A/N: I know, I know, angles and demons don't sleep, but I like to imagine they get irritated when someone bothers them at three a.m. Also it was three a.m. when I started writing this. So it's un-beta-ed. Sorry.

"Gabriel, it is three a.m. in the bloody morning. What could you possibly want from me?" Balthazar asked as he walked into his brother's apartment. He stopped in his tracks when he spotted an equally grumpy King of Hell.

Crowley, who already had a drink in hands, took another glass from the cupboard, poured some scotch in it and passed it to the confused angel. Balthazar gladly took a swing from the amber drink.

"Before you ask, I have no idea why that idiot called me here or you for that matter."

"This is completely like him, never caring about anyone else but himself and his needs." Balthazar said and sighed. Crowley shrugged and drank the rest of his drink in one gulp. He sat the glass down and brushed imaginary dust off of his black suit.

"It seems that he is not planning on blessing us with his presence. I have work to do, so if you'll excuse me…"

"Not so fast!" Gabriel jumped out of one of the rooms wearing nothing but a wife-beater and a pair of boxers. Balthazar raised a brow in question, although he wasn't sure why he was surprised at his brothers clothing choice. Or lack of thereof.

He was grinning like it was Christmas morning and a glint in his eyes told Balthazar he was planning something. Something he wouldn't like. He just couldn't figure out why he needed him or Crowley.

The demon in question put his hands in his pockets and said: "So the prince of heaven decided to bless us with his presence. To whom do we owe this honour?"

"To the fandom." If possible Gabriel's grin widened

"You have got to be joking." Balthazar didn't find this situation at all amusing, but his brother apparently did. He sat on the couch and motioned for his to guests to do so as well. Both of them hesitated at first but under the pressure of the archangels stare they gave in.

"Now gentleman, I assume you both know about the prophet and the Supernatural book series." The two nodded and Gabriel continued. "Well since Chucks books finally introduced the three of us, a couple fans though that we would make an amazing pact."

"Excuse while I go and kill those people." Balthazar hissed and stood up. "Why would they possibly think that?"

"Well it's either that or paring you with Cas. Which one do you like better, bro?"

"In all honesty I couldn't care less what a bunch of humans think or do, but don't they have much more important things to do. Per say… fix the economy?" Said Crowley who was completely indifferent about the whole subject.

"Apparently not. And it's not that bad Balty." Gabriel turned towards his younger brother. "They actually make us look awesome. Which we, without a doubt, are."

"So what, you called us here to tell us that?" Balthazar was still pretty irritated at the whole subject.

"Nope! I called you here because I think The Ultimate Trolling Trio is a great idea. That's, by the way, how they called us."

Crowley and Balthazar stared at him for a couple of seconds. Balthazar sighed and turned towards the door.

"Goodbye Gabriel!" He called over his shoulder.

"Well it was nice chatting with you darling, but I have work to do. You know King of Hell, busy, busy man." Without a goodbye, he walked out of the door and closed them behind him, leaving Gabriel alone and sulking on the couch.