he saw coming down were the sort that would stay. Lois still hoped for her White Christmas the way he hoped his Blur duties would give him a break.
It seemed fate wasn't really on their side at the moment.

Putting his face into her hair and closing his eyes, Clark decided that even if 'fate', or whatever wasn't on his side, he had no intention of giving up. If anything, he was determined more now than ever.

Snow, kisses under the mistletoe and them as a couple moving forward; these were things that were going to happen.


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