Icy Hot

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I'm running through the woods with the packs and the Cullens and the Volturi are getting closer but the minute . They snapped Bella and Mike's neck a few yards back and that was our cue to leave. Me and the pack wanted to stay ad fight but Edward wasn't hearing it. All of a sudden Edward stops looks at us and mouths
"I'm sorry". He tried to go for Aro but Jane was having none of that and Edward was done in 3 seconds.

"No!" I yell as I sit up. Fuck! This is the third time this week I've had this dream and I'm pretty sure Alice and Edward have already seen this so why wasn't I told.

" Yes we have and they're getting closer so we're leaving today" And that's when I have the strongest urge to beat the shit out of him. Is he serious?

" No the hell we aren't I'm not gonna chicken out now!" I say putting my foot down.

" Jacob you don't have a choice! Thia isn't a game that you can lose and try again the next day." And he punches part of the doorway making the door fly off in the process. I just stand there with my arms crossed looking at him like he just lost his damn mind. He calms down and takes my hand trying a different approach. " Jake I can't lost you..."

" Edward this isn't about us. This is about your family, my dad, Emily and the fucking pack. We can't just run away from every damn problem!" I yell yanking my hand away and feeling myself about to phase any second. Now I'm pissed off.

"Okay Jake so let's say we stay. How the hell are you gonna fight the Volturi and the newborns they have. I can't fucking save everyone of your buddies goddammit!" Woah...Edward needs a tampon. And he needs to calm the fuck down. I'm the hothead in this relationship dammit.

" Can't Jasper take care of that? You just focus on you handling your self and we'll cross down different road when we get there" I say and he knows I'm not backing down so he better agree.

" Fine Jake...just be careful because if I come back to this house without you it'll be a different story."

" I will Edward...and don't try to pull the shit you did in my dream Edward or I will personally kick your ass right with Aro and that'll be a different story. Got It?" I ask serious as a heart attack.

" Yes Sir" He salutes.

" Good now come take care of this flashlight under here. " I say lustfully. And he hops on me.

Edward's P.O.V

As we walk downstairs and into the backyard we hear the snickers and comments, Good thing Esme is late because she'd be having a fucking parade.

" Look guys we don;t have time for this now come on Jasper." Carlisle says giving Jasper the floor.

Jake's P.O.V

Fuck I can't feel anything in my body. Jasper kicked our asses in these practices the last few days and we only have a week left. When he called the pack over today shit hit the fan. They were fighting over dumb shit like how Sam caught Paul and Seth fucking in the woods while patrolling. Thar one had me laughing my ass off all fucking day. I knew Paul sucked dick. Or how Emily slapped Leah because she was tired of her shit. Sam didn't take that one lightly but I thought it was about fucking time the bitch got her ass whooped. Sam said she didnt have to be so harsh and to control her actions and temper better. Emily told him to kiss her ass. They soon made up after and we got our full share of that in his mind. Blah!

Jasper had us battle against each other to see our smarts and strengths. When it was against me and the pack, I kicked some ass if I do say so myself. But when I was against Alice I could never catch her because of all that acrobat shit shit she kept doing. Edward was easy I just thought about certain things that caught him off guard and he lost miserably. Emmett wanted to fucking kill me after our battle after I flipped his big ass over because he is a sore loser and Jasper...I won't even go into that...I'll just say my ego is fucking hurt right now and Rosalie kicked me in my balls and I was done but I won majority of them. So Aro, Jane, and the rest of the assholes can bring it the fuck on.

I'm ready for this shit!

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