First Kiss


Slingshot wriggled on the berth, jogging First Aid's tools off of true yet again. The Protectobot took his hands away for a long moment, wanting nothing more than to punch Slingshot in the head. They'd been here for an hour already, and he knew lying on his back was uncomfortable for Slingshot but every time the Aerialbot moved, he had to start all over!

"You know I can't start fixing your wings until I finish with your internals," First Aid said, forcing as much patience into his voice as he could.

"You didn't turn off all the pain sensors," Slingshot growled, shifting again.

First Aid slapped a hand down on the Aerialbot's throat. "I did. That's phantom pain you're feeling. It's just your computers thinking you ought to be feeling pain."

Slingshot growled.

The vibrations from it almost made First Aid jerk his hand away. This was- not the time or the place. Some traitorous little part of him wondered, though, if it would ever be the time or the place. The Aerialbot was... young and arrogant and oblivious.

"Do I have to hold you down?" he asked, optic-band brightening a notch.

Slingshot's growl deepened, his turbines spinning up to add their own voice to it.

First Aid decided to take that as a yes. Cycling his vents in a sigh, he went to get a step stool. It didn't take long to fetch, and it made the process of climbing on top of the Aerialbot much easier on the jet. He straddled Slingshot's thighs, knees pressing against the mid-section of Slingshot's fuselage. "Now let's get this done-"

With a grin too cocky to be a leer, Slingshot grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled himself up into a kiss. First Aid's optic-band jumped several levels in shock. The Aerialbot took advantage to nip at the edge of his primary plate then went back to kissing him. It felt strange and good against his face; First Aid was far more used to partners who nuzzled with him.

When Slingshot broke the kiss, First Aid pressed down, nuzzling the Aerialbot and getting another nip. Hands settled on his waist, and he tried to murmur something about fixing Slingshot, but the Aerialbot just kissed him again.

The door whooshed open behind them.

There was a long pause. Then Ratchet said, grin audible in his voice, "You two shouldn't do that in the public infirmary. You'll scare the Minibots."

"Oh, frag you," Cliffjumper snapped. "Like I haven't done worse."

"Please don't tell us about it," Bumblebee said quickly. "I'm sure Ratchet's heard it before, and-"

"-and you were involved."