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Screams echoed over the roaring fires that consumed the small village. The only light amongst the darkness of the Autumn night was the flames that took to the huts and surrounding trees. Villagers ran through the streets in panic as creatures of the foulest dreams followed suit. Bony wings shrouded in black mist outstretched towards the heavens from the monsters' back. With blood shrilling screeches, they tore at any unfortunate human without mercy.

"You must take the horse and leave!" A woman shouted over the screams as she ran into her home. Her frightful eyes landed on her young daughter who in return, nodded and helped her mother pack. "You must get away from here."

The daughter ran into her room, and retrieved the sheathed falchion sword under her bed. A griffin's head with a cobra within its beak was engraved on the leather sheath. The young woman bit her lip and ran back out to her mother. "Out the backdoor, Mother!"

The two women ran through the backdoor of their home. The daughter helped her mother up onto the horse before pulling herself up. A screech followed behind them causing the horse to take off. Galloping through the forest away from the burning village, the women glanced back at the fires growing distant. The daughter's eyes raised to the sky as the creatures took to the sky in forms of mist. She turned back around and snapped the reins. It wasn't long for the creatures to catch up to them. They swarmed down at them, their talons swiping at the horse and the two women.

"Get away!" The daughter screamed. Her hand unsheathed her sword, the blade ringing and causing the creatures to screech. She slashed at one of the beast as it reached for her mother. "Don't touch her!" Her blade sliced through the rotting flesh and the creature howled backing away. Without any warning, two of the creatures wrapped themselves around the horse's neck, their fangs tearing at the flesh. The horse fell over, knocking the two women off.

"My leg..." The mother panted. Slashing at the beasts' necks, the daughter rendered their heads from their spines. Their form bursting into flames. Pulling her mother's form from under the mangled beast, the screeches of the monsters rung in her ears. "Come on, mother. We have to get out of here."

The mother shook her head, "No. Leave me."


"He is after me. You must escape, my dear." The mother interjected, pushing her daughter's hands away. "Leave, Anastasia. Head for Camelot, warn the king." Not giving her daughter time to retort, she embraced her one last time and shoved her off.

"Mother please..." Anastasia pleaded.

"I said go!"

She gazed at her mother with worried eyes. "I promise to come back and rescue you. I promise, Mother..."

The woman watched as her daughter ran, disappearing in the night. Turning around, her eyes focused on the creatures that landed before her. Mist formed around her, the air thick and heavy. She narrowed her eyes on the figure that stepped from the shadows, his body cloaked in darkness and shadows.

"Lady Joanna," His voice oozed from the shadows as if it were poison. Rough fingers reached out towards the woman's chocolate face but they retreated slowly when she moved away. "It has been quite some time. You look radiant as ever."

"Thanks to your little pets." she spat. Joanna stood tall in front of the sorcerer, despite the pain that throbbed in her leg. Her eyes glaring daggers at him.

The sorcerer chuckled as he took steps towards her until he was standing directly in front of her. He looked down on her and he cupped her chin aggressively. "Don't give me that look like I'm some type of monster. I could be as gentle as a flower. Once our plan succeeds, you'll see."

"I will never help you."

"Is that so?" He released her and shrugged. "I have my ways of convincing others to do it my way." He waved his hands to the creatures beside him and they took off immediately, rising more fear in Joanna's heart. "Let's see what your daughter have to say about it."

Joanna lunged forward, her hands reaching out towards him but two of the creatures restrained her. "Don't you dare hurt her or I swear I will kill you!"

He raised his voice, "Then do what I command or your precious daughter will suffer fate worse than death!"

Joanna's eyes teared up, her heart tightening in her chest. "F-Fine. I'll help you, just please don't hurt her."

"Now, was that so hard?" He smiled. Darkness surrounded them both and they vanished along with the remaining creatures.


Anastasia panted as she ran through the trees, the vile monsters behind her. They howled and screamed, the very forest shying away from their malevolence. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her legs ached and throbbed. If she could at least make it to the lake, the creatures' howling itself would alert the outlaying villages. She just needed to survive long enough to warn the king.

Her eyes widened as some of them blocked her path while the rest surrounded her. Exhaling slowly, her hand gripped the hilt of her sword and unsheathed the blade. Her eyes narrowed. She charged forward...

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