16th of Dembember


9 days till Christmas!

Ohhh what shall I wear? I am meeting the Ace gang at the clock tower in half an hour to go shopping. I can't wait it will be a laugh.


I am wearing my comfy black jeans with my dark purple top and woolly fleece jumper thing but shall I wear my fluffy boots or my converse?


Converse defonetly.


Nooooo fluffy boots.


Actully converse.


Fluffy boots and that is final!


Am now heading off to meet Rosie, Jas, Ellen, Mabs and Jools.


We are all here apart from Jas. Where is she?

"Where do you think Jas is, Rosie?" I asked.

"Probably in the forest." She answered. I nodded.


Where was she?


Finally Radio Jas had arrived.

"Where were you?" Ellen asked.

"Oh sorry guys! I was out with Tom, in the forest," Roise made a big deal of he saying she would be in the forest. "We got carried away a bit." Jas smiled nervously.

"Oo-er." Jools said which cracked us up apart from Jas. She didn't get it.


After having a successful shop I am on family computer being forced to play a game with Libby. You have to sing along with the singing carrots. I am not joking.


Finally ran out of the study when Libby bent down to get Mr potato.


"Ginger…. Ginger!" Libby was calling in a spooky voice. Oh no, I could hear her creaking in the hall. I must hide quickly!


Am cramped up in wardrobe while Libby is searching my room for me. Every couple of minutes she would whisper "I know where you are, Ginger." She is one freaky human being (Wait, I should really say she is one freaky alien, more like). Next year she is starting her first year of school, god help her teachers!


Libby found me and her punishment for me is she is allowed to sleep in my bed. Oh god. I can hear her coming now, I am already in bed. She has got with her Mr Potato, Her Barbie doll and a head. I am not joking.


Ahh, Libby is asleep. Phew. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Oh my god! Have you ever woke up to find a monkeys face in your face? And then find out it is your little sisters face? No I didn't think so.


Phoned Jas.



"What are you doing?"

"Talking to you."

"No, you know what I meeeaannn…"

"I am eating breakfast." She said.

"Can I come round? My loons are out and I am all on my owny." I crossed my fingers.

"Erm…. Fine, if you want."

"Yes! Jas I love you!"

"Don't start the lezzie business again Georgia." She said.

I ignored her. "I will be round in ten mins!" I slammed down the phone.


Walking round to Jassys.


Damn! Dave was there. Not at Jas's house but walking towards me!

"Hi Georgia!" He called.

"Hi." I mumbled. I saw he had Rollo and some other new guy with him. Hm… They got closer.

"Georgia, meet Harry. Harry meet Georgia." Davie said and raised his eyebrows at me. I raised mine back then I looked at Harry. Wow. He had a round face but wasn't fat, normal ears, a front and back, blond, kind of short, hair and blue eyes. Lord help me, I think I may have the horn!